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Children of Dune Poll


What did you think of the Children of Dune miniseries from SciFi?  

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  1. 1. What did you think of the Children of Dune miniseries from SciFi?

    • Fantastic
    • Ok
    • Below Par
    • Worm-poo
    • Haven't seen it yet

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i saw the first 2 nights only. But i think the music was great and they did a lot better than the first one visualy. But it was super boring! i almost fell asleep. All that dialog sounds exciting when you read it. but it makes a bad movie.

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I live in norway and therefore I wonder if I will ever see it. What channels will it run on?

It will come out in Sweden after it comes to Norway, just like Star Wars Ep. 1. :P

Anyways, I'll buy it and see it instead. You know, the only mini-series channel I have is "Hallmark", and that one sucks. So, my only chance is to rent it, or buy it, or pay the price of the DVD set to get Sci-Fi Channel. Not so pretty, huh?

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I't kinda wierd Ghost, even if every country in the world'd have 100 channels, what's really impossible, it'd make only 720 channels :P Your channels are probably repeating ;)

...are you saying there are only 7,2 countries in the world or am I missing something?

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