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Dune II Source/Download


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true, but i still am interested in the source :)

Anyway, this quote tells enough about my activities last period:

EA will not give you permission to use (any part of) the Dune II source

code. (They appreciate that you have shared your intentions with them.)

However, they do urge you to refrain from further pursuing them.


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id is now selling Keen and Spear of Destiny games. Why couldn't Westwood do this?




Looking over 3D Realms site they also offer a lot of their older titles:


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why not ask for EA to release the source for say emperor battle for dune. that would be a much better thing to ask for. OR better yet... ask if instead of releasing the code as open source, ask if you can setup a small group which will sign Non disclosure agreementws, who will port the games to other platforms such as linux :D

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