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  1. http://www.kingdomofheavenmovie.com/
  2. http://www.hollywoodinvestigator.com/2003/dune.htm ------------------------------- -War of the Worlds -King Kong -Fantastic Four
  3. Scott

    Quentin Tarantino

    "Jesus Christ, Tarantino does Bond, how lame." Let's actually hear what he had to say. Personally, I too felt Tarantino was overhyped until, actually not too long ago, I changed my mind. My story begins many years ago...It was the beginning of the 'Kill Bill Kraze' that proceeded 'Volume 1' and having seen the illegially ripped from the theater, I was immediately pissed that Tarantino was recieving some serious praise for a somewhat corny and lackluster film. Years then passed...I saw friends and Tarantino fanboys alike (the 14-29 age bracket that feeds on the violence, style and cussin' of films, 'ironically' those that own 'Scarface' t-shirts and posers) drool over his irate Hollywood B-Movie. So naturally, due to its fanboy appeal, I began to despise it all the more. I later saw 'Volume 2'. I was a little more impressed but not by much until I saw 'Volume 1' again and began to appreciate the film for what it was. It is just a wonderfully entertaining B-Movie that harkens back to the day of drive-in classics, the 60's and 70's,'Street Fighter', razor blade laden afros and the like. And is a literal duckpress of many different genres. As a whole, you can't say that Tarantino doesn't entertain and you can't say that his movie's aren't enjoyable. Thats why he is so appauded and godworshipped and through his influences (which he regularly recites) more people can wade deeper into film culture. I look over at my growing collection of dvds and find True Romance, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown along with Citizen Kane, Chinatown, Apocolypse Now, French Connection and the Kill Bill poster resting on the wall beside them and think, forcefully Tarantino has earned my respect because he is a genuine great filmmaker and his place in film history will reflect that. I think I understand where your coming from but elaborate a little more on 'pop-culture'. To hardcore cinefiles the more film changes the more they grew to hate the new stuff that comes out. Face facts, Tarantino and many other directors watch film and are influenced by a cascade of different directors. Tarantino is uniquely Tarantino as De Palma is uniquely De Palma. I can't look at Carlito's Way and think Jackie Brown, I'm sorry but its not going to happpen. Tarantino may have borrowed from filmmakers in his films but so has De Palma from his earlier influences. What would you say if I told you that De Palma is an pathetic clone of Hitchcock and a poor imitiation of a true original? The same can be said on the beloved Paul Thomas Anderson and the countless techniques and shots that he's ripped from various influences. I don't think its ironic that Tarantino was inspired by De Palma because as you said, it appears in his films. He's said it openly and remained humble on who his influences are. His dialogue is among the best, his characters are well drawn and real and he makes a good film. The media are the ones you should be pissed at.
  4. Scott

    Favorite films

    Tell you the truth, I thought this movie kicked ass aswell. -City of God -Silence of the Lambs -The Exorcist -The French Connection -The Hustler -Gone with the Wind -Casablanca -Citizen Kane -Manchurian Candidate (1962) -Goodfellas -Casino -Meanstreets -Raging Bull These too.
  5. Scott

    Favorite films

    -Eyes Wide Shut -Full Metal Jacket -The Shining -Barry Lyndon -A Clockwork Orange -2001: A space odyssey -Dr. Strangelove -Once Upon A Time in America -The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -Apocolypse Now -Godfather Part 1,2 -Fight Club -Se7en -Pulp Fiction -Jackie Brown -Memento -Akira -Seven Samurai -Yojimbo -Rashomon -Chinatown -Mulholland Drive -Blue Velvet -Ichi the Killer -Blade Runner To name a few.
  6. Just finished 'the Da Vinci Code'. Good read, it took me two days to finish it. Very hard to put down.
  7. Scott

    Dune Control

    Now you see, thats where your wrong. I'm familiar with that quotation: "If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed." Correct? In fact it was partially responsible for the nature of this topic. Personally I couldn't agree more with this quote, on the basis that it is by all means, very true. Anything can be filmed, anything can be written, anything can be thought or spoken or felt, these things apply to every form of creative thought. A couple years ago, I would've agreed with you."Dune can't be filmed, its too complicated and vast, to be adapted. How could you translate a literary masterpiece to film without it being tarnished." Honestly, Dune isn't utterly perfect. Its not a total masterpiece and some details can be changed and altered without impacting the "integrity" of the piece. The "but it still might not be as good or uncomparable to the book or writing or thought you had." bit kind of made me laugh. I know TMA, your familiar with 2001. Which is better the book or the film? Can they even be compared? This book has been adapted to incredible success, Dune can't perform likewise if adapted properly? Yea, thats kinda what I asked you to do. This entire topic is an excercise in screen writing, what would you give and what would you taketh away. We as fans (myself included), seem to find fault with both adaptations of Dune without offering any hint of what we would have done, had it been we that had been adapting the novel. What's lacking is the genuine appreciation for the work that David Lynch and John Harrison have toiled over to produce. It's not be all means easy work, and I thought it would be interesting to see which parts of the novel would be rejected and the new ones that would take their place. That's part of what adaptation is, the modification of a document that is either vastly or vaguely different from what that original document was. If anyone could preserve the integrity of a novel from its conversion to film, it would be a fan.
  8. I agree, I don't think putting a camera through the floorboards is going to add anything to the mood or disposition of a scene.
  9. Scott

    Dune Control

    Evangelion had justification in using so many 'inner confliction' scenes concerning Shinji, as a small portion of the the series was devoted singularly to his psyche. As far as Dune is concerned, I don't think we need to hear everything Muad'Dib think and feels about anything and everything. Well, what would you do? Contribute man!
  10. The Conversation Great performance by Gene Hackman and subtle ones by Ford and the other supporting cast. The film, although slow and tedious (subject matter) during the first half, more than makes up for it in the second. Good script by Coppola. The ending was a surprise for me. Note: This is no where near the Coppola's work in the Godfather I&II and Apocalypse Now. It's almost more a character study (think Five Easy Pieces). A slow thriller.
  11. Stanley Kubrick Akira Kurosawa Martin Scorsese David Lynch Sergio Leone Quentin Tarantino Takashi Miike Brian De Palma David Fincher
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