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Most Annoying Unit

Magna Tleilaxu

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Well storms are already annoying enough when they enter your base and sweep up your veteran infantry. Sarduakar are the worse, they get swept up in groups of 5 or 6 sometimes!! Fremen however, never get swept up. I think it is quite unrealistic how the Coriolos has been simulated in Emperor Battle for Dune. It should not follow units and should be instantly fatal to aircraft and infantry. I would have liked to see those winds tear the flesh off bones, and then grind the bones to dust, but that was not to be. :(

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LOL Devastator_Mech, I would have thought that you would understand from my previous post that the stores where I live may be different to the stores where you live, therefore I can not say whether it will be available at Dymocks or any place, unless you live in the same country and suburb as me!!

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I live in Beverly Hill's(Close to Hurstville), Sydney, NSW.

Well in that case I can't tell you whether the books will be available in the shops, since I've never really been there. I've been to Sydney for an interstate holiday, but never got to know the ins and outs of Sydney itself. I must say, living in Melbourne is much better than Sydney, due to the pollution in Sydney and the pathetic mass transit system. Anyway back on topic, or this thread might get locked. I'd have to say the most annoying unit in Sydney is the car!! ;D (Sorry I couldn't help myself).

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