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Portrait of the girl i love


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so... you are in love with an computer image...

a bunch of blocks and dots.. :-

spiceguild you ever concidered seeking some professional help? ;)

I know a good psych. ::)

She is a real girl, but i am not fool enough to post a real picture, i don't even have one.

I do have professional assistance.

My current prescription is Xanax 0.25mg 4x a day.

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Heej, I know this girl, she's my ex.

I dumped her because i found her to squary  ???

She is not made of blocks and dots.

She is just attractive.

It's much like string theory.

She is attractive (because i love her)

If i am attracted then there is a driving force

If there is a force then there is an associated quantum particle

Beeing quantic, this particle is of discrete nature

The particle itself is made of even smaller entities, i imagine them as suns at sub-particle scale

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