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Most Annoying Unit

Magna Tleilaxu

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No, its the Fremens.

This once happened to me: 20 million Fedaykins sneak up at the back of my base from the back. It was weakly defended, i builded defence structure, but was soon overwhelmed by the Fedaykins. My units couldn't get to the back unless it goes around it and 3/4 of my base was cleared purely but Fedaykins.

I asked why didn't my defence structure attacked the group when its coming in, and he said the group went in bit by bit and only attacked when he reckoned there's "enough".

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For me, the most annoying unit would be the Mongoose. The Sniper and the Leech would come equal close second. The stupid Mongoose always attack and destroy my turrets just before I sell them, and they attack my harvesters and carryalls. Snipers are annoying because they sometimes run up to my harvester and shoot it! I'm sick of hearing "Spice harvester under attack, Carryall under attack". Leeches are annoying because of their stupid larvae, but I find them more of a nuisance rather than a threat. I love killing Contaminators however, I just send repair vehicles and APCs and run them down. ;D

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Especially for the Harkonnen and Ordos, since they have no way of repairing their harvesters, any damage that the leech larvae inflicts is permanent, which means that the next time they get infected, there will be a higher change that they will turn into a leech.

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