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War of the Worlds



anyway, ok my first review...

"Johnny English"

or should i say "Johnny English.... Secret agent"

This film stars:

Rowan Atkinson, John Malkovich, and Natalle Imbruglia

so, to start off... this was a very enjoyable film, it had many funny scenes, including one of the most incredibly odd, yet very entertaining chase scenes i have ever seen.  However if you enjoy a movie for the story it tells... well this is not a movie for you.  It probably has one of the worst story ideas (or at least most overdone) i have ever seen.  Its about a french billionare trying to overthrow the queen and become king.

However, if you enjoy a movie for a few laughs it is a good movie.  I would not recommend going out and buying this film, but its maybe a rental, but i would recommend doing like i did and waiting till it is on TV for free :) .

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Yesterday I've seen a movie Pi, a black-white mathematical psychothriller (how to categorize it, I've never seen something like it before; perhaps it was not ment to be seen by gojim ;D ) made by Darren Aronofsky. Genial mathematician Max Cohen spends whole his life trying to search for a numerical pattern in various processes (like valued paper exchange market, evolution or computer programs), trying to find an universal constant, which could work as a pillar for all sciences or any other forms of knowledge collection. Pythagorean core of the world. He is following perfection of circle (hence name "pi") and golden slice, later is exposed to gematric kabala. Chasidim kabalists and businessmen are trying to harvest from his findings, while Max himself fights with internal terrific torture, a tax for his geniality...

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