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  1. The real question is if it is worth registering there.
  2. No conspiracies here. I was rereading GEoD, and what really caught me was in the final chapter, the report on Dar-Es Balat, and how the translations of the journals did such thing as: "...the Church's characterization of Judas/Nayla deserves careful reevaluation." So, going back to the second final chapter of GEoD, where Leto finally dies, Nayla, who throughout the novel establishes herself as someone devoted to her God - parallel to Judas Iscariot who is a disciple to Jesus. She 'kills' Leto by firing her lasgun at the bridge they cross and is pretty much forever damned to at least Leto's church, until at least they discover the journals - while Judas gives up where Jesus is to the Romans, and identifies him, and we've pretty much damned him until just recently with the discovery of the Gospel of Judas. Not to mention Duncan blows her to bits, and some accounts of Judas killing himself include some exploding. With the Judas Gospels, it also raises questions such as if Jesus planned or foresaw his 'betrayal', and we have Leto, we could interpret that he 'saw' his death or helped plan it by attaching Nayla, our 'Judas', to Siona. However, it could probably be argued that Leto didn't see this death because it involved Siona. So anyways, two people who are seen as commiting deicide, but are eventually later redeemed. Coincidence? Any thoughts on this?
  3. Sober

    New Dune Games

    They need a proper Dune to Children game, be it point and clicker, or RPG (ok I sorta take that back) an MMO would be cool, but too niche I'd say.
  4. Yeah, got that, it's scene 17 on disc one, starts with the sandworm hologram, and the dew collector discussion in the botanical room. So I should be ok?
  5. No booklet, and first 2 aren't marked SE, design is just Paul and Chani's backs and the dune sea. Only disc 3 is marked SE, has Paul and Leto. Strange. If that was in Disc 1 or 2, don't remember seeing it. And I bought it from BestBuy too, how did I somehow land the strange copy? :- Might try to return it for the same copy, but I'm not sure if this qualifies as non-defective... and not to mention the BestBuy has only this 1 copy (that I have) and is within anywhere reasonably close to where I live.
  6. So I went and bought the Dune mini, Director's Cut. Movie looks intact (watched it, pretty good IMO) and the special features seem to be there. What I found weird was the case's opening cover had a flap for something that should be there, but there isn't anything. Second, DVD 3 is different from the other 2. It specifically says "Special Edition" and "Disc III - The Prophet" with a different CD cover design on it, while the other two look like generic DVDs. Well, everything's there, and all intact when I bought it, maybe I'm just being super anal about it. Now if I could only find the Children of Dune mini, I can't find anywhere around my area that has a copy. (Short of the internet)
  7. (A little late but I don't think it matters here) I've read all 3 prequels and the 3 BJ novels. Seriously, I'll let the BJ novels go for now, though I'm pretty sure FH intended the Jihad to be more than a simple "they're killin us, let's kill em back" space drama. Sure, I like my Star Wars, but, c'mon, it's Dune. Prequels were big boo-boos in my opinion, nothing just really came together with the originals - style and consistancy/continuity-wise. I'm not a "DE = fact" guy either (if you're making that case; really, it's 3 AM as I type this). I've never accepted the DE as canon - it's how you put it, just a primary source document in the Duniverse. Prequels aren't my thing unless BH&KJA shows us these lost notes from Frank. Plus, I've only read the prequels/legends once for the sake of finishing it. That's about it.
  8. I chuckled. Someone obviously hasn't read the books. Do they mention it in the miniseries?
  9. No, because, as far as we know, FH had notes on the prequel era. I still stand on my point that the prequels are tentative canon, as we don't know if and how his notes were changed (or warped, some would say) to become the prequels we know now. I also stand by the fact the DE is not pure canon either; be skeptical. Even if FH wrote it all, it isn't like Dune or any of the other 6, it's more like he copied a piece of work that existed from the post-GEoD/pre-Heretics era and sold it. Anything that was written will be accurate to what the authours (of the Duniverse) wanted people reading it to know. Bias. And on the proposed organization we have now: It's good, lots of room to go into everything.
  10. Because until FH's notes are printed as they were found, neither the Prequels or the Encyclopaedia are canon. We don't know what was changed for the prequels, and the Encyclopaedia is canon up to the point where it isn't really real canon; it's as if they reproduced a book from the universe, it isn't like any of those "Star Wars cutout" books where everything is totally 100% legit. The DE is going to be like any other book with bias and POVs that existed when the book was written (in the Dune timeline).
  11. Terrans, obviously. They say they need a balanced force to fight, until you pump out endless BCs and Wraiths. Zerg are way too hard for me to play. It's just sending unit after unit to their death in hopes they give. Protoss are good, but way too expensive. Especially the carriers which aren't really worth it.
  12. The wonders of Harkonnen treachery :P I don't think that's true even if that were the case. The buzzsaw goes to no effort into grinding the traitor into the sand.
  13. I don't think that Brian Herbert and Anderson can really ruin Dune like that. Still possible, but I don't think so.
  14. Machines don't need spice, so why do they need machine worms that produce it? Wow, getting lamer by each review and draft.
  15. Let's see if I can remember anything: 1. Deus Ex 1 2. Starsiege TRIBES (aka Tribes 1) 3. Grim Fandango 4. StarCraft + Brood War 5. C&C: Red Alert 1 6. Unreal Tournament ('99) 7. Dune II 8. Emperor :D 9. Neverwinter Nights 10.Half-Life + mods (does HL2 come with these?) I will also edit later for other games that are good, but not my top 10.
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