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This is the list so far of poeple who STILL play E:BFD and have given their email addresses. I have many other peoples, but will not take the liberty of adding them until they agree to my doing it or do it themselves.

ra1024/ra2048                       ra@atlbiz.com

Erjin999/nununuerj                 Erjin999@hotmail.com

Kalony/sadamoso                        jkalony@hotmail.com

Mozared                               MozaredTFT@hotmail.com

Alchemi                               alchemi2@hotmail.com

cybopache                           cybopache@hotmail.com

Apollyon/spoon                        dreadhamster@hotmail.com

Dunenewt                             Dunenewt88@hotmail.com

Leo1990                                  leosard@hotmail.com

Scar5150                                skr5150@hotmail.com

Mudassar                                Mcdid@msn.com

doomp0w3r                            jgjstolk@kabelfoon.nl

youk0lord(nob)                          mflavio@brturbo.com

Skumclam                                skylox@hotmail.com

ImpSard34                              arseniy_k@hotmail.com

Skorpija                                  emperorskorpija@hotmail.com

Gunner154                                  nic-wdf@lycosasia.com

Schorpie/wardog575                      Schorpie575@hotmail.com

Dreadj4h/dread680/y0da8/goofy680    Dreadlord680@hotmail.com

slaphapy5                                  slaphapy5@earthlink.net

Gunner154                                  nic-wdf@lycosasia.com

Arutha/regaal                          takoduring@hotmail.com

This is Apo

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I might be going crazy (might ?!) but have you been playing emp a few months ago ? Or was that someone else "Dark"  :O

Anyway, this thread is still used and maintained. No point in adding you unless you start playing again, as this is a list of emp players.  ;)

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Sorry kyle I only take ppl who play emp who still play coz there aint any point talking to someone who doesn't have the same social class as someone who still plays. No offence man its just that I'd have a real blast talking  about who i've beaten and who i've lost to and It just may not appeal to you as much.thats all I ever use msn for. sorry mate no hard feelins. 8)

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