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  1. Zopwx2

    The Most

    I nominate myself for the least active member.
  2. Zopwx2

    decline of dune

    I stopped coming here a while ago becuase, I had read and seen everything dune. And with the new book still not out, I lost interest temporarily.
  3. it still seems a bit strange. i mean, turn into a sandworm. and arent we still debating exactly what the golden path is.
  4. Take a minute and think about this. Why in the hell would leto put goo from a sand trout on himself and become a sandworm. Isn't this wierd, even for the dune series. Im not sure I get why or how it is even possible.
  5. There is a whole lot of talk and discussion about god and religion in the books. But I don't think there was ever any actuall statement that any god exists in the series.
  6. church temple whatever. A big religous orginazation devoted to muad'dib.
  7. the porsche guy started volkswagon. not hitler directly i dont think
  8. how the hell are we playing god? we didnt genetically engineer the baby or anything. sorry for getting graphic here, but the guy just cums in a jar, and they get the egg out of the women and they put them together outside the body. and then put it back in the women. Maybe you are getting this confused with cloning or stem cells or somthing. those are differnt issues.
  9. wait. Test tube babies are when they fertilze the egg without having to have intercourse first? If thats what the big deal is I don't see what the problem is. The only difference is that instead of doing it the normal way, they just do it outside the body.
  10. they are they main house, so they must be christian? I dont know where you got that from. Everyone pretty much reads from the same orange bible thingy though.
  11. thats fucked up. No one has a good explanation for this?
  12. Zoroastarianism. The first monotheistic religon (kind of). The jews were heavly influnenced by this one.
  13. possible spoilers? quick question [hide] I read the book a while ago, so i forgot a lot of stuff. But if alia was preborn in a bene gesserit ritual. Wouldnt she get the same powers as a reverend mother? How could she talk to the baron who was a male ancestor? [/hide]
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