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Favorite films


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your favorite films?

mine are:

Donnie Darko

Lord of the Rings (all three, first is my favorite)

Star Wars trilogy (the prequels don't count as star wars movies IMO)

Indiana Jones Trilogy

Black Hawk Down


Princess mononoke(anime)


Zulu(it's a classic)

Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Das Boot(loved the ending)

I forget any others

remembered some more:

The Boondock Saints


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Metropolis (the anime "version")

Fight Club

Dune (the movie)


Dark Skies (the pilot is pretty good if you really watch it)

X-Files the Movie (of course)

Ghost in the Shell

Super Mario Bros. (admit it, it is good :D )

Trigun (the series)

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-Star wars (originals are favs.. but i also like the prequels jes cuz im a fanatic of SW)

~Indiana Jones (all three of course! but the last crusade is my most favorite)


-The blues brothers

-The rocketeer (really cheezy, kinda childish, but its a movie i can watch once in a while for kicks)

-shrek 1,2

-Beverly hills cop 1,3 (i always thought the second was lame)

-Ferris buelers day off (best 80's film of all)

-Terminator movies

-Lord of the Rings

-Office space ("ya... if you could just move a little to the left... ya there ya go")

-the Matrix

-Road to perdition


-rat race

-mission impossible

-the dish (australian movie woot)

-any mel brooks movie (spaceballs, history of the world, blazing saddles... etc)

and i could go on a lot longer... o and my favorite director.... umm.. probably between John woo (sp?) and steven spielbergh (sp?)

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-Eyes Wide Shut

-Full Metal Jacket

-The Shining

-Barry Lyndon

-A Clockwork Orange

-2001: A space odyssey

-Dr. Strangelove

-Once Upon A Time in America

-The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

-Apocolypse Now

-Godfather Part 1,2

-Fight Club


-Pulp Fiction

-Jackie Brown



-Seven Samurai




-Mulholland Drive

-Blue Velvet

-Ichi the Killer

-Blade Runner

To name a few.

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