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  1. (swearing added for realism) It was a cold day on Aries. The Klobbersauran barracks were covered in frost. The new recruits were nearing the end of their winter training. Sun broke from behind the whispy clouds and the officers, clad in yellow heatsuits shouted orders at the freezing recruits, "Get up, you littlle shit! I had to sleep 4 days on Besate Prime in the polar region with nothing but my uniform and you're shivering from one frosty night! You make me sick! Do you expect to serve your Count on the battlefield? because when i look at you, all i see is dead weight! Give me 60!" While that unfortunate young soldier was doing pushups, the others were practicing their knife skills. They were getting up to seven lights on their training machines. Other trainees were in the gas chamber building up immunities. Deep within the base, the 3rd year soldiers were being trained in 3rd echo stealth. They were being showed how to assess the situation, and move exactly when another noise occurred, such as a creaky floorboard, or a gust of wind. Different surfaces of their shoes produce different noises as they step. That moth beating it's wings against the window might just be a Klobbersauran commando. "Men, we just got word from K2 that political tensions and skirmish battles are escalating to the point that widespread war is a distinct possibility" "Are you saying that-?" "-That's right. WE'RE GOING TO WAR!" A storm of hoorahs booms from the crowd. Back on K2 (klobbersauri secundus) Count Dingis was reading through a proposal. A ship from the Klobbersauran Trade Regulation Commision interecepted a message from a KYA probe, giving coordinates to a scout ship. From that information, a daring young diplomat, Tuecer Saran traveled to the very secretive KYA homeworld and managed to discuss alliance with the KYA. The Klobbersaurans were itching to take a side in this war and all the Count had to do was give his John Hancock. Dingis signs the document and puts the seal of the Nobility on it.
  2. ;D It feels good to be back... anyone want to ally with me? For tradition's sake i feel like teaming up with Ex again. We can form the Klobber Your Ass alliance once again! I'm making some conceptual sketches of Klobbersauran stuff. I'll scan them and attach them sometime.
  3. Ha ha! 8) Guess who's back! It is I Klobbersaurus! Due to technical difficulties, I couldn't register... yet. And i am proudly coming back to the KYA-Setara conflict. A new age has begun among the Bene Klobbersauri. After the death of Duke Klobbersaur, his nepew Dingis has risen to the throne. The radical notions of his father have been all but buried. The Klobbersaurans have extended their trade networks and have established themselves as a prosperous nation of merchants, researchers, artists and diplomats. Guild relations have never been better, though the overall public relations with factions such as the Tleilaxu have left them out of the Klobbersauran loop. Count Dingis has a motto "The actions of a noble few, dwarf the actions of a lesser many." Holding this in mind, his military strategy lies in training considerably less, but deathly trained commandoes. Using small, fast, and silent dropships, spies and commandoes are distributed into enemy territory to arm local rebels, assassinate officers and leaders and commit acts of sabotage. All soldiers speak at least two languages, are expert marksmen in many forms of weapons and trained in the latest 3rd Echo stealth techniques. Taking out an enemy before it can attack is the major strategy here. The Klobbersaurans have an excellent arsenal of both conventional and exotic weapons due to their massive weapons research and production, though they are hesitant to use them. The Klobbersaurans own 4 planets, Klobbersauri Secundus (the warm, wet homeworld, with a population of 4 billion), Aries Prime (a desolite mining planet, prison colony and home to the secret training grounds of the Klobbersauran troops), Ajax (the industrial giant, rich with natural resources and a pop. of 1 billion), and Hera (the second homeworld, home of 3 billion people and the well guarded Klobbersauran Federated Reserve.) The Klobbersaurans have only recently adopted the use of the spice. The culture has seen it as a waste of money in the past, but has recently embraced it after the discovery of a new processing secret, taking the pure spice and producing large amounts of a cruder spice, called Quinhydrasterol. QHS as it is called, slightly increases brain function and increases cardiovascular strength while most of its anti-aging properties dwindle. This is distributed through the Federal Services Department to every Klobbersauran household. The result is a public with sharp minds and high physical endurance. More spice-based drugs are in the works to be used by the Klobbersauran Air Space Land Sea Force. In Klobbersauran society, biological weapons are big taboo, as with weapons of mass destruction. The Klobbersaurans are idealistic and waiting to make allies in a universe on the edge.
  4. This game seems a lot like metal gear solid in that you have to rely on stealth to get around and you can press up against walls and "neutralize guards". it seems like a very cool premise, but the controls and slow paced action are very detrimental to the gaming experience.
  5. and what's with this lightning bolt next to my name?
  6. it seems very confusing, it has unconventional battle controls that are insufficient in controlling Paul. and i noticed that if you hold shift he walks slowly.
  7. I downloaded the demo and it is so hard! Only the enter key, ctrl key and the left mouse button do anything. How do you expect to have a game with only 3 buttons. Could someone explain this to me?
  8. yes i definitely agree with nema fekei and the rest. this is tite how most people on this board are not conservatives, but either liberals or moderates. i have this conservative friend who avoids reading the speech by chomsky, even tho i ask him everyday and he says 'yeah i'll read it later' (going into denial already obviously...)... ::) ::)
  9. :'( The board has been ruined. I feel no desire to participate in this any more. I resign from the KYA Setara war. This is getting stupid and i have other interests to follow. House Klobbersaurus may rise again, we may never know.
  10. :( :'( I don't like where this story is going. All we do is make stuff up. The addition of the new guys and the entire Tleilaxu fiasco ruined this board. >:( :'(
  11. Nice sarcasm, Nema! Its true all we do is make stuff up until its not fun anymore.
  12. How do you make water on planets like Geidi Prime and Caladan? Besides, whats and AI zone for and how do i use it?
  13. "What is AB saying about me being a prisoner? My men either have died fighting or kill themselves upon capture. Besides AB has two superweapons and has more that are even more powerful. Besides, in an energy sucking weapon the energy has to somewhere. It has to be expelled in a safe manner. The only feasible means of knocking out electronics is an EMP which is crude and is hard to focus. Id rather not get into the physics. Oh well. AB is making stuff up again, c'mon guys lets kill him.
  14. I see your point Mahdi. I didn't ANALYZE as much as you did! I my feeble imagination requires me to relate the appearances in books to people that i have seen. I just think of a smooth swordsman who has a lot of class, like Tir Anasazi. i just used him to put a face on the character.
  15. 8) "You make me sick! You're talking about how we are going to die and who is to take your thrones! On Klobbersauri Secundus we punish people who talk of death as an option. We will never give up, you pansies! If we are to die, we will make it worthwhile!" Duke Shunk yelled the 4 delegates. He settled down and started muttering to himself, as though he were planning. "I have an idea, if i can recall the blueprints of the building, the communications room is through that wall and down a hallway. We must blast through that wall, incapacitate the Tlelaxu in the hallway and destroy the Tleilaxu communication equipment so they don't nuke us. I am so glad i went to engineering school. First, we blow away the wall using lasguns. Then we will create a pipebomb using two of those grenades, some debris around the room and someones jacket. We bundle the grenades with the debris in a balled up jacket and set it off near the Tleilaxu in the hall. then we make an E-bomb using a tight metal coil(like in a refridgerator, a high power scource (like loose electrical wire hanging from the walls) and a small explosive. If we can time a small explosion inside the metal coil as the electricity travels through it we can knock out their comm devices with the EMP that comes from it. We then fight our way to the Comm. Room. The electronics should be okay because they are protected by lead walls. We signal our orbiting ships and try to hold our position until help arrives!" "You must be joking! That will never work!" yells Ordos45. "Like hell it won't, but it's worth a try!"
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