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  1. Hey guys been awhile since Ive been here which of you guys still play emperor Cheers Sarbaukar
  2. Read the top thread getting online this should help you
  3. note#3 am using the spell check do you think my postes are better than before?? thank you all Spicy-How many words did you change in spell check? Lucky they dont charge per mistake ha ;) We all understand your posts...
  4. Looks good ;) doesnt look boring like fisher plains. Im off to download them
  5. Looks like your hand going to get a good workout now ::)
  6. Yes what a shame wonderful guy with a great sense of humor. I was lucky enough to see him queit a few times @ his Zoo. We used to take the kids there all the time since we live on 30min drive from his zoo. Wont be the same without him there he always made the croc shows. I got some good photos of him in action is there anyway I can show you guys on this site? RIP m8ate
  7. o well... i tried... how bout you sarb? where u at? I still read the boards from time to time though I must say I have lost interst in the game. If I see a few mates on though I will drop in for a game/chat. Sarb
  8. My guess is Nav=Fuzalert2k why would some1 bring up a 4 year old thread ::) Anyway if it is Nav Im getting my last 2 cents worth. Chew me Fag hahaha
  9. The only thing that sucks about you Mord is your GOD DAM COMPUTER ;) Played a few games last week while I was recovering it was queit good fun again in those 5 days gaming again.Anyway probably wont play again for abit who knows.. Might seeya on the battlefeild Mordy Sarb 8)
  10. Dam you do have a good memory. Takes us back in good old days in QM gee I miss them. Good to hear from you sard I gather you have moved on from emperor? Cheers Sarb
  11. but you have to see the comic side of him olso sarb.. which lots of peapol sadly dont Theres nothing funny about him, His PC is so far up his ass that why his head is so BIG!!
  12. Biggest wanker hands down would have to be korlover I think most people who play would have to agree 8) Best current player 1vs1 would have to be harkdawg
  13. Im not rostok Fedaykyn=sarbaukar
  14. I told ya ;) Seeya on the battlefeild Sarb
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