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  1. Duncan

    I am back

    I am back Nice to see still many people in here =)
  2. thx mate ps now they put in classic
  3. where can i make a dll of dune II i haved the game along time and i lost the "tapes"
  4. hi ppl i am back can say that i was in desert exile but i return :) what is the news in where ppl??
  5. pro: gunships more armor and firepower con slow speed
  6. leeches are not to crushes units but to "convert" enemy armor units ::) ::) Dunca have returned 8)
  7. hmmmmm you are right all rulez ::) ::) ::)
  8. read the post harkonen defense not sut...... and i think you have more ideas of defesen and atack
  9. hummmmmmmmmm you are special lololol 8)
  10. feda rulez gainst many things :O
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