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  1. False spice. Using.

    Wouldn't this look confusing?
  2. Dune One

    Good luck and do not be so picky-as if I am not! ;-)
  3. Site Updates

    Thanks! Now my CPU won't fry.
  4. Site Updates

    Hi! Please add a black theme without the animation/transparency. For us on low end hardware it is frying our CPU. And as I rely on my old good CRT a bright theme will fry my eyes too. I vote for carbon or something similar so we can have some more color options. Thanks for upgrade. Unluckily my ISP is getting crappier and crappier and I cannot estimate if now it is faster or not.
  5. Cutscenes not working.

  6. Dune Wars 1.1 mod released for CivIV

    Oh my, that requires a lot of effort. Bravo.
  7. Running on widows 10

    BTW you might try to install Windows 98se in DOSBox if you are lucky (it doesn't work most of the times and it was very slow on old hardware-anyway you have Windows 10 so I guess the later will not be an issue). Google for details.
  8. D2k Background Music

    Can you work/add a bit more on it? It sounds 'barebones'. Somewhere you hear only the drums. Needs more there.
  9. Running on widows 10

    google "configure virtual machine windows 98se" and I hope it will give a lot of links with instructions. Sorry for late reply.
  10. One day, it just stopped launching...

    Any interferance from your antivirus? So temporary disable it and see what happens. Also try running in a virtual machine. In both cases run both from CD and from ISO files (virtual CD).
  11. D2K+ Site Redesign

    Going again offtopic but let us have some fun: I already triple* boot. (7 is too heavy for my hardware and I resort to it when an app. doesn't work on XP or Wine) ;-) *mainly, 'cause my boot menu has even more options. ;-)
  12. D2K+ Site Redesign

    What's that "Internet Explorer"? Never heard about it! Well if anyone is using IE then he deserves it! It should be used only one time: To download Seamonkey or Firefox! :D XP may be not safe but you have only one more option available if you lack proper hardware: Linux. But Wine doesn't support everything (read portable games) the way I want it to work.
  13. D2K+ Site Redesign

    I also use XP at the moment and it works with Firefox 42.0. It loads fast and without errors. As long as you do not use flash or other *** that would burden the loading it is fine. It is utter stupidy what is happening even on gov web pages with all that fancyful *** stuff making you need minutes to load a web page.
  14. [RELEASE] Dune 2000 War of Assassins

    Thumbs up!
  15. Why 2 folders for missions maps?

    And you can have multiple folders of a game/program as well, of different versions/configurations.