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  1. While the style itself ain't my favorite, the whole concept of Dune cartoon? Why not?
  2. Any info about this? Is this project still alive or is it back in development hell? IMDb states it for 2014 release, but since 2013 is almost upon us and there's been second to none information... well it doesn't look too good. The latest piece of info I dug out is this web page: http://janeiris.hubpages.com/hub/Dune-Movie-to-Watch-Out-For# but who knows how accurate the info is...
  3. The UserFriendly comic is all about Dune today. Check it out.
  4. Damn. I've always been more of a stalker kinda member on this forum. Never said much, mostly because others usually pointed out whatever was on my mind. Aaaanyhow, back to the topic. Hi to everyone! Love you guys and gals!
  5. I was awestruck. Before Dune I read some cheesy Star Wars novels and b-class crap. Dune was my first REAL sci-fi book and it swept me away. Since then, my mission is to read Dune in all the languages that I can speak/write. I reckon that French will be the most tough one yet.
  6. I do not really wish to tell how I got my hands on it, nor *why* did I. But to put it straight and simple... it's quite bad. I mean, I do enjoy WH40k books when I want some simple and light reading with epic moments. It's not high-brow literature for sure... but when I start reading this one, I felt only one question materialising itself in my cranium. Why? It's like someone grabbed an idea, twisted it to his evil means and then gave it life in a book form. Why?
  7. Actually, that little boy (Shia) isn't bad choice at all. IMHO of course. He has enough screen charisma and he ain't that bad when it comes to acting. At least there are far worse options for Paul than this. But since all this is based on rumours... we shall take them with a grain of salt.
  8. This is like a Greek tragedy. And perfect example why I'm not playing Emperor. I just can't stand *insert x word here* people.
  9. Thanks. That clears out some confusion. 8)
  10. This is a bit off-topicish, but what is the duration of your special edition? Is it (approx.) 4h 48min or is it a wee bit longer?
  11. You're right spicy. You do have a point there. It's damn shame that there are tons of quality games nowadays that are just forgotten. Maybe because they were not advertised enough or because they didn't sell expected amount of copies. FS2 open source is excellent release for all those who enjoy a spacesim with a an epic plot. While you're at it, don't forget to check all the available mods for it. A Babylon 5 modification is a decent one. But as stated above. I agree with you spicy.
  12. Pawe

    Unique Video Games??

    Beyond Good & Evil. It got great reviews, everyone thought that it was something
  13. Well, now all the Hollywood studios know that you can make a good book->movie adaptation, we just need a team with great passion for dune, great storytellers (for movie) and a fine director with superb cast. Then the Dune would come out as three-parter. Something like Lotr, now then the Dune would get a lot of popularity... but hey, nothing is free. And I'm yet to see a good Dune movie on the big screen. Sci-fi channel's miniseries were good yes, but with a lot of money whole Dune saga would be like... well, Dune would be a milestone to sci-fi, like Lotr is a measurement of fantasy. Or something like that. And don't flame me. You all got my point.
  14. Crusader: No Remorse and No Regret, UT, Deus Ex, C&C, Dune 2000 and Beyond Good & Evil. That's it.
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