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  1. hey guys wutssup???........guees u all forgot who this si.for all the old guys..its LOKI agian...= ) ...wow i c alot has happned will i was gone.to much work and now me kinda free...i c PAN1234 has become a mentat!!!! amazing.i still rmweber her as a sand flea hehehe = ) ...and alot of the emps are now kwisrtz herdachs = ) .man me to slow eheh.well see u guys aroind.ang GOB why wont u authorize me on ICQ????/
  2. i know that lol :) jsut wut ive read so far they kinda freak me out....... 8)
  3. who here thinks that the merks are way to strong here?? from wut i read i think that thats kinda unfair...what i think that should happen is that the Military are "self sustaioning" which means can fight on there own, while the merks need to depend on othe rplanets like ALOTanyone else think the merks are to powerful?? ?? ?? ?
  4. daniel

    Monty Python

    lol pan i rember that part lol 8) ;D
  5. daniel

    Monty Python

    lol which scene??
  6. worms should be able to die i think./or itll make the fremen way to powerful....
  7. daniel


    got to google then hit images then type in dune
  8. when will it be done>???
  9. well u see ppl believed in god many years ago becasue of his "magic" and miracles........i.e moses helping the ppl escape...if there was god would he allow the holocaust to happen???? one more thing one of mah classmates did god and hte end of the world......she said that in the end god would take only 140,000 ppl away from choas...now if i was god i would mtake everyone who was good..wut happens if here was 150,000 good ppl?? wut happens to the 1000 left?? they get ditched?? and how ew know if were good or not?? all religions are diffrent....budism is better if u dont eat meat.......christs
  10. im saying this is WWAAYY OFF topic and is disturbing mme!!!!
  11. daniel

    Monty Python

    lol..........read it
  12. i think he was at unversal studios.........
  13. i said we should just leave it to the females.cause we wont haf mto decide ever on it.....u cnat force ur "wife" girlfriend" to say no canu or ye..so let tem choose..cause this thread is disturbing me
  14. daniel


    no duh of course i did...i had to reference everythin..so i put this site on...so now mah teacher ca nsee you asking lol
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