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An Age of Chaos


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The 900 vessels protecting earth jumped right over the massive borg ground party. A volly of photon torpedos thinned them out greatly.

The shadow fighters spit aracnid ground troops.

The borg on the ground faught a massive battel with the aracnid forces.The aracnids outnumberd the borg 4-1. the borg still faught on despretly awaying ground troops.

The shadow ships all jumped into hyperspace

the fighting continued on the ground. the aracnids chomping the borg in to. the borg vaperizeing them with phasers.

The shadows faught with them as well utalizing there physonic talents. The borg begain fireing there weapons at one and other. when they atapted to each others weapons. they went hand to hand.

The shadow ships exited

Not as diferent ships.

the 900 shadow ships had fuesed into one massive ship. the size of 3 borg cubes put together.

A sphere opened fire. 3 photon topredos stuck the side of the hull no damage. THe massive shadow ship turned towards the sphere.

A beam shot out from the front of the shadow ship. The beam stoped a few meters from the ship. IT expanded. turning into a massivee spiderweb. The energy shot off. It passed through the borg spheres shield. the web went right trough the sphere with ease. The web passed through the other side impacting a borg cube enganging a group of fighters.The shpere exploded. The cube glowed a bright red whare the shot had impacted. It let lose a volly of qantom torpedos. the torpeados impcated with hardly any damage. The shadow ship fired another web at the the cube. The weapon was stronger not loseing most of its energy destroying the sphere.

THe weapon passed through the borg cube.The cube exploded.

A massive fusion cube bared down on the shadow vessel dwarfing it. fireing volly after volly of torpedos down and the ship. The shadow ship returned fire with wave after wave of the webs. impacting the ship. The fusion cube exploded in a blinding white light.

The ship continued fireing on the borg ships. vaperizing one after the other.

Shadow fighters fired volly after voly of aracnid warriors at the ships. sending massive waves of ground forces into the ships.

It still wasnt going well even with the help of the massive shadow ship.

The massive tower of kiljari glowed a bright red. A pink beam shot forth from its tip. The beam shot up passing through 3 borg spheres before fading. The borg spherers exploded.

Another shot was fired. The beam passed through 3 fusion cubes and 2 spheres. they exploded seconds later.

The borg ships foucsed there fire power on it.

No torpedos penitrated it. They were all destroyed by the towers telakentic shield. the tower could a termendous amount of punishment. millions of shadows filled it with there physonic energy protecting it powering it.

only one thing could disabel it. a full scale ground asualt. millions of aracnids and shadows waited beside it for the borg to come.

The tower fired almost contstanly now. destroying shadow and borg ships alike. constint fire in every direction.

the thing had to have destryoed atleast 70,000 cubes. and still growing in in power and Rate of fire.

80,000 more borg vessels killed by it.

The borg ship. releing on there ever changing freaquencys. the borg could not adapt quickly enough. Once the borg ships shileds were damaged the shadow ships would let lose a volly of torpedos.

The tower didnt even stop between bursts. the beam just shot out constantly changing directions. Sweeping the sky vaperizeing anything that got in its path.

Then as soon as it started it stoped. The pink beam died.

A web simmiler to that of the massive shadow ship shot out. Then another, and other. the weapon fireing constintly. 300,000 shots a minute. A pinkish beam apeared in the middel of it. sweeping as it did before. The weapon died out. its shieldig still working but the weapon had over heated imensly. THere was a 90% chance of it not functioning again for another 1,000 years. 10,000 shadows brains had also been fired powering it.

there where two million less borg vessels than there had been 10 minutes ago. massive amounts of shadow ships had also been killed by friendly fire.The borg were regrouping. falling back behind the moon of jupiter to regroup there decimated forces.

The shadow ships did the same.

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Thanks for not completely wiping me out in rage again, and for bolstering my numbers a little, Ex. ;D


Down on the Shadow homeworld, devastation was massive. Millions on both sides dead. In space, hundreds of thousands of vessels, again on both sides, lay in ruin. The destruction was unbelievable. Both sides moved back to lick their wounds.

The Borg Queen was outraged. Her offensive had failed. Almost half her portion of the Collctive lay in ruin. She could not fail! More ships moved to reinforce her decimated fleets. Millions more drone soldiers were loaded up. This time, some changes were made.

First, she slave rigged the drones to a central computer network in her hive cluster. They could no longer be affected by "mind-control" techniques. (OOC: Ex, you cannot download a virus into this core. Let's say the queen has a really good firewall, OK? ;D) She also had the frequencies of the combined-ship weapon anayzed. As she suspected, constantly rotating. D*mn. But she had an idea.

Plan 10% complete.

Total Percent of Shadow planet overrun by Borg offensive: 29.1% (Offensive halted)

Total Perecnt of Shadow fleets destroyed: 41.4% (Offensive halted)

Total Percent of Borg ground troops killed: 99.8% (Offensive halted)

Total Percent of Borg vessels destroyed: 82.6% (Offensive halted)

The Borg have moved back to their hive cluster. They are at an undisclosed location behind a massive barrier of automated defenses. Virtually untouchable, like Ex's troops in hyperspace.


Meanwhile, the Irkanian Empire, with it's new Orcish and Elven partners (Though they were without space travel they would make formidable ground-based warriors), set out for a planet called Earth. It, along with many others, may prove valuable...

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I just realized that Ex deleted my post detailing my Irkanian-Elvish-Orcish Alliance. GRR! >:(

This was the jist of it:

The Elves and Orcs have decided to work together to overcome the Arachnids and Shadows. To that end, they have also signed treaties with the Irkanian Empire.

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i didndt get rid of any of your posts about alieing them! i havnt been on since 6! acutlly the froums were down for a bit. i hit send and i got the could not find page thing. you must have done the same thing. i never got rid of your post. i sware

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Oops, sorry Ex, must've been thinking of every war as the KYA/Setara war where we all backstabbed each other. But yes, it is 8 cubes fused together. I believe on Voyager they once said a Cube is about 25km total in diameter, and 8 times 25 is a small moon-ish thingy, or at least the size of a decent asteroid.

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(OOC: >:( Urmm...First off, isn't the main thing to do before declaring someone as allies, is contacting that person??? Saints be slaughtered, I *never* agreed to an alliance with you. Second, the Elvish/Orcish/Argonian Alliance is still in the makings, and we're roleplaying all the way around it. Third, to truly enter an alliance with the Orcs, you would have to unite the entire species! Hrmm, I just backspaced my way out of a good insult, in it's place I'll say this: You need to learn some procedure. These posts are a *joint* fanfic, if you want to write a novel about Orcs, Elves, The Borg and Shadow People, well, the Science Fiction market is in need for some good epics. But until then, you can't play for another faction. And I'll join you as an ally when I feel darn ready! -- Now, back to a decent game.)

K'tara looks out at her forces sorted out on the open field. Three hundred "Grunts", equipped with Orcish swords, .32 handguns and full survival gear stands before her. On either side, flanking the Grunts, stands one hundred "Kassoks", equipped with Orcish shortswords, full survivor gear and grenades. Scattered through the forces are a few of her preferred fighting lieutenants, about fifty in all, equipped with Gurkha blades, full survivor gear, .22 pistols and wierding modules (OOC: Yup, you read corectly). And far towards the back she keeps her most prized possesions, the witches and witch-doctors, about ten or so, highly skilled in dark magic.

Sum total of around five hundred and sixty, not counting the supply and medical force, which pulls it up to barely seven hundred.

Not nearly enough to sack to the Elvish fortress where Blakout was held.

Luckily, Warlord Moogie, with his campsite stationed slightly southwest of the Elvish fortress, has agreed to lend a hand with reinforcements.

With all attention fixed at her, K'tara salutes the troops and sends them to the transport trucks. They've got a lot of ground to cover.

In the deep dark of the Elf dungeon, a goblin sits across from Blakout and says, "Well, quite the uproar your situation has provided ehh? Perhaps we could come to an agreement ehh?"

Looking somewhat hatefully at the miserable creature, Blakout says, "Aye, and it goes like this: Speak to me again and you'll have Ole' Sullijon here to deal with." while shaking the sharpened spike. In recent days Blakout has taken to calling the spike Sullijon...For unknown reasons.

"Ok, ok, no trouble, no trouble.." whispers the goblin moving back along the wall, "I just wanted to show you something, a little something, something." Mutters off the goblin, more afraid of Blakout than the depths of Khazad Dum.

Thus they sit in silence for what seems to be an eternity, until out of sheer boredom Blakout asks, "What is it?"

And after another conversation, including threats of bodily harm, apologies on the part of the goblin, demands on the part of the Orc, the pair finally shuffle off to the far left corner of the dungeon, where the goblin pulls a board aside, and to Blakout's complete amazement, is a hole in the wall almost perfectly shaped for Blakout's size.

"You see, I can lead you through to the other side...I can, I can!" Whispers the goblin in conspiritorial tones.

"What's the catch?" Says Blakout, suddenly suspicious.

"Nothing, nothing much," Quivers the goblin in anticipation, "Just take me with you, take me back, back, back outside!"

"No, I will go alone." Says Blakout with a little distaste.

"No!!" Shrieks the goblin, "Too many wrong turns, too many doors! Enter wrong area, Elves attack, you die!"

Blakout purses his lips for a moment in consideration. "Fine, you're coming with me."

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Suddely Sol'Kanner and an argonian mage appers in front of K'tara "Stop this folly, you orcs should not fight the elves, there are many greater dangers to your kind (fills K'tara in on the detils of the space war) so now will you stop this madness" K'tara thinks a litte "i will consider it"

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(OOC: >:( Urmm...First off, isn't the main thing to do before declaring someone as allies, is contacting that person??? Saints be slaughtered, I *never* agreed to an alliance with you. Second, the Elvish/Orcish/Argonian Alliance is still in the makings, and we're roleplaying all the way around it. Third, to truly enter an alliance with the Orcs, you would have to unite the entire species!

What are you talking about?! You DID agree to an alliance. Someone IMed me about one with the Orcs and Elves and Arg-whatevers.

would you consider allying whit me and teh orcs and teh elves and teh lunar corp. so we can work together to wipe ex adn ordos45 out

See? I got that exact IM form The_Sardaukar 1.12. Wasn't HE in charge of those races? ???

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Ok, I lost track. The only thing I know for sure is that I formed an alliance with Usul (Elves) and The_Sardaukar v1.2 (Argonians). Do I understand correctly that the arachnids and the shadows are different races? And that Duke Leto commands 2 races as well (Borg and Irkanian)?

Kilija Verbic didn't intend to give up. All survivors were apparently safe in the hands of the elves, they would be retrieved later. For now a vast armada of dropships (47) landed on the remains of the base. On board was a new battle unit equiped with cutting edge technology.

The New Hope: a hover verhicle of the size of a truck, max speed 280 km/hour, equiped with an experimental weapon called the plasma projection ray, wich is unaffected by armor. It cuts right through it and causes internal explosions. Only protective shielding would help, but not for long. The New Hope itself is equiped with a rapid recharging shield and a new regenerative system, based on a complex fibreglass pressing and hardening system. It is the ultimate hit-and-run verhicle.

Another new verhicle is the experimental Thunderer, carrying massive anti-gravity engines to carry this lumbering cruiser. Equiped with either sonic wave cannons or plasma projection cannons.

The new forces were getting ready to deliver some pay back. Immediately after landing, hundreds of New Hopes and Thunderers rushed out over the waters of South East Asia and attacked arachnid hideouts.

Four days later, the spiders have been routed. All surviving arachnids have retreated to the Chinese coast, and the Lunar Corporation now controlls every island in Indonesia as well as Australia. More dropships depart from the moon to establish permanent bases on various locations in Indonesia.

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(OOC: Um, OK, yes, I control two races. I believe the Arachnids may just be Shadow ground troops, but I'm not sure. Sardakaur asked for me to ally with, like, EVERYONE on that planet with the Orcs and whatnot. And the Lunar Corp. Anything else will have to be cleared up by their respective creators.)

The Irkanian offensive has been temporarely suspended until those worthless cretins down on the planet stop killing each other. ::)


The Borg Queen ordered drones to begin construction of the new device.

Plan: 30% complete (Yes, it's going up by 20% each post)

Construction: 1% complete (Also to go up by 20% each post)

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(OOC actually me (check my first post) and I think the Lunar Coparation both have space fleets but we have just stayed out of the space wars for now).

Lavenous could not let the LC do all the arachnid killing so he orders his nearby stationed small submersible fleet to pick up his gurrillas and take them to China. Some of the LC suvivors volonter to go as well filling the Elves with admiration. Those who don't or can't are sent back to England where they will sent to the moon by my fleet.

Later that day

Lavenous has heard good reports from China a base has been set up in a large forest and a small forece of arachnids has already been wiped out. A messege is sent to the LC:

"If you are planing to assault China inform us of your landing site so we may clear the area for landing and help your attack. We have a base and are ready to attack".

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20 min later

SOl'Jargs (Sol'Kanner second in comand) chates up whit Lavenous "Lavenous, i think you should know this (files Lavenous in on the details of the time lapser), and you should also know this my seer told me that the Ancients have bronken thier dark pact whit the Shadows, and that the shadows are batteling another foe, named the Borg" Elrond looks at Jargs "This is good news".

And earthnuker at least you could have said something about how my knights and my time lapser saved you base.

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I reply "We must deal with the threat on Earth first, aid me in this task send some knights and your new weapon to China and help me and the LC. I have a small base of gurrillas no good for pitched battles on their own. So far they have sniped, ambushed and booby trapped to kill the foe and done well but they need support until the LC arrive. However as for the enemy in space I have plans for them however we need larger fleets. I have begun construction of larger battle cruisers but I need the support of both you and the LC up their. Will you begin to build a fleet if I give you the technology?"

SOl'Jargs considers this.

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Sol'Kanner looked at the arachnids, thrugh his binoculars , he knew that there were at least 250.000 of them and he had only 25.000 knights and his time lapser, two days ago he had been contacted by Sol'Jargs telling him about Elronds reply, so Kanner had moved his strike force to china to wipe out the singel largest arachnid force on earth, "The time lapser is ready." SOl'kanner looked at the newly arrived technician "make it happen", and time slowed once agian, "fire" 2500 rockets hit the arachnids burning thousands to thier death.

The arachnids began moving slowly toward the argonians, another volly was fired many more arachnids died in great agony three more vollys followed leaving only 150.000 arachnids alive, the frist ranke of the argonians charged, appering to move whit blazing speed the knights slaughterd the remaining 150.000 arachnids while only losing 250 knights. (like i said is is difficult to hit a foe moving whit 10 times your speed)

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Lieutenant Sorrel and his men suddenly appear from a nearby forest.

"Thank you" the Lieutenant says to the leader of the knights.

"You are welcome, now what rest or more fighting" their leader replies.

"Rest I think our camp will be safe, we have taken certain precations. The ground has been layered with a substence similar to concreate however it cracks after two days of exposure. It will stop tunneling. Also I have sent up snipers, booby traps including a flame throwing type, patrols, guard posts, etc. Tomorrow we will have to clear an area of arachnids for the Lunar Corporation to land safely in.

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@ The_Sardaukar: Sorry, forgot to put that in. No offense ;).

The Lunar Corporation finishes construction of a shipyard in high orbit around the Earth. This facility is open for the use of allies, and the Lunar Corporation sends a message to all of its allies proposing technology trade. That includes the Irkanians.

Kilija Verbic asks the Elves to clear a landing site on the southern coast of China. Another group of 50 dropships are due in 2 days.

The Lunar Corporation sends another message to their allies requesting assistense for the coming attack on China.

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Nam'Anhe, a hot (by argonian standarts) female argonian diplomat, hands Kilija Verbic the plans for the time lapser and the protection devices, "This will help your forces, if you equip one of your dropships whit a time lapser and the rest of your forces whit protection devices, you will be abel to practely overrun the arachnids, before they know it" Kilija Verbic looks at the plans "This is most fortunate"

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Shipyards were set up in the atmosphere of jupiter. the atomosphere hiding them completly[COMPLETY]. as well as feeding the ships nuetriants.

The ships would grown 6 times as fast. soon replinishing there diminshed fleets.

Aeries looked over the telapathic image.

How could this have happened?

The first image was the borg wall. The massive wall streaching many systems.

the second image

was nothing. same spot

one day after the first

just normal space not even debries.

just high levels of radiation. what could have blown through the massive borg line? And not leave behind any debries or .

A hyperspace portal opened up right over the LC space station.12 shadow ships escourting a borg cube? yes the borg cube that had been taken into hyperspace had been fully reparied.

The defenes opeend up fireing at the borg cube. the borgs shields handeled the defenes with ease. the shadow ships begain cutting the space station to peices. The borg vessel was destroying any escaping vessels.

the borg vessel targeted the time control device and fired 3 photon torpedos. the device was engulfed by the bliding white light of the torpedos. when the light cleared. the entire base was gone. 3 miles sourounding the base were gone. chared remains.

The borg vessel fired dozens of little spheres down at the earth


filled with reinforcements for the diminshed aracnid forces. 30 million reinforcemmets for the chinise theater. as well as some new speicess.

The borg vessel and its escourts jumped back into hyperspace.

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somewhere in china

Sol'Kanner look at his seer "try to contact the ancints, work your magic" "So be it" SOl'kanner turns to Nam'Bill "make sure that the elves are protecet. 25.000 kights and 5 time lapsers at your disposal" "So be it" Nam'Bill leavs the tent "meanwhile" Sol'Kanner looks at a map of china "I will take 100.000 knights and 20 time lapsers, and make sure that the aracnids get a slow welcome"

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The Borg queen was disturbed with the news of one of her cubes in use by the Shadows. No matter. Her own vessels were no threat to her. She continued feeding data to her drones.

Plan at 50%.

Construction at 31%.

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I am the solicians. my people are highly advanced yuan-ti abominations. we looks like giant snakes but we have arms and a reptilian head like that of a lizard. my people are from earth and reside in the jungles of copra.

a squad of 5 yaun-ti water scouts dived into the water(there are about 6 differant yaun-ti they all look alike but some are differrant colors and have differant abilities)" damn trogs never relent their attack," raa-yakai grumbled to his men. teh trogs were no threat to the yaun-ti considering the trogs are weak and have only coral spears and needle puffers. but the trogs still skirmish with yuan-ti scouts. the distinktive wizzing of the needle puffer could be heard eassily even under water."spread out, and launch RMPs now!"

an rmp is a radar mapping device its is like the things in reign of fire. ans the 6 types of yaun-ti are

recon- smaller and more agile than most yuanti can easily leap from tree to tree and are very fast are a light green

water scouts-powerful swimmers can breath unger water are a greyish blue

pythons big pwerful yaun-tis the warrior class a dark green

coprasthe standard yaun-ti make up the mojoraty of the yaunti's are about 12 feet long and 7 feet tall when standing up right are a dark blue with green patches

viperspilots of mechs and of vehicles have ecellent eye sight are a dark red with light red patches

rattles the magik users of the yaun-ti are a sandy color with black spots

all yaun-ti have excellent smell and good sight and very good hearing and the average speed is 18 kph when sprinting.

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SOl'kanner looked at the sky, dozens of littel shpers was trying to land, but slowed by the time lapser they were easy pickings for the Argonian AA. Of coruse many of them would land outside of the time lapser field but as long as his army was in side the time lapser field they would be safe.

Happy Ex

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