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how to place your ranks

Guest Ordos_Yogurt

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Guest Ordos_Yogurt


IMPORTANT!: 1st are scouts for detecting cloaked units

2nd row are chem spray guys.

third are troopers

followed by dust scouts,

then laser tanks.

Mortar shhotin' guys here

and last thy cobras

this will block ANY and ALL incoming units. Use IR (infantry rock) for additional defence.


laser tanks

dust scouts


with some infantry mixed in

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Guest Ordos_Yogurt

Forgot to tell you. keep them quite far from the chemspray troopers. the scouts are simply to detect cloaked and hidden units


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Formations are much better than ranks

Ordos Venom formation - 7 las tanks in the front, 5 apc's inside for air defence(fillde with contaminators) two deviators i case of devastators or Minotaurs + 3 Leeches in front of las tanks all this surrounded by dust scouts - deadly force, with two Venoms I've defeated many opponents.

Beliave me there's no counter tactic against Venom...

Success is imperitive!!! 8)

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Counter to Venom formation:

Air Strike: APCs are easy to destroy unless they have veterancy (keep aircraft away from elite APCs).

Projected Laser Tank/Sardaukar Elite rush: provided those Kobras are undeployed, these hallucinations will erase the APCs and Laser Tanks. Then, air strike again.

Should there be any infantry support around, then it's time to counter with your own formation and have a few Advanced Carryalls nearby to pick up and withdraw with any of your own units deviated. Once the units start dispersing to engage the enemy, the Venom formation will be broken. This is the time to try and disrupt it forever!

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