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X FIRE & MSN Messenger - Add Your Nicks Here


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Attention! All new players, or old players that want to be on the "Current Players" list in the Updated  X-FIRE & Messenger List thread, post your X FIRE NIK (TRY AND USE YOUR IN GAME NIK) Your ONLINE NIK AND YOUR MSN MESSENGER EMAIL in this thread, I will then add you to the "current" list

Voodoo Daddy

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i think its a very good idea! ;)

we can add the adresses to a folder called "EMPEROR" on msn.

then we know who is online, and u can even configurate it to put your status to f.ex "playing emperor now" , so everybody knows . . .

when it comes to the audio, msn is poor on quality >:(

So for that purpose I STRONGLY recommend "SKYPE", a small prog u install, and sign up for a username (ABSOLUTLY FREE) and u can have a buddylist there too displaying who`s online. Much better sound quality. Also built in chat, but messenger-chat is better. You can download skype here: http://www.skype.com/

Go for it folks! :)

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Well I've found the solution to people forgetting to alter their online status.

In MSN plus! click on the plus tab at the top of the messenger window,click on preferences, then scroll down the list on the left hand side of the window, until you see Miscellaneous,click on miscellaneous and there you can set change status after a period of inactivity.

Hope this helps ? ;)

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Hi people. I've kinda walked out to the off license and forgot my way back. Cant remember the last time I was here, but it's good to meet the friends and foes again at that place they call the 'fisher's plain.' :)

Nice to have u back :D

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