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  1. send 5 missile tanks against 1 orni, u might lose a missile tank...
  2. this map editor aint that hard 2 use, i aint read ne of the turotials, i just poked about a bit and looked up the help wen i needed 2. i'm workin on a 4-way map with loadsa spice and rock, all bases joined by rock by 2 directions. so far the file size is 788k, and i've done most of it, just need 2 add sum spice :D aint thought of a name 4 it yet tho.... :(
  3. click on ur engineer, click on the unit with the the leech on it then ur engineer shuld run over and remove it :D also works with atreides repair vehicle :)
  4. k. first things first, get the rules.txt and artini.txt files up and workin. then open up rules.txt in notepad. next find the building/unit u want 2 enable and remove the // that r in front of lines and make sure that primarybuilding = name of a building is there. after that, save the file and load up artini.txt and add an icon for the name of the building/unit. just copy and paste the 1 above it and change parts of it :D
  5. place the rules.txt and artini.txt in 2 the model folder. then go in2 data and delete everythin startin with model. bak em up first tho.
  6. shame how u wont b able 2 change how often worms appear on the level tho :(
  7. ok, when the lazer hits the shield, it gets rippled round the shield and back thru the gun, just like puttin electricity in water, it conducts it very well, since a hologram has a laser, it still does the same thing when it hits the shield :D
  8. huH? i just found another bug, 4 sum reason the guild didnt notice the fremen which start shootin @ the worm, so the fremen killed the worm b4 the timer even started!
  9. even eviller 2 combine those 2, e.g. put a infiltrator on their starport and as its cloaked they wont c it, so they think their safe, when the frigate comes, u detonate it and their wonderin wtf just happened :D
  10. i just thought, if u send over a few eits 2 the enemy conyard, the person/puter ur playin against mite decide 2 put a few turrets round it, so hopefully by then u got ur superweapon thing ready, so u use it on their conyard, and hopefully it'll make all their turrets go mental, turn round and........ BOOM!
  11. 1s i can think of r: [*]units gettin trapped outside of the map
  12. i prefer 2 drag the building in the direction i want it instead of usin +/-, its much faster :D
  13. i just cant play online :( it comes up an "out of sync" error every single time, i aint got ne mods watsoeva installed when playin it and i've even tried uninstallin it, bakin up the save games on disk, deletin the WHOLE of emporer of my hard drive, reinstallin and patchin and it STILL comes up. i think its cos i can only get a 28.8 kbps connection :( ah well, wuldnt exactly b worth playin on 28.8k neway :(
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