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X FIRE & MSN Messenger - Add Your Nicks Here


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every year I look to the messages and this is a good idea erj.

I am old and slow but finally here is my nick Ords, Darnnoobs BobSow@hotmail.com


Sow rules the spice.

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Dude, make an online nick that we can link your Msgr Passport too.

Noobybaby, I will add yours as soon as I get in to work.

Thx, mate you are the best.


Sow Rules the spice

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You may have seen names that ords created using empbot.  I originally didn't make the server check the length of the incoming name since I knew the game restricted it anyways.  But then I had to go and make empbot which didn't restrict the length (lack of foresight) and that's when I saw ords logging in with some long names. 

The server now truncates nicks if they are longer than the standards size so you shouldn't see this happen any more.  Thanks to ords for creating/finding this issue.

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Have added your nick and made changes to the list, mostly removing those nicks that havent been seen online for ages (admittedly by myself ;)). Any nicks made this year have been left, even if they havent been seen online. So only the oldies really...

Let me know if you find your nick has been removed also.

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