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Dune II Source/Download


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Does anyone think I should pester WW about releasing Dune II for download or even the source code? I've tried in the past and it doesn't seem to get too far but I'm willing to keep trying. Recently Star Control 2's source code was released and it is about the same age as Dune II. There have been other games like Betrayal at Krondor or Abuse who've been "legally" made available to download.

I don't think petitions are going to make any impact but instead some good arguments on why they should, so lets start... :)

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Go GOB!...

Good reason these ppl want the source...

Nr 1 Stefan

Nr 2 ME!!!!, VidiWare

Good reasons:

1. We may learn how a RTS game are build up.

2. The game is not for sale anmore, and a lot of ppl want to get it.

3. Westwood will get back their erlier fans (some of them escaped when ww released their last games...)

4. If PPL like westwood engines... more RTS are sold...

5. We Want It...

6. Id has released the Wolfenstein and Doom source... (not the wad/data, but that detail is our secret ::))

7. We want to improve it...

8. The game is toally abandoned by everyone...

9. www.dune2k.com derserve that from westwood...

10. It could be a wonderful christmas gift from ww to us...

11. More dune2 modding are possible... and we can make dune2 for more modern pcs... and even give ww the new version for sale as a GNU style game... Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasti...

Enchanted Edition, now with better resolutions and AI, improovements + a lot mroe...

12. Cuz we are the best...

13. cuz i say so...

here are a few reasons

Can you make the post sticky???

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6. Id has released the Wolfenstein and Doom source... (not the wad/data, but that detail is our secret ::))

Actually ID released also its Quake and Quake 2 source codes...

All four have been ported for Amiga ::) (it's not a joke)

The main argument is that Dune 2:Battle for Arrakis takes 2nd place on all-time best games list!!!! Appreciate Amiga fans vote.

But I'm afraid that Westwood no longer possesses source code which is "abandoned" or "lost" aswell.

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They could make a media event out of it and use it to advertise Emperor a lot.

They could also make the source code available only to those people with Emperor installed. Or if they decide to release the game for free, they could make it so that it only works when you have Emperor installed. This could greatly boost Emperor sales.

(of course it's gonna get cracked in no time, but don't tell them that ;) )

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Tell them...

They've not got the best reputation for customer care and service, and their communities don't always see eye-to-eye with them, especially the Dune community after the Emperor fiasco. Releasing such sourcecode would be an excellent way to make amends, without costing them a penny, and could help secure a more trusting audience for future games.

Or, put another way...

WW, you need to prove to your customers that you're not just after their money; to release source code for Dune II would make you appear to be nicer people, and this misht boost your future sales and therefore appease your shareholders and pay your wages better. And it won't cost you anything but an hour or so of simple work.

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I think you guys are going to hit a major brickwall here... we've been trying for ages to get origin to release wing commander source copde (1990) they said it was against their policy to do so... I can't remember this for sure but I think it might have been an EA policy not an origin policy... you might want to check with westwood but don't hold your breath for the source.

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anyway gob...

plase go and ask them!

We will not use their source to make a piracy clan for all WW games...

and even if they had some legal things do like id software... release exe have copyright at graphics...

or at least release a platinum dune pack with dune2, emperor and dune2k....

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The Dune2 SDK (source developer's kit) would be a really good idea.

But what about the Dune (1) source code? That game is ancient... But it's one of the best games I ever played (next to Battlecruiser 3000 AD, Gothic, Dune2, Half-Life, Morrowind).

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Well, if the Dune2 SDK would be useful... the Dune1 SDk would be at least interesting. I wonder what they used (C++, Pascal), what graphics files... and how did they managed to do that facial animation that is used as well in Dune2's briefings.

Anyway... these sources, if they will be ready for dowload... where should we try to find them? I mean: will they be available at Fed2k?

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