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how to place your ranks

Guest Ordos_Yogurt

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He he  ;D

Ok depends from which aircraft you use:

If gunships no problemo  :P las tanks can easily run away from their misiles ahh... still remember that mision from Giedi Prime  ;D

If Atreides ornies than it's abit harder anyway the point is that Cobras deploy and other's split in various directions... Two APC's carying 10 aa troopers - releas them and place betwween cobra's...

yes that's it... any other suggestions  8) ::)?

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Use AA mines (see my thread). If you actually tell them to attack, they often get good strikes. Other than that, the most effective AA for Ordos is by allying with Sardaukar and getting Elites :P. Else hit and outrun aircraft with APCs (just watch them perform when they become veterans and elites! ;D).

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