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  1. i saw a funny game called monty python and the holy grail i didnt get it much not funny!!
  2. i have been in 1 mental hospital and almost 1 more in another hospital thank god i came out and maybe told them stuff that isnt true im still a gamer but my mind wage wars about whether certain ppl should die when i got to it i just say im to lazy to bomb my car
  3. whos monty python i seen the game and stuff but i dont know who he is
  4. unless ur stephen hawkins well hes more smarter and probably use 50% of his brain also y did billions are years ago who spark the life of humans was it aliens who they were also spark a lighning bolt couldnt have done then y the weird lights in the sky and wat happen to Atlantis and the anazaki ppl who i think went wit the aliens
  5. or just go to this website http://www.thefinalfantasy.com/
  6. lol i have a dangerous mind
  7. well at least someone answer this topic 4 days later u 2 ppl answer it
  8. i brought up a good topic? i get lots of ideas from watching the X-files if some ppl say theres no aliens then y the alien movies E.T. and y are there even alien stuff ppl imagine UFO is there a Area 51 or maybe the US shouldnt keep secrets like having a top secret base
  9. i choose 1.Counter-terrorists
  10. wats ur online name for empire earth mine is BOUNTYHUNTER296
  11. well i agree ----use units to ur fullest adavntage
  12. yeah im addicted to RA2 and yuri's revenge i always build a cloning vats first then the yuri prime i wonder wat will happen if there wer 6 cloning vats i use yuri prime to mind control the buildings and sell them for cash and i mind control units to get cash there gies the grinder


    u should try looking in the folder of ur game once u print the screen of it it mostly goes there
  14. he cant fight terrorism he should leave all that work to the students in high schools and some of them want to stop terrorism and some other ppl disagree wit those ppl and theres others that have been pick on beaten up well they might become terrorists


    use the print screen button on ur keyboard
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