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  1. A Mentat is a human computer. In the sense it computes data, they are the few citizens of the Imperium who are gifted enough to be trained for massive accomplishments of logic. No you can't play Quake III Arena on Mentat OS 4. Only the very best of Mentats don't let emotions or personal views get in the way of their decision.
  2. Stealing is wrong. The Ukraine has enough worries with imperialistic sanctions possibly coming down on them thanks to their rampant pirating. You people must understand. If this would stop him from stealing software, then it's one step on the way to cleaning up that mess. Look what would happen to Ukraine's economy if sanctions were brought in. Of course many of you are simply too selfish like Americans to understand. Better to try and avoid sanctions if you want my opinion. Grow-up.
  3. Anyway I've forwarded that guy's email address and links to the stolen software to Westwood/EA (for obvious reasons) and Blizzard, (that menu sound and cursor is from StarCraft). :) He didn't want an English port because it would of increased the chances of him being detected.
  4. They should be worth a read, but not something to worship.
  5. Smirnov

    Paul's Jihad

    Paul's jihad was an extremely important event.
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