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An Age of Chaos


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The Borg Queen stood looking at the main data screen.

"Tactical Sphere 317638648 has been destroyed by this new race, the Shadows. They have a very different genetic makeup. Interesting."

The queen momentarily pondered over what to do.

"Cube 42618, move to intercept and destroy that vessel."

The massive Borg Cube entered a transwarp conduit and disappeared.


The shadow pilot took stock. The Borg's attack had barely affected his shields. He would be ready to continue in mere minutes. Little did he know, he didn't have that long...

The massive Borg Cube exited the transwarp conduit directly in front of the Shadow vessel. The cube was hundreds of times the size of the tiny "fighter". WIth hardly no warning at all, however, the Shadow vessel fired, the pilot confident this would be no harder than the Sphere. He was wrong. Dead wrong.

The powerful shot ripped through the Cube's shields, and struck the hull. However, the Cube's heavily reinforced hull took minimal damage from the weapon.

The borg vessel locked a tractor beam of unimaginable energy on the Shadow ship. Disabled, powerless, the tiny vessel was carved up like a roast. They would not bother the Collective again.

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Draken was flying his ship to the Vessel, he remembered. 'The Shadows... Hmmm...'

Just when he was trying to make contact, he saw a big cube coming.

'A cube? The Borg, yes I remember, they will destroy that ship. But that's the beginning of a long war. But who will win? I forgot.'

Draken turned his ship 180

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Nam'Hides-His-Eyes was reporting to Sol'Kanner in the Minas of the Sol city "my high duke, the elves were gratefull of our offer" "Well, Nam'Hides-His-Eyes, you have passe you test you are now Nam'Bill, and by the way telle Eldron to expet 10.000 heavy argonian knights" "So be it"

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Kuragari and Krista stood with Aires before the High Council. This was a pivotal moment, the rest of the Council must accept the alliance with the Shadows against these Borg. Even without the ability to assimilate one of the Ancients or there vessels now, the Borg were still a threat with their other weapons.

Old Featherbee spoke first after hearing the report," We must not rush into things, especially an alliance with the ancient enemies. We must take a vote."

So the High Council voted. Five to four in favor of the alliance with the Shadows. Featherbee looked disgusted, and was muttering curses under his breath and unintentionally said loud enough for everyone to hear," Mother Srekaing idiots!" Everyone looked over at him, that was highly inappropriate language for a High Councillor.

*The Next Day*

A beep was heard at Krista's door. Someone wished to come inside.

"Come in," she called out loudly.

"Thank you," said Kuragari walking in now and then he saw she was in the hot springs bath in the center of her quarters in a swimsuit," Oh I'll...err...come back later."

"No its okay," said Krista with a dismissive gesture of a hand," You must have something important to say to have come here personally."

Kuragari nodded," The Shadow ship which destroyed the Borg Sphere was destroyed by a Cube earlier."

Krista's expression sowered at the sound of that news. She didn't like the thought of the Borg even winning a skirmish.

Kuragari continued," and the destruction of half of one of their planets doesn't even seem to have slowed them down, I think we need to do something more drastic..."

Krista smiled darkly at the sound of more drastic," Such as a larger burst from Mars?"

Kuragari shook his head no," Something more insidious, a computer virus. Before the Collective can contain it there would be billions of drones and hundreds of their ships malffunctioning and eventually self destructing."

Krista smiled, bloodlust clear in her eyes," When?"

Kuragari replied with a slight bit of pride," We had a scout ship transmit the virus to a Borg colony world a few minutes ago, the scoutship then self destructed in its atmosphere spreading a flesh eating virus. The computer virus will attack their cybernetic parts while the flesh eating virus attacks their organic parts. No life form like the Borg can survive without their organic half, or their technological half."

Krista looked over at Kuragari, and then raised a wine glass on the edge of the hot springs behind her. She tipped it to him in a symbolic cheers gesture, and began to sip from it.

Flesh Eathing Virus has effected: 12% of Colony World

Computer Virus has effected: 2% of the entire Collective.

Krista knew that while she sat in this hot spring with Kuragari standing on its edge the Borg were already being effected by the Computer Virus. Already millions of drones had probably self destructed in malfunction, and maybe a few ships had as well. Being cold hearted was good, she wondered why her people had never tried it before.

(OOC: Now that we can't be assimilated and you killed one of our allies ships, we have no petty inhibitions about fighting dirty, especially when our immortality to all but violence protects us from simliar insidious tactics like the flesh eating virus we used. Hurry little Borg, hurry to contain the computer virus!)

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"They had destryoed are shadow ssssship yesss?" Julies looked with disapointment.

"Yessss. There large cubesss destyoed one of are shipsss. its dieing cry. We need to do operations PKsssssss." The voice of the first shadow said cried.

"We havnt opend a jump into hyperspace in a long time. Will are shippss still reamber? What of the borg cube.?" Julies asked.

"The shipps have never forgotten....Destroy it....at all costs." The voic said plesed

Julies walked silently out of the memory chamber. The chamber that held the oldest shadows mind. over 10,000 years old.

A group of 3 shadow ships stood beside each other. Jupiters massivness blocked out most of the stars.

The piolets looked at each other for a moment before activating there hyperspace engines.

A portal looking somewhat like a wormhole. Darkness filled the center. The rest was a beautiful purple. lightning strikes cracked through the hyperspace "jump point" as it was made. The ships cracked into hyperspace. Carrying the deadlyest thing the borg would ever incounter.

22 shadow ships aprouched the borg vessel. The familer borg chant filled there minds.

The shadow ships didnt fire or move any closer. but they atacked. The borg manning the sheild and weapons stations minds were turned to mush. Nuetrons craked inside there brains as nurons spizzeled and died. The ships shields fizzeld dead.

Small shadow stubby fighters charged suicidly at the borg. It fired multipul little organic looking spheres which impacted the borg cube.

The shpres burned through the thick armor of the ship.

The shperes wernt weapons. They where docking vessels filled with Shadow warriors caste.

The warrior caste was not as advanced as telapathicly as there shadow brothers. they where the body gaurds and foot soilders of the the shadows. Qitte stupid....mind you but millions of them. ( look exactully like the aracnids from Star ship troopers). There massive mandabuls can crush things at 5,000 PSI. They have 8 legs. They can lose up too 6 legs and still stumbel towards you with anger. There bodys can survive in tempatures up to 500*F and 250* degrees below freezing. And are imune to nano probes.

The first of them burst through the docking shell and came apon a unsuspecting borg drone. Before the drone could reacte his torso had been ripped in half and his uper body throne at the nearest drone nocking him down. More warrios broke into the ship at strategic points. Enginnering,The main Alco,Weapons,Shields,Transmitters. The drones didnt stand a chance. There was nothing there shields could do to stop the massive warriors. Conduets where being ripped apart. Alcos were being torn to peices. Thousands of drones were being slaughterd. There nano probes being consumed by the warriors white blood cells.

The cube was in complete dissaray. Its coms were gone. The queens gaurds faught despretly with phasers to stem the flow of hundereds of warriors intent on killing the queen.They didnt succeed. they were overwelmed ripped to peices like so many drones before them.

The queen retreated into a corner. No weapons at her disposal sourounded by hunderds of flesh eating pissed of shadow warriors. One of them lundged at her. Grabing here leg as gently as it could swinging her gently above his it head. She screemed. The warrior bit of the queens leg. a rush of blood shot out from it covering the warrior in blueish blood. He still had a grip on her. he tossed the queen to the rest of the warriors like you would toss a bone to a dog. She landed on the ground. Her hand reached up towards the nearest warrior only to have it ripped off. Showering her face with her own blood. The warriors decened apon her. Her flesh flew into the air as it was torn from her body.Her screems of agony filled the thoughts of the last few drones. The queen was dead the ship was in ruins burning spewing out flames. The shadows opened a hole into hyperspace. The drifting borg vessel eneterd it.To be studied and learned from.

To cause evoluction through strife.

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I don't want to interfere, but wasn't it forbidden to kill someone's main character without permission?

Draken will stay for a while in the wormhole. To control his memories. So he can really see everything. Although it doesn't cost any time in normal life.

Draken left the wormhole. Searching the trails the Shadows vessels had left. To search for their homeworld

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Kuragari and Krista sat in the hot spring reviewing the latest report brought to them by an aide. All was going well with the plan.

The Flesh Eating Virus has destroyed 24% of the Colony World's drones.

The Computer virus has destroyed 4% of the Collective's drones and ships.

(OOC: Yep, the flesh eating virus goes up by 12% every time I post and the computer virus goes up two percent everytime I post. DukeLeto better stop the comp virus soon, before he loses over 10% of the Collective's Drones and Ships. Will post again soon, but have to go to doctor now.)

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Sol'Kanner was an supreme leader and his knights as a result of that were making a good speed towards england. when a human submarine aproched them, Nam'Bill swam over to Sol'Kanner "my duke the humans demand that we whitdraw our forces from their warters" "this is absurd Nam'Bill we agreed whit the elves long before the humans ever were, that all the seas were ours. Tell the humans that" when Nam'Bill raidoed the humans, the submarine fried a torpedo at the Argonians, the argonians responded whit 100 underwarter Bazooka shots, tearing the submarine to srap matal in seconds. whit a singel knight dead the argonians continued on the england

Btw the argonians are abel to breath bot air and warter

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When the Argonian knights arive in England we try to contect the humans and apologise for this mishap explaining what happened. I am willing to declare war on the humans if the situation demands it but I would prefer peace. We already are at war with the foul Orcs a much greater threat to all races. Our fleet did not succed in contacting any of the other ships so are heading back to there satalite docks.

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The warriors on earth hid under hundereds of feet of earth. Breeding growing in numbers. They where atacking humans left and right. picking them from there houses in the middel of the night to be dragged down and eaten. livestock ect.

They were growing in numbers.

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Message to the Human comander-in-chief

I high duke Sol'Kanner of the argonians, hereby ask you to dismantel all of your submarines, however I will try to be fair in my dealings whit your kind, if you give in to you demands we will use our underwarter fleet to protect all of your navel vessels from all dangers from below.

High duke Sol'Kanner

End of message

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THe aracnids lauch there atack on one of the araganouts bases. Bursting from the ground in the main cafiteria as the base was eating chow. The base didnt stand a chance. Since over 90% of the base was eating. Those that had acesses to weapons had no chance of killing the massive waves of aracnid warriors. The aracnids dug back into there network of underground tunnels.

SPK at 12%. growing at 23% each post.

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Kuragari strolled through the command center of his homeworld. Massive crystal arches went over the entrance ways, reflecting light in a rainbow of colors. Thousands of Ancients worked at work stations of crystal and of living organic matter.

His destination was one of great importance. It was surveillance. In surveilance he could get access to the reports he wished to see, of the arachnid progress on that little blue and green planet called Earth.

When he arrived at surveillance he wasn't surprised to find Aires and Krista already there, along with a few other Councillors. He joined them silently, not speaking, just looking at the holographic reports.

36% of Colony World dead from flesh eating virus.

6% of Collective's Drones and Ships destroyed by computer virus.

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(OOC: "A much greater threat to all races."??? Ok...LOL)

After following the Elvish troop for five days through the deep green forests of Taragnan, Warlord Blakout is finally ready for a confrontation.

As the first of the Elvish troops crosses into the clearing, Blakout orders his shaman to cast a spell of Dark Fogg, a conjuration of deep, purple fog which clouds the eyes of races on the side of "good", while allowing the darker races to thrive in a familier atmosphere.

Soon the clearing is filled with the smoke, and as Blakout steps out, he finds...


No visible trace of the Elf troop remains, no footprints, not even the peaceful perfume that follows the disgustingly beautiful race wherever they go.

Blakout stands for a moment in something much akin to shock, with a bit of frustration thrown in for good measure.

Then he loses his temper, and after a vicious flood of curses that would make a sailor quake, he stomps off into the other side of the forest.

Where he finds the the outer gate of the Elf fortess.

(OOC: BTW, we seem to all be haiving a lot of dealings with the Human race, but I have yet to have seen a member of the Human faction. They're like the Alphans in the UW, a vital piece of storiline, but no-one's real personal pet.)

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Sargent Gephart the Elvish leader of the Elvish expansion party says to an aide:

"Foolish Orcs believing that we didn't notice their precense, I knew that levitation spell would help us.

"Yes, sgt only..."

"And the teleport spell will take him to the nearedt fotress."

"Yes, but sgt..."

"What is it Corpral"

"Can you let us done now I'm starting to feel sick".

Meanwhile at the fortress.

Cpl Greenwood and his men had had a unexpected battle with an Orc party which appeared out of no where. With bows drawn they shoot 6 of the Orcs dead and wound 3. The cpl raises the alarm for more troops and draws his sword ready for combat. He lost four men taking there leader as he fought with besrek fury but he decided that he had better take him prisoner.

2 hours later

"Sgt Gephart did well I hear" says Lavenous

"Yes lord and this Orc appears to be some sort of leader he could be useful to us" replies his main counciller.

"Tell them to have him questioned but make sure he goes in the special prision room afterward".

"But sir why we can't let him...

"I know what I'm doing from what I've seen this Orc is a competant leader but this will shame him even though he will escape" Lavenous replies.

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Krista smiled at Kuragari as she lay across a form fit crystal couch," Almost half of the Borg Colony World destroyed by the flesh eating virus I hear?"

Kuragari nodded," Indeed, an excellent operation so far, and the computer virus is a great success. Eight percent of the Borg Collective's ships and drones have been destroyed."

Krista let out a sigh," Still that's only about a few million to billion drones and a dozen or so of their ships."

Kuragari replied with a dismissive gesture," As long as the Collective doens't realize it will continue to damage them greatly."

Krista sat up suddenly feeling a presence," Yes Aires?"

The Shadow appeared from the shadows of the room," My people are pleassssed by your viscious attack on the Borg. It isss most insssidioussss..."

"We're glad you like it," replied Kuragari dryly.

With that the three of them decided to part ways for dinner.

48% of Colony World population killed by flesh eating virus.

8% of the Collective's drones and ships destroyed by computer virus.

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Blakout comes out the other end of a long chute into the dark clammy Elf dungeon.

Although he had fully expected the Elf Lord to take the killing blow, he was grateful, in his own way, to have escaped fate.

Suddenly a small, disgusting, goblin-voice speaks out of the gloom. "And wot have we 'ere? Why, it'sa lit'le Orclin', perfect! Now Joshh, weren't you just sayin' somethin' t' other night aboot steak?"

"Aye, I was, an' is'na this a cute lit'le beef?" replies a voice from the other side of the cage.

Turning, Blakout could see the eyes dimly glowing only three feet ahead, then, hearing a whisper through the air, Blakout ducks in just enough time to dodge a long, sharpened, iron pole.

Turning again, quickly, and catching the goblin on by it's spine, Blakout flips the goblin, wrenches the spike from it's hand and leaps backward.

"So you made this yourself did you?" Blakout hisses before jabbing the end into the goblin's stomach and turning to face the others.

Meanwhile, in the Orcish grovel of Pux's Breath, Warmistress K'tara lies quietly reading a book. Although reading is not a common practice among Orcs, K'tara wishes to advance in ways unknown by many Warrior castes.

Suddenly she hears a rustle, and before she can turn her head, someone jumps onto her back. Rising quickly and throwing her attacker to the ground, K'tara turns and kicks a sword into her hand.

"Ferl, your parents named you inaccuratly," She says, walking slowly backward and preparing herself for the next wave. "However, your naming was the least of thier mistakes, as you shall soon find out!"

"You have no right to lead this clan K'tara," Spits Ferl with self-rightous anger. "You will be destroyed!"

Screaming and leaping for each other's throats, K'tara barely notices the first beep from her computer console, and the second is ignored completely, as she is thrown to the ground. However, with Ferl's blood still pouring out of the gaping hole which had once held his head, she walks over the the computer and presses the "Recieve Email" key.

(OOC: Oh yeah, here's something I thought you guys might like, I was watching LOTR and sketching along and I suddenly thought about drawing an Orc. Here's the pic, http://www.datalane.net/blakout/Orc1.JPG I've drawn a few Klingons and an Elf or two, but this is not bad for my first Orc. :) )

(OOC: Played around a little more while I was watching Voyager and came up with this beauty, http://www.datalane.net/blakout/Orc2.JPG I kinda like it, it looks much "Orcier" than the other one :) )

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araganouts, eeeh Ex, my race is called Argonians, an our bases are all underwarter.

Later that evening in Lord L. Elronds chamber.

Sol'Kanner enters the room "Lord Elrond, my seer came and spoke to me of a vision last night, he told me that the a race of supreme good have returned, but they have been coruptet, by an evil older than time called the shadows. He also told me that we MUST join forces whit the dragons, the orcs and the humans, and purge the universe of both Shadows and their former nemesis"

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The status of earth, report of a Dragon:

The Humans have invented a new weapon. A weapon what can make them unstopable. It's called the Femto Cannon. It's not actually a cannon, but it fires a bunch of little robots, the size of 1 femto-metre. And it alters all moleculaire structures to the command of the Human. Lucky that the range of those robots is small. But big enought for earth.

The Dragons can't stop this. They are moving from this planet. To another planet. So they can make a plan to stop the Human. But fist they are going to find Draken. And the possible allies he found.

A ship leaves the surface of earth. It resizes to very small. And dissappears.

When the Fiery Dragon stood in the control room, he saw everything becoming black. And before them appeared a huge spiral, turning around. It was visible because of all light-particles were sucked into it. The Fiery Dragon commanded to enter the wormhole. Before it dissappeared. They would follow the trail of Draken

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The Borg Queen pondered what to do. The Virus would destroy the collective if not stopped...

She knew how to stop it. Suddenly, wordlessly, thousands of shperes, cubes, intecepters, probes, and diamonds exploded. At the queen's command.

The Virus was no longer a threat. It had been neutralized.

Borg destroyed by computer virus: 8%. Virus neutralized.

A Borg Tactical Assault Cube, accompanied by two standard cubes, 5 spheres, 12 probes, 3 auto-assimilators (designed to basically swallow an enemy ship, and, within minutes, spit it back out entirely assimilated), and 76 detectors (small, lightly armed scout ships, still quite capable, being Borg and all) entered a transwarp conduit, heading towards the location of the shadow fleet. The shadows would pay.


The shadows looked in awe at the approaching Borg fleet. Impressive, but not impressive enough...

The shadow vessels fired their weapons. They shot out towards the lead Borg vessel. As the reached the vessel's shields, they pushed threough, unaffected. Then they struck the Borg Tactical Cube's heavily reinforced hull plating. And hardly dented the hull. No mind-mushing today, thanks.

The Borg fleet, despite taking some light losses, destroyed the entire shadow armada. Everyone's worst fear had come true: The Borg had adapted.

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Meanwhile near the previosliy destroyed Argonian base.

Moon'Ha was a young argonian priestess, she had been sent by the "tempel of the reflection of the moon on the warter" to investigate the riuns of a newly destroyed agronian base, and by the godess of the reflection of the moon on the warter she had never seen anything like this, dead argonians was drifting around, and there were also those strange spider like thing, but they weren't dead so much was sure, but what realy struks Moon'Ha whit horror was the hate the piders radiatet, she knew wat to do, she sendt a telepatic message to ther sisters in the tempel reporting her findings, a littel later Ha began to chant a prayer to the godess cleansing the area killing the spiders and purfing the waret once again, and ultimatly killing herself.

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The Lunar Corporation

(race from Earth 2150 game)

Once the Lunar Corporation was a company that earned money by offering residenses in space stations in orbit around Earth. These became very popular, because among some of the human factions there was the constant threat of war and people gladly paid ( a lot ) for a safe place away from Earth. When war between two super powers became imminent, the Lunar Corporation abandoned the space stations and constructed colonies on the moon, safe for the war that was breaking out on Earth.

After decades the Lunar Corporation still exists. The leaders nowadays are the members of the Supreme Council, who are elected by the people.

Since a few months, the Supreme Council has attempted to make contact with the factions on Earth. Relations with most of them remain shaky, exept with the elves and the Argonians, with who the Lunar Corporations shares mutual respect and friendship.

Our technology is highly advanced. Before the great war of the human factions, the Lunar Corporation took benefit from the declining economic situation by buying almost every space vessel from the major super power states, and also taking over most of their research projects. After resettling on the moon, the diligent scientists of the Lunar Corporation developed highly interesting technologies, such as anti-gravity generators and protective shielding.

Another interesting fact: The influence of the lower gravity on the moon has had an interesting effect on birth statistics: 80 % of the population is female. Paradise 8).

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(OOC: I told you to keep changing weapons frequencies Ex! Now look what happened.)

Kuragari looked over as the Shadow, Aires walked in with Krista. He wondered what had happened this time.

"One of our sssmaller armadasss, wasss desstroyed by the Borg," hissed Aires.

Kuragari was shocked," You mean the decoy armada?"

Aires nodded sagely. His limbs shifting constantly.

Krista let a sour expression play across her face. Then she spoke up," I have a plan..."

Kuragari narrowed his eyes," Risky, almost impossible to pull off, and involving massive magick?"

Krista smiled," Exactly."

Then she told him the plan.

Plan 25% completed.

(OOC: I'm not telling the plan, but I can tell you it will not destroy anything. Yes a secret plan which destroys nothing is strange.)

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