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Show us your desktop!


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Been a while since we had a show desktop thread.

Did a quick search and only big thread I noticed on first page of results was: Previous thread

Maybe explain what OS and other info.

Here's mine currently

The dock on right hand side is cairo dock. I have it at right side as it is not in the way. I found with it at the bottom it would interfere with my web browsing (windows extend to bottom of screen). I have it set to autohide, so when I need it I move my mouse to right side of screen and it shows up, and hides when I move it away. I normally don't keep the right side of my screen covered, so I know what's going on with my computer. I just put common apps on there, so I don't have to use menus as much.

ubuntu 8.10

wallpaper from interfacelift.com

Sonata + MPD is music player

conky is stuff on desktop at right side (2 separate running, one for computer info, the other for weather)

using dark theme called "Dust"


(click on image, then click on it when it loads on the website, and click again to zoom in :P)

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What's this Chakobsa icon on your desktop?

I was more worried about limewire, didn't know people still used it.  :-X

Also, where is your desktop Egeides? :-

I should tell, before I took my screenshot I cleaned up a couple folders for my "history of economics" class. They had to be moved to my ntfs partition anyways but I am lazy.

I also checked to make sure there were no tranny folders. 8)

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Chakobsa is a secret. :) A completely worthless secret, but if I wasn't largely arbitrary in my actions then I wouldn't be me.

If you check the version, I'm reasonably sure that Limewire installation is several months out of date. It's good enough for what I use it for, so I never bothered getting rid of it. Might look into alternatives when I get my new PC soon.

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Mine is probably the most boring, as it offers barely any insight into how I use my PC.

Regardless, I like to keep my desktop clean nowadays.  And you have to admit that the wallpaper is pretty snazzy.

EDIT: Some more info, since I re-read the first post.  If you haven't noticed, I still use Windows XP, because I like it better than Vista when it comes to providing a stable gaming environment.  Plus, my Alienware (while still excellent) is now just over three years old, and doesn't have the hardware that I would like to take full advantage of Vista (processor, RAM, etc.).

I use Firefox as a browser, because Opera is annoying, Internet Explorer is clunky and Chrome will load every page in existence except my iGoogle Homepage, which makes it laughable.  That, and it constantly crashes.

I keep IE as my default browser for now, because the new Windows Live Messenger doesn't like loading Hotmail in Firefox when launched from the Inbox button.

Winamp Pro for my music needs - none of this iTunes jiggery-pokery, and WMP can take a running jump.

Got the new Windows Live Messenger BETA, as mentioned above, which is equal parts win and fail - will take some getting used to, and doesn't seem to like connecting when my IP address (being dynamically assigned by my ISP) changes.

Er, what else... Ad-Muncher.  Great piece of software, literally eats ads from any browser or application, including all versions of MSN / Windows Live Messenger.  Catches stuff that Ad-Block PLUS overlooks and only cost me


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The first screenshot is from my MacBook. Last couple of months I either use my MacBook or the HP SFF from my desktop at work that runs Windows Vista Business.

I am rather spoiled when it comes to desktops. Don't like anything default or made by others. So special points for those who recognise all the famous European landmarks I use ;)


I used to carry an HP Travel Companion with me, combined with an HP iPaq Voice messenger. Both have been replaced by my iPhone. The desktop of the iPhones changes more ofthen then I eat, below are the 3 desktops I tend to switch between together with the applications on the phone. Still want to install SimCity and a proper RDP client on it.

[img width=130 height=200]http://picturez.game-heaven.com/iphone_desktop_1.PNG [img width=130 height=200]http://picturez.game-heaven.com/iphone_desktop_2.PNG [img width=130 height=200]http://picturez.game-heaven.com/iphone_desktop_3.PNG

[img width=130 height=200]http://picturez.game-heaven.com/iphone_application_1.PNG [img width=130 height=200]http://picturez.game-heaven.com/iphone_application_2.PNG

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  • 11 months later...

Here's mine. Simple. Desktop isn't cluttered yet. I think mostly because I have firefox downloads going to my hard drive instead of SSD.

The top middle icons point to my hard drive folders I frequently use (firefox/torrent/documents).

Only using ~7gb of my 60gb ssd. Trying to keep it empty so it will stay fast (until I can update firmware). Only for OS/programs for now.


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Been almost a year since I've posted in this thread.  In that time, I've taken the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 7.  Previously, I mentioned that I bypassed Vista, mainly because of stability and performance issues.  Windows 7 doesn't have any of these, and despite the teething issues I had setting it up, I'm happy with my OS. :)

Again, however, I'm in the position of my desktop being very minimal.


My desktop is 1280 x 1024; the picture has been resized.

Desktop Shortcuts - Standard links to Documents, Computer, Network & Recycle Bin.  "Leivan" isn't my real name, of course; it's just another alias.  And yes, in case anyone wants to point it out, I know it's "lion" in Faroese. :P

Desktop Gadgets - Weather and CPU / RAM usage.  Nothing fancy, but it's handy for keeping an eye on conditions outside and inside.  The one at the bottom-right is a little widget called Uptime, which (unsurprisingly) tells you how long your computer has gone without a restart.  I just put mine to Sleep every night now, since W7 resumes in under 5 seconds. :D

Taskbar Shortcuts - Start Menu & Windows Explorer / Libraries; both fairly standard.  Then I have Firefox (removed IE8) and Windows Live Messenger.  After that, I've got Winamp Pro (removed WMP12) and WoW.  I've also got Steam running in the background, but it's not pinned.

As for the wallpaper: it's not really that far removed from the one I had last year, but I've had a few in-between. :)

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  • 3 months later...

Another update!  This one has no changes to the layout (other than the addition of EVE on the Taskbar, since I'm trialling it... again).  I do have another Desktop Gadget, just below the System Monitor, that tells me the temperature of my GPU.  But the only real changes are the wallpaper and the fact that I now possess a 26" screen.  Quite a jump from a 19", let me tell you. :P

Resolution is 1920 x 1200, picture has been resized.


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