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  1. Additional points: 1> Regeneration - don't be afraid to run and hide to heal, then come back 2> Micromanagement - Ordos vehicles need a lot of attention for maximum effectiveness, especially the Laser Tank 3> Veterancy - Ordos vehicles have a relatively easy time getting veterancy, and they need it! 4> Rally points - have secure positions for your vehicles to run and hide in. Preferably use Kobras and a mix of infantry. 5> Saboteurs - don't be afraid to use them. They can be devastating if they pull that cord at the correct moment. Highly effective at quickly destroying windtrap
  2. Deviate the Mino. A Deviator is quite tough - it can stand a Missilte tank salvo. Just remember that you need to let it regenerate for ages afterwards due to its much higher max health and shields. The Mino is too slow to move out of the way of a Deviator rocket. PROVIDED THEY DON'T GET SHOT AT, lots of AA troopers/Sardaukar Elites can take down a single Mino quickly. You'll need a long distraction though and hope that a human player does not notice the infantry. Don't use this tactic unless you are desperate. 2,3 NIAB tanks can take down 1 Mino in a single salvo. NIAB tanks can take a huge am
  3. Also note are slow - both in moving and firing. AA mines do massive damage very quickly at the cost of self-destruction. AA mines are air units so don't need to worry about terrain or worms. True it's unwise to have a bunch of AA mines sitting around doing nothing as a suicide aircraft will take them all down with it. A few AA mines can boost your air defences though.
  4. Guild Makers just might be the one of the most micromanagement demanding unit. Their shooting animation is WRONG as that electricity does not represent the area of attack. It's better if you vision a Maker shooting a shell that instantly arrives at its target and has HUGE splash damage. That's why Maker groups must never fire on targets too close to them. It might be better to force fire often with large Maker groups, just so that you know where they are shooting. Makers are excellent at taking down small buildings - i.e. Windtraps and walls. Other structures fall quickly too if packed togethe
  5. I thought they pretty much had the same range.
  6. Also note - enemy carryalls will not pick up a harvester if you assign your Adv. Carryall to pick it up, even if it has to reach it from the other side of the map.
  7. If I really want to rush someone and we started with 30000 and no units (preferably with knowledge of where their base is as well - e.g. 2v2 games on 4 player maps), I'd build 3 factories (building an extra windtrap for power) before anything else and pump out vehicles really quickly. I'd get an early MCV, 2 refineries and an Outpost to follow up. If I didn't know where my enemy was, I'd send Dust Scouts to possible base locations to find them - they may not have the visibility of a Scout but they are fast and it's harder to kill them. Because the Dust Scouts would be coming out so quickly, I
  8. I've just realised a flaw with Guild Makers. Their shooting animation is misleading. The damage area is NOT the electric field - that only shows the maximum range of the Makers. It helps if you imagine the Maker firing some sort of instant hit cannon that has a HUGE splash damage area. Try this: 1> Get a Maker and some expendable infantry as targets. 2> Put the infantry in a single line parallel to the direction the Maker is facing, starting with right in front of the Maker and trailing off just beyond the Maker's range. 3> Tell the Maker to force fire on the ground right next to the
  9. I'm not saying Harkonnen infantry are not effective. I love their light infantry, flamers can wipe out lots of Anti-Vehicle infantry rapidly and Troopers are a cheap way of getting Anti-Air power. But they're all so slow, especially the flamer and there is no real long range unit. The trooper fires too slowly and has too short a range to fight vehicle groups (similar with AA troopers) without sustaining heavy casualties (e.g. being run over). I suppose it's just me that's not suited to commanding Harkonnen infantry very well. I can have mixed infantry cells on infantry rock that can survive qu
  10. Is it possible to summon more than 1 worm at a time to ride?
  11. Woa, that was long. Put simply, try to survive the rush stage of the game so that you can gain experience against humans in the later stages. With experience, you'll become better and start having fun at winning with better planning and/or micromanaging.
  12. With scouts, wait until they are cloaked. Then when you select them and move the cursor to give them the order to move, when the cursor is close enough, the cursor will change to have some white arrows as well. This means the scout can get there without revealing himself (provided he takes the shortest route possible). Eventually you'll get a sense of distance but the cursor really does help. Hmm, my build order? I don't really stick to one - I do whatever I feel I want to do. Usually it starts with something like these 2 (assuming you start with 30000): 1> Windtrap, Barracks, Factory, Fact
  13. I'll say one thing in favour of Atreides Light Infantry: Speed. Harkonnens keep up their tradition of being slow even in their infantry and a lack of an APC. It is so annoying that Harkonnen don't have any long range infantry. I guess its their attitude: Harkonnen: Go in and kill them first before they kill you. >:( Ordos: Terminate cost effectively. :( Atreides: Hit them before they get too close. ;)
  14. Harkonnen seem to have gone for machines than men - e.g. the ADP is more versatile than the AA mine or the Air Drone. They don't have an APC which says something about their attitude towards infantry (thinking they are worthless, I don't blame them with so many infantry genocide weapons). Instead, they have an arsenal of vehicles that need combined arms to cover for their weaknesses - meaning they'll need space and micromanagement, i.e. suited to meeting the enemy in no-man's land rather than in the base. I'd say the Harkonnen either need some way of repairing vehicles more easily (maybe make
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