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  1. has anyone ever tried to remake/reverse engineer dune 2000? I know that FreeCNC would have a lot of similar code. http://sourceforge.net/projects/freecnc/ http://home.mayn.de/comrad/freecnc/?content=start Just how much did the engines change between games? There's also FreeRA. Which reimplements Red Alert
  2. I need to extract the unit and building art from dune 2000.
  3. I need a program that can extract dune 2000 .r16 and .r8 files, to get all the graphics from the game, the plan is to then make dune 2000 compatible with freecnc http://freecnc.sf.net so that it can be run in linux/osx/bsd/windows etc
  4. Hi I need tools for dune 2000, primarily I need a tool that can extract the games'data files, it's for a linux port of dune 2000, has anyone got any idea where I can get these tools or has file specifications?
  5. as I was saying SIGN AN NDA it's been done before with EA, there is now a medal of honor allied assault port to linux because the guy soigned an NDA, they distribute the binaries (.exe files) not the source code.
  6. caligari truespace. the game engine uses .3ds files so converting is simple
  7. why not ask for EA to release the source for say emperor battle for dune. that would be a much better thing to ask for. OR better yet... ask if instead of releasing the code as open source, ask if you can setup a small group which will sign Non disclosure agreementws, who will port the games to other platforms such as linux :D
  8. I've been modelling it's pretty simple stuff max of about 600 polys for a few things most items are under 300 polys. allkinds of models, harvester, carryall etc buildings as well all from dune 2000
  9. is anyone here a good texture artist? I've modelled MOST of the units but i can't do very good textures... I can provide texture coordinates for anyone who will texture the models.
  10. a dune mod for boson! boson.sf.net I've begun modelling new units for it, based on dune 2000, gameplay will be balanced mroe like emperor. will run only in linux/unix for now AFAIK, a windows port MAY be possible.
  11. Has anyone tried this before? I've found guild heighliner object pieces... if we could create an ini file that would use the heigliner sand texture... we could make our OWN heighliner maps!
  12. darkmage

    Downloading Games

    actually creating a game is quite cheap... myself and a friend have created a professional quality space flight sim game by ourselves. you don't NEED a development compay... I think the time of paid for software is coming to an end... soon it will be pay for play online games that take over... as broadband penetrates more the games will be downloaded for free but playing online will get the companies their money.
  13. darkmage


    heroes 3,2 and maybe 4 HAVE LOTR maps... go online and look for them... heroes 2's was the best IMHO
  14. if you are correct and if milkshape runs under linux... then I will begin this project.... I just wish emperor ran under linux... currently in winexit gives a "cannot create 3d device" error.
  15. any chance of a linux port? there aren't too many games that run in linux... dune 2 would make a great addition.
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