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Most Annoying Unit

Magna Tleilaxu

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hahah yes the newbie Mino rush is annoying; i underestimated the power of the newbie Minos rush, and lost two games in a row to a newbie because of it (both on very small maps). i had better strat, 100 000 times better Micro, a much better variety of units... but did ANY of that matter? NO! LOL

the newbie built only Minos and Mino rushed me, and despite my super-micro I still got pounded.

That's why from now on if it's a real small map and I am vs. an ATR, he's gonna eat MY Minos from now on, real early.

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Well let's see, if you're pumping out NIAB tanks non stop, pumping out Gunships non stop, pumping out Fedaykin with 3 Fremen camps non stop, pumping out units from your factory (with another factory to increase the speed) non stop, then you're definitely going to need more than 2 upgraded refineries. I'd say 3 upgraded refineries would only JUST not be enough to sustain this kind of production. To top it off, I'd go with 4 upgraded refineries at the most, since I'd like to save base space for other structures.

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pearlmen did a great job awakening this thread after 2 years...

But here's what I have to say.

I have not heard of much of that mongoose hulabaloo, but the most irritating are actually... leeches. Well, many things tie with this. But why do you think the starter of this thread had his nick as stated for?

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