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  1. is that true??? So if I don't have enough wind traps.. the enemy will see the dustscouts in the bowls?
  2. You are a very mean person you know that.... :'(
  3. I got an idea for a new weapon!! MY HISTORY TEACHER! His atack makes all enemy units fall asleep :)
  4. Rush by building las tanks and kobra's... I hardly would call that a rush... :-/
  5. House Ordos has supreme technologie!! We will prevail!
  6. House Ordos doesn't want to fight.... It costs too much... It isn't any profit we just want the spice melange.
  7. Alright... let's get on topic then... My favorite house is still House Ordos...
  8. oh... ok.... Is his/her manga online so I can see it?
  9. No I don't actually... plz explain??
  10. House Ordos obviously don't wants to ally with Atreidis! They care about honor... House Ordos cares about profit! Besides... HOUSE ORDOS WILL PREVAIL
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