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An Age of Chaos


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(Moderator: Oh yes. This is what you all want probably, an almost lawless War Thread. That's right, almost lawless. Mechs, dragons, magick, whatever goes. Rules: No superweapons to kill all of someone's stuff in one shot.No killing off someone's main character without permission.No spamming.Other normal fanfiction rules for the board apply.*End of Rules*Someone suggested that a new thread be started so this is an experiment in how well we can do without many rules. Now for the background info for the starting universe. I have three planets for you to start on, or your own.)Narrator: It was an age of chaos. Three planets in three star systems were known to support life. Earth-A lush world. Full of dragons and Gargoyles, humans and others thrive here. Technology ranges currently from swords to mechs and starships. Earth is located in the Sol system.Batoria Prime- A very dark planet. It is inhabited by intelligent species, but most of its life is adapted to preying upon weaker creatures in this world of absolute darkness. It is volcanic over nearly half the surface. The other half of the surface is mostly rubble from meteor impacts. Dust blocks out almost all sunlight. this is located in the Batoria system.Toridasi- A nuetral planet. This is where races gather to trade and create diplomatic relations. There is a shield of unknown origin surrounding the planet, which disentagrates any weapons that are being brought to the surface. The only truly nuetral place in the known galaxy. This is located in the Fatwanaka system. The surface of Toridasi is a paradise. Lush forests, oceans, and snow capped mountain ranges cover almost 99% of the planet. The other one percent is a rare mineral which seems to conduct anything from energy to magick.However, these are only the known planets, who knows who else might lurk throughout the universe, in whatever tech level they are in. (OOC: In other words, if you feel like it start on one of the three listed worlds and give your info for everything from tech to species description, and whether or not you possess magick abilities. Or if you don't want to start on one of these worlds, feel free to start on one of your own design.)One planet near Earth is the greatest enigma of all however. Mars, holds ruins more ancient than anything in the known universe. Also amidst these ancient ruins are a wellspring of magick. Inscribed within the center of these ruins, upon a cracked tablet of an unknown mineral is a warning "We shall come back!"(Okay, I've given you practically an entire universe to play with, with almost no rules and set storyline. I hope I don't regret this experiment.)

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I shall play the race of Elves on the planet Earth. We are great magick users but consider hand held guns dishounerable. Instead we use swords, bows and some mechs (air, sea and land) . We live in the forests scattered around Britan. We have limeted space power (ie we have plenty of space transports but a small fleet). We are natural woodsmen and are immortal (eg can't be killed by diesease or old age only by violence). The current leader of the Elves is known as Lavenous Elrond and he has begun to send out parties of Elves to expand his empire into Europe.

(OOC: I hope this is okay I have tried to make them as LOTR Elves are but with mechs and such).

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Draken was young when his parents were killed. Killed by one of the civil wars of human. He was found by a Wizard. Named Ekaz. He took him to the Magic University of Alden. A place high in the mountains. There he was trained to became a Wizard himself. When he was 14, he was already stronger with power magic then most Wizards. When he found them nothing to learn from anymore he left the University. Back to the civilazation of normal human. Most of them didn't knew more then what was outside them. They had armies. Of rather primitive tanks, missiles, and airborne. But the largest civilazation, was also the most powerful qua forces. They thought...

Sometimes, cities were attacked by unknown creatures, and they were said to be the enemy civilazation by the government. And mostly it did start a new war. Human would never rest...

Draken didn't want all this horror. And he went back into the mountains. Farther then any human had gone.

Then he was grabbed away by a huge Dragon...

10 years later...

The attacks of the now-known Dragons began to increase. One time a whole army-base was destroyed. And the Mrican Empire (the most powerful one) tried to gather the full army to counter attack.

But the Dragons. Name Fiery Dragon, because of their excellent flaming skills, were too big and fast.

Maybe the Mrican Empire should seek for allies. And not on earth, cause every other Empire hated them. Maybe offworld...

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The first Elvish expansion has begun in Scandanavia and mining has begun there to increase our industry. So far we have come accross no resistence by other races, posibly this will change soon...

(OOC We need someone else to start otherwise this will never get going).

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Race: The Ancients

Other Info: Not much for now, there is a reason that they are shrouded in secrecy. For now, let's go to a spot on a distant and unnamed world.

Kuragari stood upon a cliff ledge. This was a special world to his people. In legend it was rumored to be the birthplace of the magick which they commanded so well. Below him was a roiling pit of fire, occasionally sending massive bursts of heat out into the night sky. One of the three massive moons above the planet actually had scorch marks from repeated hits.

He had been summoned here for a different reason though, not to just stand around. He had been summoned for a Council Meeting. The time had come to decide, whether or not to go back to an ancient base, called Mars.

To his left stood one of his fellow Councillors, body hidden beneath a cload of gold. The moonlight and firelight glimmered off of the cloak like a beacon in the night. His hand was outside the cloak, and the fire before them was taking a definite shape...

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Race: The Borg Collective (Anyone watch Star Trek?)

Homeworld: Unknown, about 70,000 light years from Earth.

Population:Many, many, trillions.

Information: A race of cyborgs that assimilates all possible lifeforms into the collective, turning them into uniform "drones". Controlled as a hive mind, all working together, led by "Queens". Their ships are basic geometric shapes, e.g. cubes, sheres, etc., and capable of destroying anything that stands in their way. Adaptive sheilding protects all drones, but it may take several hits to "adapt." Concentrated fire can break this defense, but by then, you are already dead or assimilated.

Objective: The Borg are h*ll-bent on taking over the universe.

Like it? 8)

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Don't worry Ex, I watch Star Trek and know all the tricks on battling the Borg. Besides, the Borg never faced magick. But I am forbidding the use of those giant fusion cubes from Star Trek Armada II, then we would stand no chance.-Ordos45

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Kuragari glanced at the fiery form taking shape. It was splitting apart, into ten fiery balls. One symbolized a star and the rest were planets. One was criss-crossed with tidal waves of fire, Mars. Yes his old friend was a supporter of going back as well.

Kuragari nodded to him and said," Well old friend, do you know if any others stand with us?"

The Councillor nodded," The vote is split. Four support going back to Mars, including ourselves. Four do not and wish to continue our isolation."

Kuragari looked over at his friend, peering into the cloaks of gold," Who has the deciding vote then?"

His fellow Councillor muttered a name with some hatred," Cogswellen."

Kurgari was startled by this fact and whispered," Cogswellen hates us both, he might side with the opposition."

The other Councillor nodded," My sister is next in line for his Council Seat. Should something unfortunate happen to him..."

"He is a fan of nature hikes upon this scorched planet, many things can happen to injure one of us. Immortality is protection against all but violence, even accidental violence like rock slides," replied Kuragari.

They parted to go to their respective rooms. The next day Cogswellen died in a freak rock slide, and the one Councillor's sister Krista took Cogswellen's spot on the High Council.

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Race: Orcs

Leaders: Warlord Moogie, Warlord Blakout, Warmistress K'tara, Warlord Kibble and Dark Lord Q'uev.

Area: Earth

Racial Technology: 20th Century (Firearms, impotent computers, dark magic.)

Politics: Evil

Racial facts: Almost LOTRian, with a bit of Klingon thrown in for good measure. Mainly based on hundreds of unorganized tribes spanning the globe and virtually unaware of each other's existance. This race will mainly be a whippingboy for the larger factions, as we are sworn enemies of the elves, but we may be the only race un-assimilated, as we pose no real use to the Borg Collective.

Warlord Blakout walks out of his hovel and yawns into the open air.

It had been a long day, and now that it was nightime, time for a little hunting.

Strapping on his night-vision goggles and squeezing into his camoflauge suit, Blakout looks less an Orc and more some unknown tree-creature.

Then he pulls out his rifle, and the illusion is disrupted.

A few hours later, with four deer behind him and all of the forest before, Blakout comes upon a clearing.

Deciding to stop and take a break, he suddenly hears the musical laughter of an Elf.

"Elvish fools." He grunts to himself, climbing into an old, rotted tree.

Slowly a light appears and grows brighter as the Elves enter the area, remaining in silence, Blakout switches off his nightvision and pulls out his PDA.

These "Personal Data Assistants" weren't much to look at, but for a nice wireless communication network to his troops, well worth looting the Human settlement.

Taking a quick headcount, Blakout figures in about fifty Elvish warriors with full camping gear and servants. A nice catch if his hunting party was a little larger, but a bit much for now...

Silently keying in orders to track the Elvish troops without detection, Blakout slowly slides out of his tree. After all, he still has some deer to gather.

(OOC: You like? Let's see what happens :) )

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The vote went quickly, and was in favor of sending a small expeditionary force to Mars, by one vote. Kuragari would co-lead the Expedition with Krista, and the force to take with them wouldn't be very large.

Kuragari glared at the small amount of forces listed on the tablet:

The Bio-Warship- Nearly the size of Earth's moon this warship is a living ship. It grows living weapons and devices within its stomachs, and the crystals used in most weapon devices are its waste. It has incredible weapons, and contains abilities known only to Ancient High Councillors.

Three Peacekeeper class cruisers.-Giant crystal pyramids that can focus energy from the universe around them into almost anything the cruiser requires, such as shields, weapons, and other vital functions. Upon landing on the surface of a planet a Peacekeeper Class Cruiser roots itself within the crust of the planet and begins to change the crust into the same crystal as the Cruiser, in essence the planet becomes a Warship.

Five Dozen Raven Assault Gunboats-Shaped in the form of a hawk on Earth, these medium ships have heavy weapons and armor but relatively low speed. Capable of firing over two thousand plasma charges a second, each.

One hundred and forty Delorian Class Transports- Nearly a mile long each, these massive sphere ships carry supplies and troops. It has heavy armor, light weapons, incredible speed, and decent shields.

One hundred ChaosRune Mechs-Large mechs capable of firing any weapon known to the Ancients, and acts as a big antenae to focus magick through.

Four thousand infantry- Basic Ancients Warriors. Capable of projecting telepathic commands, energy bursts, skilled in both weapon and hand to hand combat.

Four million Valonian Slaves- Designed through gene experimentation, these slaves form a race called the Valonians, which are made to do menial labor for the Ancients. They know nothing of violence.

What a pathetic Expeditionary Force. And to think, if they ran into trouble it would be doubtful that the Council would send reinforcements. Oh well, he and Krista had better get ready to go, Mars would become a colony world once again.

(OOC: Yes, quite the Expeditionary Force. I'm not taking much in the way of chances.)

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Race: Argonian (you know those lizardmen from TES III: Morrowind)

Leader: High duke Sol'Kanner age 56

Area: Earth, the pacific ocean whit some bases west of england

Racial Technology: bio engineered 21st Century techs, warter and mud magic, and underwarter mechs

Politics: Nutral/Good, elf freinds

Other info: The Argonians lives under at the bottom of the pacific ocean, in 3 lage citys build in gungan style (forgive me Gob) each ruled by a great house (The Sol, the Moon and the Nam), each house is then ruled by a duke, the dukes then elect a high duke, who is the ruler of all Argonian. The argonians have all ways admired the elves and since the elves are one of the few races the Argonians have named "friend" (in the argonian socetiy the word friend is a sing of utmost respekt, like when a fremen offers you his warter), adn so The argonian armies will fight to the last man to aid the elves.

Sol'Kanner was swimming huis morning swin the his morning swin, he was thinking about the message he had sent to Lavenous Elrond offering him support in his wars in Europe, or something like that, Sol'Kanner did't care much for the above world.

Meanwhile, Nam'Hides-He's-Eyes (Any argonian who hasen't passe the adulthood test must have a long and symdolic name) was traveling , sorry must cut here

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Kuragari and Krista stared out at the Expeditionary Fleet from their Command Chamber within the Bio-Warship. It was still an impressive sight, even if it was weak. Before them lay Mars. And descending upon Mars was one of the Peacekeeper Class Cruisers, the rooting tendrils could be seen going into the ground.

Soon Mars would be covered in the crystals, and it would become the ultimate superconductor of energies. Kuragari looked over at Krista and saw she was smiling, he could tell she was enjoying this transformation of Mars.

Kuragari said," I see you are enjoying this."

Krista looked ove and replied," And you aren't? This place is the home of a wellspring of magick. Once the crystals cover the entire surface the planet shall become a giant conductor of magick."

Kuragari was troubled but he tried not to show it," You look forward to the power it would bring? The power to destroy almost anything?"

Krista looked at him quizzically," This isn't some superweapon, it is an opportunity to focus our magick into something positive. That along with the fact it is an excellent defense."

Kuragari responded," Once the crystals grow into the core even, it will be mobile. A planet-battleship of magickal powers."

Krista nodded almost impercievably, her eyes still on the screen," Yes. But I fear if even that will be enough if the enemy returns. Look at the younger races of the universe, they are growing powerful, but if the enemy returned could they stand against them? And the fractured races on that third planet in this system, they cannot even work together, they fight each other for dominance!"

Kuragari shuddered at the thought of the ancient enemy whom they fought untold millenia before. The Ancients had nearly been destroyed in that war.

Krista continued," I've been studying a certain race amongst this galaxy. Borg, they have a collective consciouness and are controlled by Queens. They assimilate other races and their knowledge, they adapt quickly, they are quickly becoming a threat."

Kuragari shuddered again," How could they become powerful? How many beings are at their disposal?"

Krista gave him a small smile of sorrowful meaning," Trillions."

Kuragari could feel his jaw drop in shock, trillions. The Borg would be dangerous enough in sheer numbers alone. He decided to change the subject quickly," There have been rumors of a base, the ruins of a base of our ancient enemy on the moon orbitting the third world of this star system."

Krista was now the one in shock," We must investigate it, destroy it before a younger race can acquire the technology within it!"

Kuragari nodded," I'm needed to oversee this terraforming of Mars. Take what you need with you."

Krista nodded and left. She assembled a small force to go with her to the ruins of the ancient enemy base. A dozen of the Raven Class Assault Gunboats, and one Delorian Transport full of troops.

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Attacks have stopped on the humans. Rumors go that the Dragons are having a nap.

A very very long nap.

Draken doesn't like this. And he builds his own space shuttle. And he launches himself into space.

And he searches for the nearest wormhole. Where would he come then? Draken does not know. But he does know, that at the other side of the wormhole is THE ally he seeks. Apart from the Dragons

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Race: The shadows.

Greios staried at the odd looking ships in his view screen.

"Could they be the enemysssssss of the old?" He asked with awe

"They are. There shipsss have the rough format of the enemy so long gone." A voice anwserd him

"What do they want?" He asked

"They have been terafrouming marsssss.Perhapss there home wassss destroyed by othersssss."

"What of are automoated basssse on the third planetsssss moon?"

"It will be destroyed by them....It has been ssssseen."

"What of usssss? Shall they destroy ussss?" He asked frightend.

"If weee do not awaken....We shall be......Forgotten." The voice said.

"Thank you Nesssolo. I shall...Begin the awaking."

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Krista stared intensly as the Delorian Troop Transport descended towards the base of the ancient enemy. Suddenly a flare lit up her viewing area. Mechanized cannons on the surface of this dead little moon were firing on the troop transport and its shields were buckling.

"Sreka," she cursed and then regained control of herself and touched a button to contact the Raven Assault Gunboats," Level that base! Level it now!!"

The hawk shaped gunships moved into orbit above the third world's moon. They locked weapons. Flashes as bright as a star erupted as nearly fifty thousand plasma charges launched into the ancient enemy base. When the dust settled, the ancient enemy base could not be seen, for it was completely destroyed.

Krista frowned deeply. The auto defenses shouldn't have been on, only if the enemy had awakened...

Krista slapped a comm button and screamed," Give me Kuragari now!"

His face quickly appeared in the air in front of her own," What is wrong?"

She knew her pace was most likely as pale as snow," They've come back...our ancient enemy has returned..."

With that Kuragari also began to pale and tremble. He then said, trying to sound calm," We will leave for home as soon as Mars is capable of making the journey. Come back to the main Expeditionary Fleet NOW!"

Her small forces arrived at the Expeditionary Fleet. She was immediately taken to the Bio-Warship, where she claimed fatigue and retired to her rooms. Once there she set out the various magick crystals she had gathered from one of the stomachs of the ship. She chanted softly and after an hour achieved a trance state.

She saw a watery world or moon. Hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe even close to a million of the ancient enemy's ships floating underneath the ice. And a massive dark city beneath the ice. The heart of their forces. She could feel the darkness entering her heart, it was so powerful she thought she might be consumed within it, become its slave. Quickly she broke contact with her trance state, but knew one thing, the fleet had to leave quickly, wherever she saw was close, very close.

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A light brighter than a million Europan days shot up from the Dark tower of Kilaio The largest citi on europa. The beam was the foucused Pysonic power of the entire Shadow race. The bright pink beam impacted the 10 mile thick ice sheet that coverd the planet.The brightness died away and the beam vanished. A massive shockwave raced across the ice. The ice vanished as if it was never there. Not even small particals of it drifted down. It was just gone.

"The sporess shall make it all the vway to the fourth planet before the departher yesss?" Julies asked stareing up at the distroted stars through the crsystal clear stars.

"It should Even if only one sheet makes it.. they carry 10,000 warrior eggs each."

"Let uss hope that this moon dose not freeze over again. We can ill iford another Physonic burst. The shipssss are departing."

In the distence they could see the outline of the shadow ships. Blacker than a black hole. Living ships. Capabul of feeling pain and taking plesure. When a enemy sientit being was in range. The ship would let out a telapathic screem. Freezing the enemy in fear while the shadow ship cut it in half with its pink beamed weapon. The ship could take massive amounts of damage. Loseing many of its arms and still capabul of fighting. Over the 5,000 year sleep. THe ships had grown stronger than before. There weapons grew in power. There living armor grew thicker and denser, and there desire to fight grew as the years passed.

They slowly raced through the crsytal clear water. The first Shadows in 5,000 years to leave the icy grips of the planet left with the same intention as the first to enter it. To cause death. To cause pain. To cause evolution through strife.

"You know they have seen us? I caught one of them trying to physonic scout us. I dont know how much she seen. I forced her out with relative ease." Ilbonsa said stairing across the infinity wide sea.

To cause evoluction through strife.

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The alarms were ringing throughout the Bio Warship. Kuragari was frantically manning the weapons to blow away eggs and ice fragments carrying eggs from hitting Mars, but some eggs were still getting through. Others he was redirecting away with psionic shoves, just as long as they were out of the way. Some of the ice sheets were shoved into the Earth, where their eggs were scattered across the planet.

Mars was ready to go. Its was completely ship crystal now. And thousands of arachnid warriors had erupted from their eggs and were chipping towards the command area of it through the ice. None of the defenses could hit them without damaging Mars itself.

Kuragari saw Krista enter the Bio Warship's Command Area.

"We need to jump to dimensional drives," he yelled over the alarms," but we can't jump while those arachnids are on Mars!"

"You think I know how to get rid of the arachnids," asked Krista, darkly bemused.

"Yes, and before that Shadow Fleet reaches us," screamed back Kuragari.

"I'll do my best," she promised with a wicked smile, one he had never seen on her face before. She quickly took a small shuttle over to Mars and entered a hangar, a few arachnids managed to get into the hangar bay as well. The guards took them out with a flurry of energy blasts.

She walked towards the center of Mars, now the center of its magick energies. Once there she opened herself to the magick. She let it flow through her, let it mingle with the hate she had stored up within her since she had felt its presence in the vision, that hate which had been affecting her and filling her with darkness, it all mingled with the magick. The crystals that were now Mars began to glow pure black. A shockwave ripped out of the crystals, killing every arachnid on the planet Mars.

She collapsed onto the floor in a heap, drained by the experience. She had felt the darkness intertwining with the magick within her, and she liked it. She knew she shouldn't but she did, she had begun her slip into darkness.

Kuragari on the Bio Warship had stared in shock at the shockwave and the black the crystals had turned for several minutes. No Ancient had ever had such hate in their heart, the darkness came off with the magick in that shockwave and he was nearly forced into unconsciousness.

He quickly slammed a communications panel," Take us beyond their reach, take the Expeditionary Fleet and Mars into the Dimensional Jump, beynd their reach!"

And that is what occured. Mars and the Expeditionary Fleet of the Ancients jumped to Dimensional Space, to travel back to their far away homeworld. Along the way Kuragari brooded over his fellow Councillor's descent into darkness...

Krista meanwhile was resting in a chamber within Mars. She was laying out on her side along one of the form-fit crystal beds, thinking. Her people had always stressed isolation, but forbade some of the teachings that had been spread before they had become immortal against all but violence. What was the one old teaching nagging her in her mind, the theory of Evolution Through Strife...

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The Borg Queen stood looking at a data redout.

"An unidentified ship is within 30 minutes transwarp jump from our current position," Said the collective in her head.

"Good. Move in, and assimilate them," commanded the queen. A small (at least, as far as Borg ships go) Incursion- class shpere laid an intercept course. The Earth vessel would soon be one with the collective.

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The captain of the Raven- Class Gunboat Wilshaw stood looking out the main window. Her ship had been damaged in a collision with an egg, and was spinning slowly off into space. Now, hours later, the massive Ancient fleet was but a speck in the distance. As repair crews frantically worked on the vessel, a siren started to blare.

"What the devil is that?" yelled the captain. The first officer glanced down at his readout, turned to the captain, and said, "There is a large, unidentified, shpere-like vessel coming out of some type of wormhole, directly ahead."

Then the comm. systems crackled to life. "We are the Borg. resistance is futile. You will be assimilated. From this point forward, you will service US." Then, without warning, the Borg vessel locked a greenish beam on the helpless Gunboat. Just as the captain was about to order a return fire (If possible), greenish columns of light began appearing all around the ship. From the beams, odd, half man, half machine being emerged, and began to walk towards the crew. The same message continued to play over the commlink. The captain felt something on her neck, turned around, screamed and fell to the floor.


The Borg Queen looked at the screen. "We shall not be worrying about them again. They are now one with the collective."

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Lavenous Elrond had recevied disterbing reports from his small space fleet about the presence of new fleets in the area. Also large amounts of magick had been sensed coming from Mars which looked somehow different. The fleet had gone to investigate and hail the newcomers but no reply has come through yet. As if this was not enough large arachnid creatures had begun appearing evrywhere. They where outstanding fighters but vunrable to fire (we use flamethrowers because of the purifying effects of flames on the enemy) and some magic. We warn our friends the Argonians of these new foes and of the disturbance in space. Lavenous cannot help but feel that these two events are linked in some way.

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The Shadow ship aproched the borg sphere.

The shadow ship was only 1/4 the size of the borg ship.

The lone piolet felt a message apearing in his mind. A hail. From the Shpere.

"We are the borg. We assimilate your biological and tecnological distecnifts. You will be asimilated. Resistence is futile. The message repeated itself over and over.

The piolet could feel hundereds if not thouasands of beings on board. All forced to do menial tasks. He could hear there cries for freedom for life. They had been supressed deep beyond the subconsius.

He could feel the tiny microbes filling there blood streams. He foucussed on the blood particals. He sent a telapathic burst back to the rest of the fleet to analize and study these microbes. The borg had to be elimiated. They werent beings. They were a race of locus.

He went into targeting mode.

A first person view of the borg ship from the eyes of the shadow ship. He focussed a burst of energy from the shadows weapon. The beam shot out. A shield flashed as the weapon impacted the hull. The weapon contined past the sheild and impacted the ship. It cut through the sphere like a knife through butter. The hole cut through a small portion of the sphere. bursts of flame erupted on both sides.

The borg shpere fired 3 balls of energy.

The Shadow ship dodged nibily.

He sent back a hail of his own.

We are the shadows. We are The oldest of the old. We were around when your race climbed out your primortal muck. We can not be asimilated. Leave this system at once or be destroyed.

He could feel a beam crab hold of him and begin to drag him in. He sent out a cry for help. he couldnt move his ship. The ship refused to fire. He could feel the ships drawing closer.

The borg hails stoped. and a female voice sounded.

"Surender your ships. And be asimilated. We have thousands of ships. What are you doing? Get out of my mind. No! what have you done! my colective there gone! you will pay for this. your hole race will."

The piolet had found here mind among the others. He severd here link with the colective. Almost instantly the tracter beam died and the ship was free.

two shadow ships opened fire on the sphere.the sphere responded by fireing 3 more of the glowing orange balls. one of them impacted the second ship.

The piolet could feel the ship dyeing. atleast it was quick, But it was the first shadow to die since the the sleeping.

He opened fire. The borg ship had no chance with out the queen. in a few seconds The borg shpere was cut in 7 drifting peices.

The borg had been defeated. for now.

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Kuragari could now feel outrage, almost as deep as he had felt from Krista when they escaped that small solar system with Mars and the Fleet, or what was left of it. The ancient enemy had defeated one of these...Borg Spheres by making their ships unassimilatable

(OOC: So I guess shadow ships are working sort of like Species8472, they can't be assimilated. Time to make my fleet the same.)

Within an hour organic skin was replacing any metal in the ships of both the Expeditionary Fleet and those fleets on the homeworlds, and permanent magick fields were erected to keep anything from transporting into the ships. The crystals that made up most ships became slightly changed on a molecular level so as not be assimilated. Even the bio-chemistry of the Ancients altered itself after feeling the psychich anguish and cry of the ill fated Gunboat crew, now the Ancients' immune system could destroy Borg nanotech on site within their bodies.

Kuragari marched into Krista's room, feeling her anger like a beacon. They were both angered greatly, but he felt a dark presence in the room as he entered.

Kuragari let out a hiss, the ancient enemy, one of them was in the bio-warship.

Krista looked over at Kuragari with narrowed eyes," Be calm Kuragari, it seems we are not so different from our enemies after all, in fact we share a common enemy. Isn't that right Aires?"

The Shadow moved its limbs delicately," Yessss. The Borg. They musssst be destroyed."

"I can agree with that," replied Kuragari, voice quaking with fury," already we've made sure that we cannot be assimilated again, as are our ships unable to be assimilated. Maybe it is time to bury our wars of the past, for the strife of the future..."

"Yessss," hissed Aires," Krisssta and I have come up with a plan. Ssshe is quite adept at planning vengeance..."

"What plan," asked Kuragari with an interested and cold smile.

Krista let a grim look of satisfaction fall upon her face," Follow me."

They walked down into the shuttle bays, and climbed aboard a shuttle, Aires following politely, watching his now allies plotting to introduce some strife to the galaxy. They transferred over to Mars. And once inside went down to the center chamber of magick power.

Krista set down the crystals and sent the chant to Kuragari psychicly. Both began to chant once the stones were in place and magick mixed with hate and anger, crystals turning black. Finally a large blast of magick energy was sent flying from Mars, amplified a millionfold by the crystals.

One Borg world, one of the thousands of Borg worlds, one on the edge of Borg space was unsuspecting. The energy came out of dimensional space in less than a nanosecond and impacted upon the Borg planet. Billions of drones died, and nearly half the planet was devestated by the attack.

(OOC: Ain't it amazing what you can do from dimensional space while still moving to your destination. Now that my people are Borg proof, except for energy weapons, those can still harm us, but we can't be assimilated and neither can our ships, we're mad. Before using the Shadows I discussed it with the person in charge of the Shadows, he welcomed an ally. Together we shall fight the Borg and spread Strife!)

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When Draken entered the wormhole. All feelings of time dissappeared. There were no limits to his thoughts anymore. He could see everything. But he could not place it. For there was no time. He lost him feeling of move, for that would take time. Time that doensn't exist. Time was relative. If he could have thought about time then. He would have noticed, that he was already in the wormhole for an eternity.

I must think of nothing. Nothing doesn't take time also. That's the way to get through. And in the very few moments he was on consinious he thought of nothing. And his mind became black.

When Draken left the wormhole, he saw a frozen universe, all stood still. And behind him he saw the wormhole. Closing. For it only existed for a fraction of a second. When it closed, time was back. And he saw a big vessel attacking an even bigger vessel. And the biggest one was destroyed. He just remembered a little piece of his thoughts in the eternity. 'We are the borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own, you culture will be adapted to service us. Resistacne if futile.' He remembered the opponent, for he had seen everything. He remembered that he had to take them back to earth. They were the only ones who could destroy human.

With his magic capabilities he created a force field around his ship. This could resist anything for the coming hours he should start to begin a conversation with that specie. 'Damn' he couldn't remember the name. 'What has this wormhole done to my mind?'

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