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When I watched 'From hell' I'd seen a Michael Caine movie not long before ahnd called "Jack the Ripper" from 1988. Very *very* similar, except the 'Cheif Inspector Abberline' character wasn't a smackhead. Actually, the common-as-muck inspector/well-spoken sergeant thing was still there too. Both are still good movies, although 'Jack The Ripper' was more a whodunnit rather than 'From Hell''s slasher/thriller. Jack the Ripper is well reccomended.


The Seventh Seal.

Demi Moore is pregnant with defence-lawyer Michael Biehn's child, when mysterious stranger Jurgen Prochnow (Better known as Duke Leto Attreides from David Lynch's "Dune") appears in regards to a 'let' add for their outhouse. It soon becomes a race against the appocalyps for Demi Moore, her unborn child, and a jewish teenager she turns to for help. A great biblical-mythos story with twists and turns in the plot that keep you guessing, and great actors.


[Hide] Prochnow is the Second comming of Christ who warns Demi about the appocalyps, and of the evil priest (Really the legionaire Longinus who was cursed to walk the earth until judgement day) who is out to try and quicken the appocalyps, and that if she doesn't keep the seals from being broken, her unborn child will herrald the apocalyps. [/hide]



The story of the Marquis DeSade , locked within a mental assylum. DeSade (Georfry Rush - Captain Barbossa, Pirates Of The Carribean) writes his highly erotic stories and gets them out to the rest of france with the help of a wiley maid (Kate Winslet- Titanic), depsite the protests of the priest who runs the asylum (Joaquin Phoenix - Gladiator) and the tortures of the sadistic doctor (Michael Caine) sent there to treat the Marquis. Funny and shocking.

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[hide]Deinonychus as a "Miniature T-rex"? It's a squarer, stronger-looking version of a Velociraptor. The same 6ft x 6ft dimentions. First dino discovered with the slashing middle toes thing. [/hide]


Yeah, looks a bit OTT. Might be a good movie though.

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the graphic novel watchman? ;D

that'd be sooo sweet!

for those that don't know watchman is the revolutionary graphic novel written by alan moore for DC comics, started the whole anti-hero theme (like the punisher) and started the use of literary devices (foreshadowing) in comics

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(Wolfwiz runs to adorn his full Clan Wolf regalia so he can climb into his Timber Wolf and deliver some justice to those freebirth Inner Sphere cowards.)

Yeah Wizkids said it some time ago...it is currently in progress.

Btw, there aren't any A-list actors, so don't hope for a Titanic. ;D

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24 Hour Party People

I saw this movie last night, a friend let me barrow it and good grief what a clever film. It is about a producer in manchester england during the post-punk era of music. It talks about the change from music of that genre, and how the dance culture (rave culture) came into play.

THe writing is wonderful and you just cant help but love most of the characters for their quirkiness and originality. THe best thing about it is that most of it is all true. The soundtrack is awesome and you really get to have an affinity towards taht subculture. It is very interesting to see how heated the time was for england when gangs and drug dealers were prevalent, and how bad it got for awhile.

The movie itself is witty, funny, and very charming. I loved the layout of it almost like a documentary. The characters are all intresting as I said before and I suggest it for anybody out there. highly recommended.

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