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  1. It's all about Darwi Odrade. She's intelligent, can handle huge amounts of stress, can appreciate all the great things in life, and can even talk to animals! (well, not really, but you get the point)
  2. Luke Skywalker sensed a great disturbance in the force. He met George Lucas in his private office that day. "You have been very obedient all these years, Mark Hamill, and I have a new assignment for you," said George. "What is it, master?" replied Luke. "You must join forces with a powerful one of the Sith to defeat the Dune fans." Luke clutched his head. "NOOOOOOOOOO!" He ran out of there as fast as he could and called up his buddies from Origin Games. "Hello, is Blair there?" "Yes, please hold." "This is Admiral Blair here, this had better be important. I'm busy fighting a new alien threat."
  3. "The device is completed, Master Lucas." "Very good. Initiate the merging." Saruman and Count Dooku both walked into paired chambers. These chambers were closed up and sealed tightly. Between them were a number of wires and hoses leading into a yet larger chamber. The machines began to sparkle and fizzle, and finally, it was complete. The big chamber opened up to reveal a merged version of Saruman and Count Dooku. Their appearances had not changed too much besides in their hair length, but their clothing had become mixed. Also, their powers were fused into a super-magic-force that would soon b
  4. *In the meantime...* SSFSX17 is a high school student by day. By night, he reads more and more books in the Dune series and maintains a secret underground network of Dune fans. "Considering our close proximity to Skywalker ranch, we would do well to engage in... the plan." he types out into mIRC. "Oh no! Not... the PLAN!" the rest respond. "We must... imprint them. I was one of Duncan Idaho's best students in that sort of manipulation, and I am afraid that it is the only thing we can do for now. The regular army is overseas and on the Eastern Seaboard. Our position in California is very precar
  5. They pull out hoses from behind themselves and begin spraying a thick blue substance all over the place which smells sharply of cinnamon.
  6. The two people who were unconscious before are now able to wake up. Needless to say, that was one disturbing dream. Now that the room is lit up, it is revealed to be part of a hall-way that leads straight outward from the door. There are frames through the hallway every 25 meters to note the separations of the cube rooms. Far in the distance, a group of humanoid figures covered completely in red robes can be seen, similar to those of the image in the dream-trance.
  7. Bablyon, I will interpert "Voice" as meaning the whole Bene Gesserit suite. Babylon pops right out of the panel as Gunseng Harkonnen begins pushing on it. Babylon can immediately recognize that the skull is speaking something in the Voice, and that the dark room has been designed such that the Voice only has its effects in that very dark room. The Voice is inducing a dream-trance designed to be a method of cramming as much torture as possible into a dream, as since people can have long vivid dreams within a few seconds.
  8. As Jacob Douds rushes in, the skull begins to fly around again. He can feel that the sounds he has been hearing originate from this skull, and he knows that these sounds are now beginning to have a profound impact on him. Soon, he also falls unconscious on top of Exatreides's body. --- In the meantime, Exatreides is having an extremely vivid dream of a gigantic demon staring him in the face and saying dark and evil things. Large armies of humanoids completely covered in red robes constantly march past him.
  9. What? They reveal a major major secret of the original series in one of the prequels? How COULD they? The great and dark secrets of the original series must only be revealed in the original series, and never elsewhere.
  10. Exatreides sees a huge flaming skull flying around an otherwise perfectly dark room. The room itself is pure black metallic substance that absorbs all light and therefore is not illuminated by the flaming skull. Exatreides suddenly kicks up against a ramp and almost falls, but is able to recover on account of having super-speed. The skull seems to be mouthing something, and Exatreides suddenly feels extremely dizzy. It hovers over his unconscious body and stares at the doorway from which he came.
  11. You can post what you actually do; as a matter of fact, I will rely heavily on the participants actively going out, exploring, and interacting of their own accord. You can't make up the solution to the Cube, and you can't make up anything that can be consistently relied upon at all times besides that each room is a cube of edge length 25 meters. Besides that, I will mostly serve as a hidden "god" of sorts that will throw in nasty traps and other situations whenever I please.
  12. I sense a very disturbing trend. I'll just say this much: You'll be very very sorry for not having a well-rounded group. ------ Anyways, Exatreides and Gunseng_Harkonnen also wake up in this central white room. They find themselves in opposite corners, with Scytale in a third corner. As they rise up from the plastic floor, they can see jacobdouds and Acriju in the center of the room around the ladder. The chanting / breathing continues to permeate throughout the room, and nobody can tell what it is or where it is coming from.
  13. It's near the end of Heretics that the Bene Gesserit discover one of the terrible secrets of the Bene Tleilax.
  14. If you want the honest truth, I never saw the movie, but I did see a review of it on Ebert and the Movies. I thought, "Hey, how about if we stick people from the Dune universe into there?" and made this up. -- The starting room is made of pure white plastic-feeling substance. Touching it makes plastic noises. There are doors on all four sides, as well as a ladder in the exact center of the room that leads both up and down. Some sort of breathy language that could potentially be demonic chanting is heard from all around, but it is difficult to distinguish from which direction. Jacobdouds seems
  15. The Cube consists of many cubic rooms of similar dimensions (25 meters on a side) in a continuous grid. Some walls are transparent, some are not. Some walls have enough friction for you to climb on, and some are totally smooth. It really depends on the puzzle that the Keepers set up in the room.
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