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  1. True. 4 assault tanks can probably take 8 deployed kobras easy. Their only weakness is range.
  2. But a deployed kobra will get the first shot off, and many projections wil die in 1 hit.
  3. Or kill his base before he builds a palace. It's better to prevent something than to have to fight it off.
  4. Not really. They're pretty easy to notice and even easier to counter. I've tested, and NIABs have longer range than pop-up turrets. I still (and probably will always) rank pop-up turrets as the worst turret for any major house.
  5. they're too slow to make it off the map, but I guess other units can kill them while they run. As for superweapons, the most effective is the death hand, although the chaos lightning's effect is fun to watch. As for the hawk strike, it's effective against the ordos, but is the worst superweapon.
  6. No. The dev can hit it with the plasma guns, then finish it with the rockets.
  7. Don't know. Maybe they hate rocks er something.
  8. Anyways, titanium is stronger than steel.
  9. I love it even more if the death hand does it.
  10. You can't. All you can do is hope it hits your con yard. The death hand won't kill it, but you'll be able to repair it so it doesn't die.
  11. Oops! I meant fully upgraded refineries.
  12. The kobra's the only one that doesn't have to do that.
  13. Are you suggeting a sniper bullet can penetrate tank armor?
  14. Also, turrets do have powerful attacks that can make unprepared attackers pay.
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