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X FIRE & MSN Messenger - Add Your Nicks Here


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At the end of the stickied thread you really should add the link to this thread now. When this thread gets off the first page and they read the sticked thread, they might not readily find it. The thread tells people to go to the other thread to post msn nicks and stuff, without referring directly to it. :)

EDIT - People like me might not be smart enough to click on the quote to get here. ;)

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thats who serial thriller is, I signed on and the name was in my buddy list, checked the thread to see whose email it was, but there wasn't any matches. I must have missed looking in this thread.

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If you left the first time due to the lack of ppl playing I hope you dont let that effect your stay this time. The community may be small but it is a constant. We get a few new additons every once in a while, and as long as the uber elite guys don't scare them off they end up staying too.

Let me be the first to say welcome back and hope to see you on the Battle Field!

just curious ncBones ... you from North Carolina too?

[tt]Have a great day and enjoy your stay at Fed2k[/tt]

          The MFKA~ CiD

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