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  1. Paying is NOT required to download.
  2. If that's not allowed, what about the abandonia and nahoo links? Do you really qualify downloading Dune 2 as pirating? BTW, links in your signature appear to be broken.
  3. Done: [link removed]BTW, turns out Nahoo doesn't require payment, you just have to be patient for 10 seconds or so. :p
  4. Convenience Not having to ask at forums for 'bad' sites to download it.
  5. Thanks. Would be nice to have an installer that also includes OpenDune :P
  6. It requires payment. Is there another location?
  7. In what way is it an odd choice?
  8. XTF


    Yeah, infinite memory has yet to be invented. ;) Manually specifying a larger stack should be no problem on Windows though.
  9. That doesn't sound right. It's the bit count. So :2 is 2 bits. Layout is undefined by C++ (compiler depended).
  10. Isn't TacticalPos the position of the screen and CursorPos that of the cursor/pointer? I've heard this before, units off-screen don't get as much CPU cycles. BTW, bits should really be counted from 0. ;)
  11. Why? What advantage would the Dune 2000 version of TM have over the Dune 2 version?
  12. Who did you talk to? Dune 2000 is based on the TD/RA engine AFAIK.
  13. It's mostly about a better to use UI, not about specific gameplay elements.
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