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Stupid question...


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A Mentat is a human computer.  In the sense it computes data, they are the few citizens of the Imperium who are gifted enough to be trained for massive accomplishments of logic.  No you can't play Quake III Arena on Mentat OS 4.

Only the very best of Mentats don't let emotions or personal views get in the way of their decision.

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You don't born to be a Mentat. It requires a long and hard training to become one. They use the sapho-juice to enhance their calculations.

And Piter wasn't born and trained. He was planned and grown by the Bene Tleilax for the Baron.

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Actually, you must born with abillity to being mentat. No everyone could be one of them. In Dune, Paul has been told that he has predispositions to be mentat and asked if he want started training. He said he want.

Actually many ppl could be a Mentat, you have to be smart and trained when you're young.. In Dune they say to Paul that without his knowledge he already had done this training, and they ask if he would like to continue..

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It depends on the mentat.

You have twisted mentats that are genetically enabled for no remorse, pure logic thinking. The buyer tells the tleilaxu what they want and they supply it.

You have the normal mentats that go through training from birth. They are basically brainwashed and reprogrammed for the use of pure logic in their ideas. They are weeded out through childhood and grow into adults and those that are extremely good are used for purposes of the landsdraad while the ones that are so-so go for multipule purposes in the empire or to help in the training of the original mentats. Many normal and twisted mentats use sapho juice that is taken from a root of a plant from ecaz to speed up their thinking, (kind of like LSD) but many mentats see this as against normal ethics. Piter himself was addicted to sapho and it doesnt mention spice that much for him. he does use sapho juice though. It is usually taken right before a briefing or a meeting. It raises conciousness and awarness. You can tell these mentats by their red stained lips. Since logic-computers are obviously banned they need to use a human source. i.e. mentats.

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