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There is a dropdown at the bottom of the page that lets you change skins. I am going to do some more tweaking to this one as there are things I don't like about it either.

There isn't a way for a user to specify thread order but I will look into getting a mod installed that will allow it.

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On main forum page I clicked on 'new' button for some reason, thinking it acted like the 'new' button on old forum and turns out it marks all threads as read oops :P

Maybe change the button? "New" doesn't really reflect "mark as read".

Is it possible to get rid of Recent Topics Added and Watched Content column on right side? This way the forums on left side can expand more to right and thus should take up less horizontal space and thus less scrolling down needed?

Or maybe there is too much left/right margin space? I don't have firefox maximized, but it is using most of screen. I wonder how it looks on a netbook screen?

Tried uploading .png file. get Error This upload failed


Better idea is there is wasted space where

* 3,887 Topics

* 65,272 Replies

on left hand side

Also wasted space on right hand side showing the latest post (main forum page, far right inside the boxes)


* Today, 10:43 PM

* In: Site Updates

* By: Gobalopper

but even the longer ones waste a large chunk of space right of it.

Need custom titles back.

Advanced Member sounds lame. :P

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Er... alright. Have to say that I'm not really liking this new board. Far too "let's link everything in and have shiny features and buttons". But then that's just my own opinion; I'm sure others will like it.

Here are the faults / quibbles I've noted so far:

- The colour tags (i.e. ['c']) don't work.

- The whole site is slower than normal. Pages take several seconds to load.

- The front screen is cluttered, even on a 26" widescreen monitor - I can't imagine what it would be like on a standard resolution.

- There is no logo up the top left - just the text "Logo", which is a link to the forum index.

- The "mark all as read" button is very well hidden - I'd rather it be next to the "view unread" as before.

- The "upload quota" is borked and unreasonable. I'm currently using 1.95MB of my allowed 500K.

- Some people (e.g. me) might still have their URL pointing to http://www.dune2k.com/forum/ which currently shows as the forums being down for maintenance.

- The pop-up login didn't store my username and password for the site.

- Oh god not Facebook integration as well.

- Rich text editing? What was wrong with the BBCode? Does it even still work?

- There's only a count of how many NEW PMs you have, not how many you have in your inbox in total.

- EDIT: I don't like the edit function, either. What's the chance any of this is going to work on, say, a mobile phone?

- DOUBLE EDIT: Where is the "recent posts" section? I don't care about "recent topics", I want to see the last 5 posts again, regardless of which topic they were in.

- TRIPLE EDIT: What happened to the board names being highlighted in blue when there were new posts? It's a nice visual cue, and I prefer it to the "New" icon, which I normally associate with posts.

That's... all I can think of right now. Things I do like:

- Ability to set our own custom titles. I chose Fedaykin again because it was cool and I don't want to change my sig.

- Ability to set a custom "photo", if not a custom avatar.

Yeah. Honestly, I can put up with the new board if the main problems are fixed, but I miss the old board already.

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Another issue: the [ code ] tags contain mostly unreadable black text.

See http://forum.dune2k.com/index.php?/topic/18875-dune-2-exe-editing-programming-issues/page__view__findpost__p__355958

Also, the interface is really too small. The posts themselves aren't even 640 pixels wide, meaning even 2x sized Dune II shots don't show up unresized. There seems to be too much sidebar space and not enough post space, and too much empty space around the sides of the forum.

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Why no custom avatars? I never got that, really. I generally recognise people by their avatar, and MrFlibble just isn't MrFlibble without the deranged fluffy penguin hand puppet. Just like Nyerguds isn't Nyerguds without a green LEGO alien.

It's just part of our online identities, imo.

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I will look into the password saving problem, I found it annoying but then somehow my browser was able to save it again.

Andrew, there is an arrow you can click to hide that menu on the right.

Custom titles based on post count should be like the old boards now.

Spacing and layout stuff I am still working on but I wanted to get the new software deployed because there wasn't a lot of feedback.

Upload quota per user should be at 5MB now.

Dragon Knight what URL are you talking about? And what is the image link that your page shows it trying to access? And there is a plugin for viewing recent posts, I will look at getting it installed.

I don't have the rich text editor, I believe it is a setting you can turn on/off. BBCode still works fine.

Code tags should be easier to read now.

You can have a custom "photo" but you only see that when viewing someones profile. The custom avatar upload is only available to staff as they are allowed to have custom dune themed avatars. As for why we don't allow custom avatars... it's just the way we've always done it. :)

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Mentioned two URLs. For the top-left, I mean this one: http://dungeon.dune2k.com/forum/public/style_images/11_logo.png

See the attached screensnip to show what I mean: post-1116-005074400 1283366099_thumb.png

The "Logo" link leads to the forum index, but it's meant to be a picture of the above URL. I get a 403 Forbidden page if I try to access that link manually.

Also, the http://www.dune2k.com/forum URL I mentioned still points to the old forums, which are "down for maintenance".

EDIT: OK, embedded attachments is cool. :P

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Should I be able to see peoples IP Address? Hmm, I think I can delete posts in general as well (at least the option is there). I presume moderators aren't board specific?

Anyway if I am currently mod of general I'd say leave it so I can remove spam posts that get here, unless this messageboard spam stuff is much better and I'm not needed in General.

Thanks Gob, that small arrow made stuff go away.

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I think profile comments should be disabled across the board, or at least set to "disabled" by default. In my experience with other forums, they are at best useless and at worst they turn into a way to send "PMs" that everyone can read, for the purpose of flaming.

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Really not liking the contrast I couldn't even find th box to type my reply in, I thought it hadn't loaded and hit "refresh before I realized it was there and I just couldn't see it. Everything is just too dark. What does "friend" mean?

I'm testing the mobile version out on my blackberry and that is greatly improved. Much more pleasant to use than the old forum which mobile phones really could not handle. Haven't done much playing aorund yet.

What is Display Name History?

Status updates? Are those really neccessary? Do they show up in other places than just your profile?

The profile seems to have a button. "Find my content" seems to be same as the "posts" tab.

Mobile notification? What's that, I get a text message everytime someone replies to a thread I am subscribed to?

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After a day or so, I'm beginning to adjust to the changes. The main, "in my face" things are still the colour tags and a couple of other things:

- The "View New Content" link; can that be re-worded to "Unread Posts"?

- The "New" button in the "View New Content" area; could that be moved to the right of everything else (i.e. topic title, page numbers, etc.)? I keep clicking on the last page, muscle memory telling me it'll take me to the latest post.

Again, it's mostly pining for the lost perfection (to my mind, anyway) of the old board.

Also, is it possible for you to upload all of the different smiley sets the old board had? I never used the one's we have now, and it's a bit weird seeing them after so many years.

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