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One thing I would suggest is gettting the EA dloader. Honestly when I use that it takes no time hardly at all to get these patches vs. using some site. It also utilizes the torrent way of dloading so its way faster. I always use it. I got the 500 meg dload in about 20 minutes.

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Well, I got the last 500 meg dload, and I have no problems with getting tons of servers. So if it's another 500 meger, then no I haven't got it yet. it's perfect the way it is now to me anyway. I still get thousands of servers just fine without it. I don't guite understand what this new patch entails, but I'm not dloading it yet, unless all BF2 players get it.

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well at least am not getting my fake promotions  in real life like some peapol do...

so at the end its a game and not a real thing...

beside..the way u guys are going you will get old before you see that bar...

i mean ure still master ages ago scar hehehe....

i guess if i was on ea i would be in a worse rank than you..

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Patch Update Version 1.41 (officially released on November 16, 2006). The patch includes only one bug fix: "Fixed an extremely intermittent server crash bug." There is no Linux version or incremental version of this patch. This patch would be the only patch for BF2 that was made by the original development team.

The above was taken from Wikipedia. Man, it only fixes one small thing ? omg fags  :-X

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Yeah, DICE are cool, I remember them from the days on Amiga. Pinbal Fantasies and all that. Of course, they were only known as Digital Illusions then.

Anyhoo, now you need to get on to xfire (xfire.com ?) and register, then let everyone know your nick, so we can all hook up and have death orgies :P.

Me and scar have regular games together, and now even cybodude is back. Shame Akricu is too busy to join us, and rewired is always afk.

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Ahhh, I was wondering who the hell that was sending a, "please accept through XFire". Ok I added you.

Okay I have it(Just BF2)& about ea, o well I do hate EA but its developed by Dice.

For the patch...i dont really get it.because there are like only 4 servers without patch  :-

You MUST get the patches. Trust me, you dont want to go and play those crap servers. I think I get around 2000 servers with the new patch fix...an that patch covers like an all in one fix. patch 1.41. All those servers are bug/exploit free.

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