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  1. I agree with ILA (I love Anna) {sry, i didn't feel like writing your name, so from now on i will refer you to that} Any way; "tricks" are nothing more than lazyness and a waste of time. "tricks" are not strategy. If you want to win AND gain some respect online, don't mention or use tricks EVER. Thank You
  2. Wow, I should really keep up with my own post. OK, time to defend my self. Leech will work, even if it dies. You pay 300 solaris for a Leech Opponent pays 2000 solaris for a Niab Tank The Leech being a relativly fats unit runs and puts a Leech on the Niab Tank. Opponent can fold space all they want but, unless he folds space back on home, he will soon become one of yours. Secondly, Maker: Maker as we all know is a discusting worm that LOOKs likt it has no clear reason to be on Arakis. But as always, the right tools for the right job. Makers will eat infantry for breafast again and again. Now again lets look at it this way... Maker shoots the "Maker Beam" killing up to 6 infantry ranging from $50 all the way up to $300. You pay 1000 solaris. Enemy pays anywhere from $300-$1800. So even if it is a relativly weak unit, the enconomy factor is something to think about.
  3. best niab counter, LEECH fast, and niabs can't hit it. Also Leech affect does considerable damage! Once again, Tlielaxu are Superior.
  4. PilaKyifa! Fremen, I hate the Fremen, but very good agaisnt Guild. But once again, Tlielaxu rule over all. Eric O, I was crying when i had to kill them in the "Save The Exicutix" mission.
  5. Ya i hate when weaklings use one unit or superweapons only to win!
  6. hahahahahahaha, i like that VIG, your a nice guy, ya you can ask around. I know my stuff. and we did play together. The time you me and peter whoop the stuffing out of a newb, while ago. And back to the topic; maker is beter then Niab tank.
  7. I hope your not calling me a newb. ask Vig and no matter what you say, i still won't use the Guild. Tleilaxu Forever!
  8. Contaminators and Leeches, all the way.
  9. Hey, sry I havn't been posting for a while but I have been gone. I think this is a big thing to talk about. Does anyone realize how crappy that Niab Tank is. Now I know my game doesn't lag to much but after folding space to warp to any place on the map; it takes about 10 seconds to get it up and moving agian. Now in dune that is a long time. Too Long! They are a cool little toy to play with but unless you really like ugly worms and teleporting I don't think guild is the way to go.
  10. hahahaha, I think it's funny, you think you can stop a leech attack. You might but unless you have a billion engineers and repair vehicles in a matter of minutes you will be no more. Did you guys forget about contaminators, say goodbye to all infantry. Leaving no room for leech killers. Plus the Leech in the spice fields couldn't be better. Barron Harkonnen
  11. Hahaha, I have and always will Agree with Tleilaxu Fanatic, Tleilaxu are the way to go. I don't care what you say, or even what you have. March 100 Contaminators into a Building rock and look what happens, soon you have 150 contaminators. Leech, Leech, I have nothing else to say. Use these great creations to run all over Minos and Kobras because they are to quick to get hit and soon a little nasty Leech will be attached to every Mino/Kobra. I don't think there a player out there who can get them all off with out loosing half. Also I better take this oppertunity to say, I'm getting real sick of this Sard/Freman crap. Every time I play online, it's the only houses I see. GET A NEW HOUSE. Or give me a strategy aganist them. Barron Harkonnen, Forever in alliance with the Tleilaxu of Bene Tleilaxu
  12. I disagree, I will always pick the tleilaxu and yes that is how to spell it, bc of the Leech. once you get a bunch storm there base and quickly place as many larva as you can, thus making him micomanage all the faster to get them off. Soon your Leech will die, very sad :'( and then you mush rush their base with a full frontal attack. so even if you loose you are about to get a bunch more Leeches to make him more frustrated. Barron
  13. So there won't be another emperor?
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