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Dune II Source/Download


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Well, I see everybody is bound to use the Dune2 engine. There are MODs for Dune2000 and Emperor. Even a WraCraft3 MOD.

Only strategies (I like stategies). But Dune is not only strategy. It's exploration, well, you could use some other engines to make Dune mods: Half-Life, Unreal, NetImmerse(Morrowind), Gothic, etc.

You can code strategies here as well but it would be more fun to actually talk to the fremen, the Atreides or any other guy/thing in dune.

Well? What do you say?

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He didn't really go into any depth on why they didn't release the source code just that they looked into it and it wouldn't work out. If you want I can send his email address to you Stefan. You know more about Dune II then any other non-Westwood person. :)

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I sent this, did not get a reply yet. Included is his latest reply:

Why is it so difficult to release a (very outdated) source code (or partions of it)? Even if its licensed i don't see a real good reason yet. Even ID released their source code of several games, Quake 1, Quake 2, DOOM (1/2), Heretic etc. All those sources where even bought by several companies to create own games (Half-Life for instance, modified Quake 1 engine).

Releasing the Dune 2 source (which is all i ask for, actually, not only me but a lot of people who are still supporting it and anxious to learn from it) would not harm anything at all. The only thing that it could cost is a bit of time to sort out what could be released and what not. Secondly, releasing the source would make it possible for other programmers to compile (with some work) an updated EXE file which could work with the original Dune 2 package and make people play this out-dated game on Windows machines , networking and whatnot. Dune 2 is still very popular and known. An upgrade like this would make it even more attractive. It would not increase sell rates (if that is all that counts) ofcourse but it would make WW (or better said EA Pacific) a lot more 'friendly' towards those who want to learn from very out dated sources.

Tell me, what real harm could it possibly be?


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Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 10:05 PM

Subject: RE: Source code Dune II

We really can not release the source in part or in whole.

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