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  1. I pledge my alliegiance to House Sardaukar ( I mean give me a break.)
  2. yah i realy dont like to play games that are simalar
  3. * A pack of minos shoot* then mine like 20 mixed Sardaukar get up there by the mino and kill it, Sardaukar are tough mutha f@#$ers. A pack of minos wuold die in the hands of the Sardaukar. Anyway the mino is a anoying little fly the Sardaukar would be happy to "remove" it.
  4. s2


    Another reson i dont like the atradies is wene you fight them the rush like 40 mino's.
  5. type [ color=red ] what you want to say then [ /color ] without the space between the [ and ] like this. like this
  6. I prefere Draconis IV becuse the ice is cool and then arakis;temple vally .
  7. When you post there is a line of faces atop the message box
  8. s2


    This may sound wierd but in the Mummy 2 the Medgi sound alot like the fremen in a way." Till Death", they say. And whats with the tribes? And all this in Eygept, on sand . To me this sounds alot like the fremen, but it does sounds like a quinscdentsce? what do you say?
  9. s2


    I didnt go on often, it was s2s0202s but know its just s2.
  10. I live in the desert,Mesa Arizona.
  11. I also get 5 apc's and 5 adv. carryalls and pack them full of Sardaukar, then find a open spot in the enemy base and deploy the apc's, then all hell breaks lose.
  12. I build 10 ornis and split them up into groups of 2 and seed them at some targets( remember ordos are weak aa defenders.
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