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An Age of Chaos


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Sol'Kanner watched as the 50 orcs were closing in on the elvish villagewhen the orcs were about 25 m from the village he leaped intro action, he jumped the five meters form his hiding spot in the trees and drew his Ghyx (a medium sized handgun fiering "negative emotions" used by the argionians for suprise attacks), but just as Sol'kanner was about to kille teh nearest orc, some spider like monsters joined the battel Kanner realised that this was the foe his seer han mentioned he used his ammo up by killig 8 of the spiders, then he drew his claymore that he had been carring on his back, and used it to help the remaing 8 orcs dispath the rest of the spiders.

Sol'Kanner turned and faced the orcs, and said "tell your leader to stop fighting the elves we must unite to overcome these spider monsteres"

a few hours later Sol'Kanner told Lord Elrond something like he told the orcs.

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um its imposibile for you to adapt to the weapons fire becouse it is just a pysonic burst foucsed on one of your dones. they dont have a frequencey you can block. And you still are not abel to asimilate my speices. even if you change your probes. my races blood system is good at detecting "Any" cloaked hidden or small particals. and consuming them with ease.

The shadow high consluers knew this would happen. thats why they had filled the 7th armada with nothing but newborn ships.

The planet killer was ready. they just finished construction of it in hyperspace. 5,000 kilimioters in width and lenthg it dwarfed even the lagest of any borg vessel.The whole thing was suroundid in a massive dark cloud that could slowy nutralize the weapons energy. it also hid the actaul vessel in side as well.

The PK jumped out of hyperspace along with the 9th, 10th, and 11th armadas. It was another borg world one of many of many. The familer borg hail filled there thoughts. 25 borg cubes on the opisite side of the world were instantly apon the fleet. The shadow vessels nimbly dodged the shadows atacks. all but one vessel. the planet killer fired 3 missels at the 3 leading cubes. the first missel penitrated the cubes shields with ease. the missel half the size of the borg cube. detenated in it. the borg cube exploded. all three of them did. The shadow vessels. considerd small beside a borg vessel. begain to link up. soon 30 groups of 10 linked shadow vessels begain to open up on the borg cube. focusing there combined weapons on singel points. The shadow vessels dodged and weaved from the cubes torpeados. foucusing there weapons on to the cubes they were fighting.the borg vessels were down to 4 heavly damaged cubes. The cubes warped out. the queens not wanting to sacrafise more cubes. the shadows had taken heavy casualties. 10 groups of 10 had been killed. The borg lost tens of thousands in the cubes.. The planet killer setteld over the planet. Darkining the sky in a large portion of it. The planet killer sent this message down.

"We are the shadows. We are the oldest of the old. we can not be asimilated. leave this system or be destryoed. resistence is futile."

The planet killer opend up sending down thousands of fusion missels. penitrating the surfice and drilling down to the core before detenating. sending massive shockwaves to the surface. changing the landscape killing billions of borg. missels impacted against the surface as well. massive 2000 mega ton exposions could be seen from space.the surfice one coverd with borg. was now a dead wasteland. no borg survived. telacontic bombs were also droped. strong enough to emit a signil across a entire continuet. filled with destruction and surving borg in this areas minds were turned to mush. The ships jumped back into hyperspace. whare no borg can folow.

Shadow losses. 100

Borg losses....billions apon billions apon billions :)

Mess with ex get your planet blown up by the rest :)

3 more fleet groups laucnch for the first time.

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um how in hell did you get in hyper space? only i can get in there. how could you tell from hyperspace what were the fleet groups in normal space? if i knew you had 25 cubes there i would not have asualted the dam planet.

how did i lose a billion? i said only one shadow per shadow ship. that includes the planet killer as well.

you only lost 11 ships? how come my planet killer took out 25 of your cubes with singel missels and you only lost 11? hell no. sounds like you need to calm down before you reply and THINK about what your posting.

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(Mod: Last post by DukeLeto deleted on the grounds of violating the no fusion cubes rule. Also, Ex pointed out his ships only have one shadow each, so nowwhere near eleven billion dead.)

(OOC: Okay DukeLeto, let me check something. One you assimilated the orcs, which thus include their leader, violating the rules. You didn't even mention the arachnids, humans, or elves, which makes the post confusing.

Before you say the planet killer is a superweapon, I point out it didn't take out all of the Borg Collective in one shot.)

Aires watched the two of them, the magick energies surrounding them and blending in hatred, oh life was pretty good.

Plan 50% complete.

(OOC: Superweapons....

(Moderator: Oh yes. This is what you all want probably, an almost lawless War Thread. That's right, almost lawless. Mechs, dragons, magick, whatever goes.

Rules: No superweapons to kill all of someone's stuff in one shot.

there is the rule. The Borg Collective wasn't destroyed in one shot.)

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Sorry. Of course, Ordos45, you just mitigated all the stuff ExAtreides destroyed by not allowing me to assimilate the Orcs in the first place. So, back to before the Borg assimilation of the Orcs...

The Borg queen, fearful of the impending Shadow retaliation, retreated her forces. But the Borg would be back. One day, they would be back...

The End of the Borg...For now.

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The Introdution of the Irkanian Empire.

Race Stats:

Name:Irkanian Empire

Capital World:Irkan IV

Governmental System:InterGalactic Congress

Current Leader:Executor Elrond Artanis

Military Overseer:General Michael Worf

Total Member Races:7 {Irkans, Omegans, Deltans, Viidians, Montegans, Alurans, Terran Outcasts)

Total Colony Worlds:13

Total Subjugated Planets:4 (Armenia, Elusa, Artaga, and Ba'Ruth)

Total Population:427.9 Billion

Total Military Strength:Approx. 39.8 Billion soldiers, 4.4 Billion starship/ground vehicle crewmen, and 10,240 starships.

Synopsis:A highly military orginization, powerful beyond your wildest dreams. They can be powerful allies...If they want you to be. More likely, they can be deadly adversaries. Immune to ExAtreides's "mind-mushing guns" because of special shielding on their ships.

Objective:To gain as much territory as possible with minimal loss.

Better? I hope you all like them. :)

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The Lunar Corporation starts its first military operation.

7 military dropships land on Indonesian islands. On board of the dropships are hover verhicles equiped with rocket launchers and experimental sound wave cannons. Objective is to clear the immediate area of arachnid presense and establish a more permanent staging area on the continental coast.

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Lavenous Elrond presses the need on the Orc Warlord that the arachnids are the greatest threat to us all. That they will destroy all races if they can. He never makes it clear that he will escape just tells him this and qustions him slightly on Orkish plans and technology (I know he'll lie its just to fool him). He send him back to his cell safe in the knowledge that he will go back to his trbe with knowledge of this new threat. Meanwhile Lavenous has sent his best gurreilla troops with the Lunar Corperation to aide in their cleansing. He hopes this will convince them to help us enlarge and equip our fleet and army.

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General Worf looked at the busy control room below him. He had never seen such commotion.

Several new races had recently been discovered inhabiting a planet mere light-years from the Irkanian borders. Naturally, an expeditionary force was preparing. And, naturally, it was too small for the job at hand.

The fleet consisted of:

-1 Excelsior- class battleship...A slightly dated, but still useable model.

-3 Nebula- class science vessels...fairly new, but lightly armed, none the less.

-6 Raptor- class fighters...Small, but state-of-the-art and much more powerful than even the large Nebulas.

-2 Mediterainnean- class transports, loaded with troops and vehicles.

A tech came up to Worf, informed him that the fleet would be ready soon, and scurried off. Worf frowned. He knew all too well that if the aliens turned out to be in killing mode, the expedition would be cut short. But, the military was controlled by a government beurocracy, and, like all governments, cost was the bottom line. Oh, well...

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(OOC: Dang, so this is what happens when you're offline and asleep for six hours huh? The total assimilation of my species, *and* the undoing of it all.)

Blakout hits the dungeon floor once again, looking around in the dark, satisfied the Goblins want nothing more of his...skills, he finds a dark corner to curl up and think things over.

The Elf-Lord had practically begged for an alliance between the two races. Although he hated this sickening display of a creature, this, Elf Lord, the technological gains of such an alliance is unquestionable, and somewhat tempting.

Of course, he had allowed none of this to affect his responces. Between spitting insults, spreading disinformation and threatening bodily harm, the guards had finally thrown him back into the cell.

But it's still a lot to think about.

K'tara sits down to her computer and looks into her email inbox.

Giggling with delight, she sees a message from an old friend, blakout@orclink.net (OOC: *NOT* a real email address...At least I hope not anyway ;) ). Opening the message with expectation to thier next meeting and weapons exchange, she finds a swiftly written message by a barely legible Orc hand.

"...Tracked Elvish party through forest...Betrayed!...Clan lost and warlord captured. Please send help! Unknown Elvish fortress, last known area...Taragnan..."

"This is strange." says K'tara with curiosity and a bit of dissipointment. "There isn't an Elvish fortress anywhere *near* Taragnan."

Then, hit with inspiration, she checks the IP and location finder, in a few minutes she determines the email to have been sent from a fortess on the Elvish border, twenty miles from Taragnan.

"How odd..." She says quietly, then wrinkles up her face with disgust, "To Drashnoor with the Elves. Question is, to battle? Or await further word?"

Flipping an peice of gold she sees, to her pleasure, fate calls for an attack.

(OOC: Hrmm, expect an IM soon, I think I might take you up on that offer.)

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The aracnid commander watchs as his troopes are slaughterd in indossia. she dosnt care. she many millions more. the finaly relized that we are a threat did they? He sent a telapathic order to the field commander. all aracnid troops retreated.

The enemy troops let out a hurrah and begain setting up base camp.Fools didnt they relize the a vally is the worst place for a military base.

she watched as they set up walls. gun outposts and towers. The vally was surounded by 2 high grassy hills. they cleared out the grass up to 30 feet away from the main compond. This still wa relativly stupid.

her troops waited directly behind these hills waiting for his telapathic command.

sHe orderd. the troops set out slowy in groups of 3. useing the tall grass as cover. the towers didnt notice the warriors untill the made it withen 30 feet. the towers opened fire. killing the first group of 3. he could hear the alarm sound withen the base. as the personal rushed to the perimiter wall.

she sent out the now message.

thousands of warriors rushed down from the hills and charged the enemy compound. others poped up a few feet away from the walls. Rockets shot out from the towers as well with high powerd machine gun fire and sound waves. stacks of warriors begain piling up by the corners. more warriors charged over there fallen comerades. The base was surounded by a sea of warriors. the warrios begain piling over the walls. A ship decended in the base. a large ship. the luner corperations troops begain piling into it. It shot lifted off seconds before the entire base was overwelmed.It shot off towards the upper atomosphere.

ANother screem was heard. not from the aracnids but from the luner copreations air suport. droping napam all over the massed group of aracnids. turning them into charded remains of themselvs.

Dam air suport. how she loathed it. he had many more troops. she just hated to watch 25% of his troops turn into firewood.

dam she hated air suport.

she looked up at the leavign drop ship and cursed at it.

A portal opened up right above the dropship.

The dropship panacked nearly running into the apearing ship. A shadow ship. A large one came out. The drop ship took off punching there engines to the limit.

The shadow ship caught up effortlessy. fireing a pinkish laser cutting the massive transport in half. the transport exploded.

The shadow vanished as it opened up a hole into hyperspace.

dam she loved airsuport.


Aeirs ran over the report in his head.

the test had been a sucess.

The borg "phaser tec" was sucesfully intergrated into all borg vessels.

The "phaser" tec had also been inproved drawing more power from the ships heart as well as its energy resoures. the phaser was 20% more powerfull than the borgs. Shadow ships were now alos equpied with "Photon" torpedo tec. the majortity of which had destroyed there planet killer and 3 armadas. what a strange name "photon" torpedos.

in the test they had blown out a nice chunk of ioe testing the weapon.it is good indeed to have it in shadow vessels.

A new race was also reported to be heading towards the third planet. a large defenseive fleet armed with the new weapons was already waiting for them. there intentions are un know. perhaps they would make a good allie

The shadows wont open fire unless there intentions are fully known.

over 900 vessels were waiting.

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The Irkanian Empeditionary Force arrived in orbit of the planet and began scanning it.


The Borg Queen rethought her stance. Was the retreat necessary? Obviously so, without Fusion Cubes to assist against the Planet Killer. She considered it for a while, and then came to a conclusion.

"All available tactical cubes, assemble immediately. We shall destroy the Shadow Planet Killer and al of their fleets. And reinitiate the Fusion Cubes. We may need them soon."

(OCC: Ordos45, why is a huge, planet destroying device ok, but not a little Fusion Cube? Hmm? Make ExAtreides dismantle HIS nearly-invincible weapon, or let me use my Fusion Cubes. >:()

i think becouse Fusion cubes are unstopable weapons of doom. and my planet killers can be killed. how about this? you killed my planet killer and 3 armadas. but i destroyed the docking mecanics of the fusion cubes cause most of them to explod?-ex

Ex, do not post that cr*p in MY posts. If you want to do that, make your own post! Oh, and, where do you get your definition for Fusion Cubes? lol Unstopable weapons of doom? They can't destroy whole planets is seconds, that's for sure.

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Kilija Verbic, supreme general of the Lunar Corporations military operations, was hailed by a subordinate who had disturbing news.

"WHAT? Wiped out? How is that possible?"

"The enemy overwhelmed us. Also, we were stationed in a valley..."


".....yes sir...."

Kilija Verbic sighed, then said:

"We will asseble another mobile strike force and force a landing at the safer grounds of Australia. I will be in charge of the operation personnally."

Kilija Verbic regretted the fact that the Lunar Corporation didn't have any military experience whatsoever. A valley for christs sake! She notified the Supreme Council and asked for permission for another military operation. The Council agreed, by only a single vote.

8 hours later 13 miltary dropships land near the northern coast of Australia, where they setup a defendable HQ.

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General Worf looked at the readouts. Three thriving civilizations lived below, but...no space travel. No responses to hails. There was but one choice: to land troops and see what was going on.


The Borg Queen looked over her burgeoning fleet, which now included several shiny new Fusion Cubes. She smiled, pleased with herself. But she was not ready to attack. She needed more information first.

Tactical Sphere 61378 moved in range of a small Shadow patrol ship. Much more powerful than the Incursion -class sphere earlier destroyed by the same type of vessel, the Tactical Sphere moved forward. The shadow vessel, without thinking first, fired. The shot once again easily penetrated the shields, but, once again, harmlessy impacted the hull. The sphere locked a tractor beam onto the Shadow vessel and fired...

Tactical Sphere 61378 moved on.

(OOC: Ordos45 gave me permission to use the Fusion cubes:

Fusion cubes, hmm, only the size of a small moon at best. Go ahead and use them, and the Borg have negotiated before...why not again? I would like nothing more than to crush Ex...err..the Shadows. Heh, rivalry back to KYA/Setara War, we only work together when we have a common enemy.

And I'll add this: It's not really fair that everyone is making their species "unassimilatable". And Ex, your Doomsday Device, err..."Planet Killer" IS more deadly than my Fusion Cubes. It's just that you only have one.

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(Dont tell me what to do. i have a right to modify your posts. read the rules. just becouse your duke leto dosent mean I will give you special atention. the rules afect everyone.That means you to! Acording to ordos 45 there like 25 cubes put together. the size of a moon.)

Fine you wana do that eh? come boy lets see what you got!

The remaining shadow ships merged into one. over 600 shadow ships turning into one massive killer.The cube that was draging the shadow ship behind it. the shadows locked onto it with there new photon torpeods. each linked ship fireing to torpedos. The borg cubt couldnt surive a atack of that magnitute and quicky vaperized. the ships broke up and continued to partrol

Another massive beam was shot up from Kilijar. The pink beam shot much further that the one before. it impacted a fusion cube. but with no aparent damage to the outter hull.

The inside was different however. the beam had penitrated the hull and hit a large alco of 10,000 drones. The beam was a weapon. It infected the drones braines. A fast moveing altimerz. capabul of turning a drone into drolling zomibie in 12 hours. The virus spred quickly through the minds of the fusion cube.Since the minds of the borg are linked. the virus spreeds even quicker. The virrus jumped from ship to ship as well. Soon nearly 20% of the colective was infected with the mind eating weapon. 6 hours till 20% of the colevtive was eaten by there own mind....a cure? how? how do you cure this disease? even so the minds of billions of borg will never be the same now will they?


Virus=20% of colective infected. growing at 5% each post.

The thing about secret alieces is that. you realy have to do your best to keep them secret.That also sounded like alieing me was just a part of a bigger plan. which would include the destruction of the shadows."I would like nothing more than to crush Ex...err..the Shadows" We can still be alins. just not as strong alies as we where.

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SOl'Kanner looked at the report form the lab, he wasen't an expert on weapon plans, but he could see that this was good, it appered to be a plan for a device to slow time down. "it won't work on those who are protecet" said the scientist who brought Sol'kanner the plans, SOl'Kanner looked at the scientist "could we mount this "time lapser" on a tank and then fit the protection devices on our warriors", "yes, teh device dont need as much energy as one might think and the protection device is not larger than a 5x5x5 cm cube" Sol'Kanner looked pleased "make the time lapser standart gear for any force lager than 1000, and make the protecion device standart gear for any solider in our army"

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On a location on the northern coast of Australia the Lunar Corporation headquarters is nearly complete. Defensive missile turrets have been placed and camouflaged, while more and more dropships touch down every day, filled with numerous hover verhicles for military purposes.

Kilija Verbic sits behind her desk studying the specifications of the newest model of these verhicles. It's called the Moon, can easily go 150 km/hour in moderate terrain and is equiped with rocket launchers or those experimental sound wave cannons. It is also equiped with a protective shield generator, effectively increasing the durability of the verhicle. When active, it floats 2 - 3 metres above the ground.

Kilija takes a look at the digital clock. It is 5:03. At 6:00 the next dropship is scheduled to dock.

All the sudden a messenger enters the room, and salutes.

"Corporal Stuvi of Alpha wing. I am here to report that during our last recon flight over Indonesia we recorded images that suggest the Shadow arachnids are entrenching themselves. I already passed on the images to your staff and are being analysed at this moment."

"Thank you. Dismissed."

The corporal salutes and leaves the room.

3 hours a staff meeting takes place. The leader of the intelligence department takes a final look at the documents in front of her, takes a deep breath and begins to speak.

"We detect a significant increase in enemy miltary activity on the Indonesian islands. We believe they know of our presense in Australia and that they are preparing to drive us out."

Kilija listens and says:

"That would warrant that we launch our strike before schedule. How long will it take to prepare 6 squadrons?"

"That shouldn't take more then 7 hours. Maybe 9."

"Then do it. I also want 17 other squadrons prepared to launch additional strikes in the next 3 days. Our sisters (Lunar Corporation citizens are used to refering to others as brothers and sisters- and the bulk of the population is female) on the moon should be notified of the situation and I want to pass on a request for 20 squadrons of jet fighters. If that will be all, dismissed."

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Julies looked over the reports

the altimerz virus had infected 25% percent of the colective so far. numerous fusion cubes,shperes,diominds, have turned into flying recks or exploded.

He also looked over the reports from the third planet.

The luner corperation as they called themselvs were becoming a major threat to aracnid presecnce in the southern hemosphere. Something drastic must be done against them.

He looked over there ships. Primitive. with basic armor and weapons. should be easy enough destroy. He had a plan.

Two hyperspace jump points opened above the luner base.

4 Shadow ships exited escourted by 15 small shadow fighters.

The base defenses opened up pepering the ships with missel and machine gun fire. The shadow ships opened up fireing there pinkish weapons up the base. towers were cut to peices colapsing in on themselvs.

A swarm of fighters rushed from the horizen. THe stuby shadow fighters took off engaging in a visius dog fight.

Missels continued to impact the shadows hull having nearly no effect.

The shadow ships were cutting the base to peices. supply depots exploded. Vehicls were cut to peices.

2 shadow ships exlpoded from heavy missel fire. a swarm of luner fighters had decened apon them. The shadow fighters had been all but been destroyed.

The shadow vessels focussed there fire on the new threat. The nimbel fighters dodged the weapons fire easily....mostly.A number of ships were still cut to peices.

The last two shadow vessels died from continues missel fire from the fighters.

The base took heavy damage. 3 of 4 walls were completly destroyed. almost all of the bases towers were nocked down. vehicls and suply depots were flaming recks of there former selvs.

Just as the base was calming down.

the ground bust open and the ground forces came forth.

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Suddely time slowed down, all around the base the human and arcanids were figthing in slow motion, and then a group of argoninan knights joined the battel, moving whit blazing speed using giant claymores to cut down the arcanids or blowing then to spalt whit thier rocketlunchers (any explosion in a timelapser field wil become 3 times as voilent, as under normal conditions).

in truth the arcanieds never had a chance, (how do you fight an opponet who moves whit 10 times your speed)and the battel was over in a matter of minuts. (real time)

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The shadow could feel the aracnids mind.

He was panicked he had just lost the majority of his forces becouse of a arganuaght "time control device."

he let out a telapathic Sigh. Why do the younger races alwas try to control time? dont they relize that time is the most dangerus weapon of them all? it can destroy whole races. entangel them in a never ending time loop.

The arganoughts used it diferently though. not to go back in time and change the affect of a battel but to use it as a weapon. was to dangerous.

He orderd a massive air strike.

6 jump gates opened

13 shadow warships emerged.

defenses instatly opened up. more that there should be.

missels coming from every whare. The shadow ships didnt have a chance aginst so many missels. every which way missels shot forth from the ground

they had to get outa there.

it was to late.

6 shadow ships fell dead.

the rest made a suicdal charge.

only 1 made it into the base. fireing its weapon for 3.6 weapons it damaged the time core greatly. not destroying it.

the shadow ship exploded over the base.

destroying this time control device would be harder then he thought..

Borg infected 30%

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The Elvish gurrilas who didn't get destroyed by the arachnids (our base was in a wood outside of the valley) try to round up LC survivors (not many I know). Once done we call in our own dropships to take us to Australia after hearing where the LC had gone to help them and to help thier suvivors.

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(OOC: A few comments Ex, one I said it was 8 Cubes fused together, but given the size of the Borg cubes, a fusion cube would be the size of a small moon. Second comment, you killed off one of my main characters, nice to see the big Moderator following the rules. ::) Yep, I'm mad. And I lied to you about the big plan, but it still doesn't include violence. Of course now I have to accelerate it.)

Kuragari chanted in a fury, the hate coming from him mixed with the magick in the center of the Mars chamber. Finally the crystals glowed a brilliant and all consuming black, and a bright flash appeared.

The Ancients, and all of their holdings, fleets, everything were in a new dimension, and that dimension had been sealed to *ALL* who would attempt to enter it. The Ancients needed time to purify their race from the hate which had tainted it. The plan to flee was over, now their isolation would begin.

(Yep, if anyone tries to attack my people I will delete your post, the Ancients are pulling out of the war for the foreseeable future. Now, you face only a moderator, who won't step in unless he has to. I think I'll watch and see how long it takes this to go into chaos.)

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the rules clearly state

no killing of a main character with out there permission

not characters

if you have more than one. i can kill one and not be violating the rules. that you made.

it looked to be like karargi was your main character. but hey if you keep changing you main character to fit your mood thats fine with me.


why did you tell me they were like 25 cubes put together. i reamber a convosation we had

"whats a fusion cube?"-me

"Its like 25 cubes put together. more weapons that a entrie fleet."-ordos45

so dont be pissed at me for something you told me.

modded that post. got rid of it. dam o45 you dont have to be such a bitch about it. you dont like it you dont have to go crazy. if i messed up im me and i will fix it. shesh

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(OOC: Time till chaos? Not long. Ex will pay. One massive, decimating assault deserves another. Enter: Borg Final Assault Plan Omega-10.)

The Borg worked quickly. The virus was once again neutralized by destroying affected drones. The Borg then began to prepare for attack.

A massive armada of literally millions of ships began to move out. Special transport vessels dedicated to carrying trooper drones were loaded. Fusion Cubes were rolled out. Tactical Assault cubes moved in by the dozens. Literally hundreds of standard Cubes, thousands of Spheres, and hundreds of thousands of support ships were prepped. The Borg would win or lose half the Collective trying.

The Queen looked at her fleet. "Puny," she thought. "None the less, still somewhat powerful."

The fleet moved out. The time for retribution was at hand.

The massive Borg armada descended on the unsuspecting Shadow homeworld. The transport ship beamed down literally millions and millions of drones before the Shadows could react.

When they did react, it was swiftly and savagely. Almost all of the Shadow armadas, including the Planet Killer (OOC:I didn't kill it. I nulled that post.) descended from hyperspace and attacked the Borg. They had changed weapons frequencies. Shifty.

Thousands of Borg vessels were eradicated nearly instantly. Millions of drones died. Trivial loss.

The Borg counter attacked rapidly. Fusion Cubes fired repeatedly, splitting many hundreds of Shadow vessels quickly. The millions of supporting vessels were not nearly as effective, but still maged to kill about 240 Shadow ships as well. So far, not so good: Borg losses: 1,024 while Shadow losses: 462

That was about to change. The Shadows fired another volley. And another. About 211 Borg ships lost. Something was wrong...

The worst had happened: The Borg had adapted. Now only heavily concentrated fire could damage them. The Shadows just lost their edge. And with more Borg vessels constantly streaming in, they REALLY needed that edge.


Down on the ground, the Borg had also taken heavy losses. Being forced to kill Shadow troops, rather than assimilate them, prevented them from replenishing losses. That was not all. Shadow troops had natural armor, which was hard to penetrate. Even then, the Shadows were very resilliant, taking several more hits to kill.

But the Borg were slowly gaining ground. A constant stream of reinforcements from above was coming in. Sheer numbers began to overwhelm the Shadow defences.

The future of both races hangs in the balance.

Percent of Shadow homeworld overun by Borg: 5%, increasing by 25% each post.

Percent of Shadow fleets lost: 25%, also increasing by 25% each post.

(OOC: Ah, Ex, don't complain. The Borg are everywhere. They know everything. Including the location of your home planet, Mister I'll-Kill-off-a-moderator's-main-character. Real bright. Don't expect Ordos45 to rush to your aid. Nothing I'm doing here is against the rules.)

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