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Battlefield 2


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well check this site:


and this one too, here you can see all your scores and ranking and so on and on.


yeah and cybo commader has alway been here but have forgotten to log into X fire. So thats why you see me noe righty?


welcome on  board soldier

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Man those servers we were on yesterday sucked, we got hammered big time.  :D

Those that have the game really need  to get a mic (myself included) I will have mine back tommorrow and will hook it back up. Thats really what makes it even better. We need to have a nice little squad at times, I know it's hard with time differences etc but we can work it out.

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Ok, thats good, because I know azzuri has a mic, as azzuri knows I have, and cybo has one, he said...and scarman is getting one today..so thats good.

Now we can sqaud up properly. I have played with all 3 of you over the past week. So time zones will not help but should not cause too much problems.

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Yea, I don't mind the in game chat,but it seems everytime I stop to chat I get nailed by the enemy. 


Auto activate or always on ? One of those options must exist.

I was thinking (dangerous :P), lets use xfire to chat, becuase it means we dont have to wait for the sqaud to be formed, and dont have to talk to other none dune2k players.

It can be just us dune2k lot in there.  8)

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Man, xfire was ok, but for some reason azzuris voice wasnt coming through regularly. Which is a shame as it would be best to use xfire for voice too.

Also, azzuris status (which server, what she is playing...etc...) dont show up properly (at all) ???.

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I don't really care that much for either or. Reg. BF2 maps are the best...and the most played.

I just checked out my using claymores stats, just to show how effective they are....

Name Time           Kills  Deaths  Ratio

Claymore 12:33:19 1,443 556 2.60    :)

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I have:



Armoured Fury

Other then BF2, I havent played asingle map of the others only once, except maybe Armoured fury when I first got it I tested it out with scar, oh and maybe SForces the first time I met scar online once I got it to test it out too...:P

So yeah, played them both once and then went back to BF2. SForces is good for the unlocks, which is sad but true.

Armoured Fury has a nice small cute and usually somwhat dead helicopter in it though ! 8)

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