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  1. I appreciate the input. However the scenario in question is quite specific. USING HARVS LEFT FROM BOMBED REFINERIES.
  2. We all know the general thought that harv dropping is a low down cheap way to win. But my question is this...Is it harv dropping to use the harvs that are just mulling around after you have had several refs bombed? Or is it a case of making lemonade out of the lemons you have been given? Looking forward to hearing some points of view on this subject.
  3. I'm working out of town at the moment and working some pretty hefty hours at that. By time I get back to the hotel, all I can think about doing is vegging. I'll be back as soon as I can.
  4. I'm in. I'm also logged in as warmonger thru empbot right now.
  5. Looks like it was supposed to be Scar n Schorpie vs leo n spicy. If indeed that is correct I wouldn't mind at least a game or 2 with Schorpie b4 we go straight into tourny. 9pm - 3am(GMT) is usually the time frame I am able to get on. Weekends I can go few hours earlier or later.
  6. My updated IM account is pbecker21@yahoo.com My X-fire nick is warlorddes.
  7. I wasn't on when the tournaments all got started. I have read some posts where Voodoo was going to try and find replacements. If you still need a replacement for someone, I would like to throw my name in the mix. Keep in mind I play as Warlord nowadays. My son(who hasn't set up an ID for the forum yet) is also available as a replacement. He is more at a beginner level. He uses my old Desertway nickname.
  8. Not exactly sure what the point of this thread is... But I agree that Emp is a game. We all have things going on around us in the "real" world. Those of us in the states are mostly unaware of the difficulties people in other countries face. The fact that you still get motivated to come play a game is quite remarkable Kindjal. I have nowhere near the hardships that you do. But with a wife, 3 kids, and a job where I travel extensively...I do the best that I can to find time for Emp. With summer peeking around the corner, expect to see me less frequently. There's yard work to be done. As well as my summertime activities including riding the motorcycle, playing golf, and cooking out with friends n family.
  9. Don't have any screen shots of epic battles. I've often wondered what the other guys online look like. Are they geeks? Are they fat? Are they skinny? Hasn't anyone else ever wondered? Here's the 2 generations of Desertway...And the Lady of the house who is kind enough to allow us some time to play.
  10. Seems to be some confusion about setting times to play. Found this handy converter that just may help. http://www.worldtimeserver.com/convert_time_in_UTC.aspx I find this to be easier than doing the math myself. For those who would rather have a chart, I found this. http://www.souledout.org/nightsky/time/ut.html If you post all games as GMT times then the people involved can put in their own timezones and see what time it is for them.
  11. It also depends on who you are defending from. If defending another atr than u will most definately need aa cover for drones. Drones are the biggest factor for an atr player to disrupt ur spice. If you're defending against ordos...you will want to make as many sand bikes and inf as you can to stop lazers and dusties. Against hark you will pretty much want to do the same thing. It never hurts to have a fast army.
  12. I'm curious a to what "load" he's referring to. CD drives only job is to read CD's. If your computer is having trouble with that than I would recommend a new drive. BTW who are you? I've never seen you online. If your only playing the missions, that in itsef is more boring than playing with no music. The game is so damn easy to beat, that if you're not online your pretty much spinning your wheels.
  13. Happy New Year everyone. I've been playing when I get a chance, but I will try and make more time in 2009.
  14. I just baught a new laptop for my son for Christmas, and it runs on Windows Vista. Is there anything I need to be aware of for running Emp on Vista? I know I had some problems with mine running on XP.
  15. Well it seemed to me that you were slamming Spaze about an era in which you had no first hand knowledge. If that is not the case, than I apologize. And just as you...I am misunderstood. I was just trying to set the record straight and not slam anyone. If you feel slammed...than again I apologize. As far as Spaze telling you he never owned anyone... If he had told you that he did, than what would you think? How many of the really good players tell you how good they really are? Just offering my humble opinion as someone who has been here since day 1.
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