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  1. Centner. it is first you mentioned that you guys are real koreans. no sense of humor. Who typed these words first? And you brought another topic about contributing emp then you told koreans didnt give any effort. It is not you racist? If you are not satisfied with me and lastgoyo, just flame . No touch our koreans or russians. :) And Yes I have ego like you mentioned about trying to revive emperor. But what I am different from you, at least I just keep in my mind and never use it to others for insulting someone. and MY site closed for none active player, if you are curious what goyo running s
  2. and yes, I m rusty. But I can get your purpose if you just want to help newcomer or just satisfies your ego. and you said COMMUNITY? haha. This community is not only yours. Let`s face it. The community you mentioned is russian community. so cool community. So my friend mjn left this game for your cool community. lol
  3. Ok, then I sense of humour to you. You satisfies your ego to lower players up. )) I forgot the emoticon. lol and thats harash replied you mentioned koreans. I just told your behavior, but what for you mentioned KOREANS? any other guys from here didnt react that like your childish way even he got upset. Yes, your russians created a site. So what? Even you paid money for new server, you cant justify your act. Stay topic. You idiot. Even we failed, goyo and I had ever run dune site in Korea. and many good players had tried to revive emperor before you show up this community much more than you. G
  4. He is a best player that he wants to say. If not, he satisfies his ego to beat lower players up. It is like a kid act. Just let they upload their video on youtube. But I dont understand really what for centner loaded his game to here. You wants who wanna see the videos? kindjal? newlord? who?
  5. Kill me a lot as possible while I am rusty. Now I dont have much time to play everyday like old days. :)
  6. GG guys.(kindjal, goyo, miles, churat) but I need to practice micro a lot. lol later.
  7. Tunngle is not stable yet. I had to format my comp twice. Whenever I execute tunngle, Local network error happened. so I could connect the internet. So I will not download tunngle, otherwise it will happen again for sure. You guys even play in hamachi? I think people barely play there.
  8. I have the same thing, My comp couldnt even run internet. It could be the router. Tunngle might hates me.
  9. Sorry spicy. i hurt you. I didnt see your post all carefully. I like you as we played nicely,but I have missed what happened near your country for a long time. I don't know how to express my condolences to you. Dont take my previous reply spicy. It is all my fault.
  10. Get a life. As i said, don`t disappoint what other people do, otherwise you would be tired easily. I appreciate you.
  11. Kindjal, how long time you are sleeping in a day? Take care for your health. :)
  12. I would also lke to say thanks to atomic for trying revive emp. :-)
  13. Your clan idea is good one. Even if I cant play right now, i will tell goyo about that happy news.
  14. 6 years have passed. I love nostalgia of historic post. The post reminds me of enjoying good games. Maybe i missed lots of good buddy, but I try to remember what I have known. 1. korlover: My tatics are most his ones. 60% over my ones I copied his good skills. He was a very good atreidis player that barely used minos. He was a good micro with bike and inf. I remember I got a shocked when he eliminated against good hark with his 1tier units. And I have never seen used drones nicely like him. He is always my hero, but sadly he retired long time ago. 2. lastgoyo: My second respe
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