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  1. I'm currently DMing a D&D 3rd Ed campaign set in my own setting, and i'm due to start playing Mutants and Masterminds as a DBZ-style character named Aegis. He seems a pretty well made character... i'll see what he's like in the actual game though.
  2. Chrono Trigger <3 I want that game for the PSx, solely for the Akira "DBZ" Toriyama storyboarded cutscenes. he did the original character design for the SNES 'Chrono Trigger', y'know. And I can't wait for the new NWN and Baldur's Gate games.
  3. It's released in september in the UK, at least, taht's when my local large book shops get their copies. I've been making enquiries for the last few months, and I'm sure they're getting suick of me.
  4. I just hope the keep the battle of corrin a space battle, not a "ambush a legion of machines on the ground" battle they usually do.Non the less,, BoC uis published very soon. and I can't wait for it.
  5. The "Old Duke" all depends on which viewpoint you take as official. The prequal series as written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson names Paulus Atriedes as "the old duke". The Encyclopeidia, written by a close friend and advisor of Frank Herbert, and was endorced by Frank under the viewpoint that things from the encyclopedia may be changed as the saga contiues, lists Minotauros "Mintor" Atreides as Leto I's father. Paul Atriedes is always named as Paul Muad'Dib, very rarely as the Duke Atriedes. Even when he's emperor. And Leto II is the God Emperor or The Tyrant.
  6. "And how can this be? or he *is* the Kwisatz Haderach!" <prophecy theme, cue lightening, and rain, fremen looking shocked> That bit? Very un-Herbet-esque, yes. But you have to remmeber that Frank herbert's novel is political fantasy, not sci-fi fantasy. The last line of Dune was to show that Paul was only using Irulan to seize the throne, and that she would have no compasion or love from the new Emperor. I didn't like lymch's ending to be honest, although he had the accurate "knife-thrst up under the jaw" scene right. Which was good!
  7. Hey, not bad. ALthough I'd like to see some different weapons too. I liked the idea of the laz-gun somebody mentiioned.
  8. Thufir Hawat = big lizard Duncan Idaho = Lando Malari from Babylon 5 Liet-Kynes - the less said about him the better... I mean that HAIR! The "Oh my god... atomics!" bit. We all KNOW the fremen would be like children in a candystore if they found atomics in a fremen fortress. Going on the opposite side of Arrakis, and when you arrive you get the vission of Idahop saying you have a message waiting for you. You come about, head back to the palace, and when you arrive the sardaukar cut you to pieces >_< Are there any other points people want to make about this original game?
  9. Good point. <gettnig back on topic> So what does everybody else look like?
  10. Hmmm. You'd probably like my japenese sword set... Katana, Wakazashi and that little daggery one on the bottom whos name i can never remember. Black scabbard and hilts with blue and gold lacing and decor.
  11. The last time i walked into a wall... uhm... i can't remember... OH MY GOD! I HAVE AMNEISIA!
  12. Not only did he drop the ball, but the ball (a bouncy ball) leapt up into his mouth and porceeded to choke Lucas, and whilst he was spluttering for breath, those three titles seemingly popped out.
  13. An ugly gaping wound of death, or the sword-brolly? Personally, I'd prefer a fully-loaded Brolli . then I'd point at a random bystander and say "He thinks Kakaroto is harder than you. Go beat the fcuk out of him ;)"
  14. I don't take compliments very well :P
  15. Yu think *I'M* hot? Okay, you *DEFINITELY* need to get out more. As in right now. there's the door, take an umbrella. And a warm coat.
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