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  1. There was a note from Brian left in, it starts with 'Kev, why...' somewhere at the 15th or so page. Those sentences have been removed
  2. I haven't read House Corrino, but I doubt there's a house called Jongleur.. At least I hope not
  3. I read the prequels in English (well, only most of House Atreides, I couldn't stand how bad it was), since the dutch translation was really poor and different than the translations of the original books
  4. I would rather read the McNelly-version, since he seems to be much more serious about Dune.. Look at the DE. He seems to like the whole Dune universe, with politics and all, not only the planets, battles, villains and hero's BH & KJA care about
  5. I've ordered my copy, but it's import so I'll have to wait a few days :( I'll join!
  6. you can get it at www.dunenovels.com [hide]I thought it was crap he survived, it would be better if they just took another unimportant harkonnen, and let him die[/hide]
  7. Is there any way of legally obtaining this story without buying that Dogged Persistance stuff? There isn't a store here who sells that book. Anyone read it here? What's it about, and is it worth my 5 Minutes of reading?
  8. in the root of langmd.mix, since it's language dependant
  9. Heh rodman's here too.. btw I attached the file, you do have to rename the extension because it wouldn't allow CSF files
  10. Dune2 does work in XP, you have to change some memory settings.. dunno which
  11. LotR was very good IMHO, but let's not get off-topic
  12. let's not mix up fan created houses with 'real' houses
  13. I uploaded the desert.mix from RA2MD.mix, don't know if that is the correct file but I think it is :P http://members1.chello.nl/~j.l.akerboom/desert.mix it's 2.6 MB, but the server can be slow sometimes
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